Last updated 22 March 2021


Advertisements for publication at, supplements, email bulletins and associated social media communication channels are accepted at the discretion of the publishers who reserve the right to withhold publication.

Advertisements will remain posted until the closing date for applications (in the case of recruitment) or until the end of the contracted period, whichever is the sooner.

Additional terms and conditions may apply to some ArtsProfessional products, in particular when special offers apply. Any additional terms and conditions will be notified at the time of booking and these will be applied in conjunction with our general terms of business.

Advertising agency commission is 10% for bona fide preregistered organisations. Agency commission must be requested at the point of booking and will only be applied to invoices that are paid within our 28 days payment terms.


Advertisers and their agents warrant that copy and images do not infringe any law, including copyright, and contain no matter that is libellous or objectionable.

All advertisements are published on the understanding that the advertiser undertakes to indemnify the publishers from all liability, loss or any expense of any nature arising from publication of the advertisement.

The publishers are not liable for any loss or damage from error, late publication, non-publication or failure of an advertisement to appear.


Arts Professional Media ltd owns the copyright in all advertisements written or designed by us or on our behalf. Reproduction of any advertisement published by ArtsProfessional or its associated websites, emails and other media is expressly forbidden. This includes re-publication within other websites, emails and electronic media.

Clients own the copyright in all sponsored feature material submitted for publication and may re-use this as they please. We request that ArtsProfessional is acknowledged and credited as first publisher of the material.


Arts Professional Media ltd may assign, sub-license, sub-contract or transfer its rights or obligations to any third party or agent at any time. Advertisers and their agents shall not, without the prior written consent of Arts Professional Media ltd, assign, transfer, sub-contract or deal in any other manner with any or all of their rights or obligations.


All advertisements are subject to VAT at the appropriate rate, where applicable. If your organisation is a registered charity and you wish to claim VAT exemption you must notify us at the time of booking with confirmation of your registered charity number.

Electronic bank and credit/debit card payments are welcome. Please call for details.

Payment terms for invoiced advertisements are strictly 28 days from date of invoice. Failure to remit by the due date will be pursued through legal action and recovery costs including interest on outstanding debts will be reclaimed. Credit for payment by invoice may be refused in the case of persistent late payment and only payment in advance accepted.


In the event of an order cancellation by a client: No charge will be made if written notice is received at least ten working days prior to first publication; 50% payable between six and nine working days inclusive prior to first publication; 100% payable within five working days prior to first publication.

No refunds will be given for cancellation of prepaid, series advertisements or editorial partnerships.