Creating the big society

Image of bannners
11 Apr 2013

Sarah Stannage asks whether we can be confident that individuals and communities will step forward to support the development of local creative economies.

A true snapshot of life?

06 Feb 2013

Following her coverage of the national  well-being debate and the exclusion of culture from the Office of National Statistics’ measures, Susan Oman looks at its most recent report and discusses what it might signify for culture’s future role in the UK.

Speak up for dance

16 Jan 2013

Neil Nisbet says tweeting links to petitions is a poor substitute for consistent participation by the dance sector in discussions about the profession and culture in general.

Strategies for a digital culture

Photo of spectators outside MoMA
20 Nov 2012

Oonagh Murphy’s research into how museums are engaging digitally with their audiences took her to New York. Here she reports on what she saw.

Audience alert

24 Oct 2012

Rich Hadley reflects on the relationships between artists and their public.

Deepening engagement

Diagram illustrating engagement behaviour
08 Oct 2012

Andrew McIntyre outlines a new approach to exploring cultural engagement which provides an insight into people’s behaviour – and how to change it.

A creative space

11 Jun 2012

Boo Chapple has been courting a creative community online

Assessing the crowd

21 Nov 2011

Evaluating un-ticketed events in ways which are meaningful and sustainable is a challenge that Anne Torreggiani has faced on many occasions. She reflects on her experiences

Open to all

09 Jun 2011

Jenny Secker on introductory arts courses for people with mental health problems.

‘My research is better than your research’

11 Apr 2011

Liz Hill argues that now is not the time to put our heads in the sand about the impact of audience development activity in the arts

No change

11 Apr 2011

Six years of audience development work has not upped engagement levels

Politics and participation

03 Feb 2011

Toby Lowe considers the role that participatory arts can play in social inclusion


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