City of Culture 2025 a 'springboard' regardless of longlist

11 Oct 2021

The challenge now for some of the latecomers will be completing years' worth of planning in weeks.

Engaging young wealthy donors: heartstrings before purse strings

02 Jun 2021

Recent research provides insights to building lifetime relationships with the funders of the future. Lisa Rose outlines the main findings.

Being an international in the creative sector

Photo of Concorde
12 Feb 2018

Julie Bécaud, now a researcher at the Scottish Maritime Museum, explains her first steps into the arts in the UK.

Citizen's assembly invites input on arts in placemaking

13 Oct 2021

A citizen's assembly on the role of arts and culture - the first of its kind anywhere in the world - has begun.

A new website launched on Thursday (October 14) for residents of Coventry to share their views on how arts and culture can shape the city's future.

The ideas given online will be debated by 50 paid participants, who have been randomly selected from a representative sample of the population.

That group's recommendations will help form Coventry's long term cultural planning and a series of creative projects in 2022.

“This poll is a way of getting a sense of how the wider city feels about the issues the assembly is debating, and of feeding other views, perspectives and ideas in for the assembly participants to deliberate," said Janet Vaughan, Co-Artistic Director of project lead Talking Birds.

The website remains open for comments until November 5.

Theatres split over return of digital pantos

actor performing on stage
30 Sep 2021

Research suggests audiences enjoyed watching Christmas performances online last year, but few may return as theatres focus on drawing crowds for in-person shows.

Citizen's assembly to shape culture in Coventry

27 Sep 2021

Art for the People, believed to be the first citizen's assembly for arts and culture, will decide on projects for the City of Culture programme.

Few of ACE's priority places are among the lowest funded

23 Sep 2021

Fifty-four priority areas for investment have high rates of deprivation and low cultural engagement, but some of the lowest funded regions have missed out.

Digital didn't change arts engagement, study finds

09 Sep 2021

The digital pivot might have altered online attendance slighty but for most of the UK, "the new normal of pandemic life was very much like the old normal".

How useful are pre-pandemic datasets?

an audience waiting for a show to start
08 Sep 2021

Lockdowns, venue closures, cancelled and postponed events – the era of Coronavirus has created an 18-month crevasse in our databases. Libby Papakyriacou has been assessing the role of historic data in the sector’s recovery.

Enhancing artist and audience experience

AH AW (OR) OO EE UR (UR) The Long Vowels, 2020
07 Sep 2021

Issues of access have beleaguered artists and audiences alike. Jamie Wyld explores how access streams can be used in innovative ways to enhance both artist and audience experience.

Partnership to rebuild a 'sense of workplace community'

07 Sep 2021

National Theatre has announced a new partnership to explore "the benefits of collaboration and creativity in working life".

The organisation will run a year-long programme of free creative workshops at three of British Land's residential-come-retail campuses: Paddington Central, Regent's Place and Broadgate, also the site of a new workspace for creative freelancers.

More than 40,000 people will have access to events to develop their movement, posture, speech and language and a series of thought leadership panel discussions on representation, inclusion and marrying corporate and cultural spaces post-pandemic.

British Land Head of Campuses David Lockyear said: "Partnerships such as this highlight that the return to the office is about more than just work; it represents our belief that London’s diverse and thriving culture should be part of that experience."


Locally-led arts sustained communities through lockdown

25 Aug 2021

Working around Covid-19 restrictions actually bolstered the vitality and value of local arts projects, research finds.

Covid-19 crushed Swansea's City of Culture plan

25 Aug 2021

Swansea Council says the pandemic changed its plans to enter the UK City of Culture 2025 contest.

The city bid for the title in the first three years of the competition and was shortlisted for the 2017 and 2021 years.

Council Leader Rob Stewart said: “Our current efforts are firmly focused on helping Swansea and its cultural community lead Wales out of the pandemic”.

Stewart added it is likely it will consider a bid in future years.

Wales is represented on the 2025 longlist by Newport, Powys, Conwy County, Bangor and Northwest Wales.

Wales' arts funders 'shouldn't force white-led organisations to diversify'

23 Aug 2021

A report commissioned by the Arts Council of Wales says it is entrenched in white supremacy and has ignored calls for change. It appears to be doing the same again.

Call to patronise local museums as visitors favour big name sites

19 Aug 2021

Museums have not yet returned to full strength despite restrictions lifting. The challenges for smaller and larger sites this summer differ.

Disabled audiences will eschew venues with lax Covid rules

19 Aug 2021

Two thirds would choose venues with Covid certification on entry over those taking a laissez-faire approach. 

Freedom Day? Arts organisations double down on restrictions amid vaccine passport U-turn

22 Jul 2021

Venues are pleading for leniency on isolation rules that threaten to derail their reopening, but audiences remain hesitant.

Cultural vaccination centres an opportunity to reach new audiences

photo of Sadiq Khan speaking to NHS workers
21 Jul 2021

Art galleries hosting pop-up sites hope to capitalise on increased footfall and reconnect with young locals.

Medway’s City of Culture bid on track despite UCA closure

photo of UCA Rochester campus
12 Jul 2021

Medway Council promises a "resilient" bid as local politicians and students oppose the University of Creative Arts’ decision to close its Rochester campus.

Young people taking the lead

Attenborough Arts Centre's resident youth group, Next Gen
06 Jul 2021

A new programme aimed at engaging 18-to-25 year olds with museums and galleries hands over control of the creative direction to the young people themselves. Sophie Alonso explains. 


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