Resilience: the responsibility of the system, not the people

Emma Janye Park leaning on a window
06 Oct 2020

An ongoing and unspoken sense of crisis has driven those working in the performing arts to accept an intolerable range of behaviours as the norm. Emma Jayne Park questions the underlying structures supporting a system that requires endless resilience simply to survive.

Arts and health: think big and embrace the opportunities

Drummers on stage following behind a woman in a huge twirling skirt
22 Jul 2020

A substantial new income stream for the arts sector can go hand in hand with significant savings to the health budget, says Tim Joss. But first we need to move beyond some widespread assumptions that are holding back progress.

Stay well, supported and creative: our new microsite for Covid-19 updates

Statue with face mask
19 Mar 2020

In uncertain times, ArtsProfessional will be providing regular updates on projects and resources to support wellbeing, careers and creativity in the arts.

Keep calm and clarify

Twitter loading screen on a phone resting on a cardboard box
19 Jan 2021

Rowan Kerek Robertson offers practical advice on protecting yourself and your organisation from online abuse – and what to do when the worst happens.

Let creativity be a sanctuary

Group of people standing in a hall
19 Jan 2021

Theatre maker Rosie MacPherson calls for urgent action as Covid-19 closes routes to resettlement.

Testing isn't enough to bring audiences back, survey suggests

03 Dec 2020

Mandatory masks, social distancing and temperature tests make audiences feel more comfortable returning to venues - and on-the-spot testing won't change that.

Regional venues rail against 'illogical' Tier 3 restrictions

02 Dec 2020

Organisations and local authorities say its unfair and uneconomical to place harsher limits on cultural venues than gyms and hairdressers, as they trumpet their benefits to the nation's health.

Royal Academy of Music students 'feared speaking out' about sexual harassment

24 Nov 2020

A review highlighting shoddy employment practices and a lack of pastoral support doesn't go far enough to change the conservatoire's culture, critics say.

Arts workers' skills bolstered frontline Covid responses

12 Nov 2020

Creativity, compassion, collaboration and a tendency towards efficiency meant arts workers were highly responsive in a time of crisis, councils say.

Culture on referral: tackling the elephants in the room

Picture of acrylic paints on a desk
05 Nov 2020

Would we still see the same benefits to wellbeing if we took art and culture out of ‘culture on referral’ programmes and sat people in a room together? Dr Robyn Dowlen uncovers gaps in the evidence base. 

In it for the long haul

20 Oct 2020

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation will be making fewer, larger grants in future and collaborating on longer term projects that have a real chance of being taken to scale. Alison Holdom explains their new strategy and what they hope to achieve.

Breaking new ground: how do the arts affect mental health?

Person in balck adidas cap sitting on a bench writing in a notebook
15 Oct 2020

Research into the relationship between culture, health and wellbeing could unlock an understanding of how the mental health of young people can be supported by cultural activity. Dr Robyn Dowlen talks to Anne Torreggiani about progress so far.

North East cultural workers call out discrimination

13 Oct 2020

Venues in the region - many of them funded by Arts Council England - are suffering from "dysfunctional attitudes and practices," workers say.

Taking up the evaluation challenge

06 Oct 2020

Practitioners have seen with their own eyes how arts and health interventions can make a real difference to young people’s mental health – but can they prove it to those holding the purse strings? Katherine Taylor explains how a new evaluation framework is promising to help them do just that.

Sustaining mental health in the community

06 Oct 2020

With 30 years’ experience of arts and mental health delivery, darts is very familiar with the key ingredients of an effective community-based programme for people with mental health issues. Elanor Stannage shares their progress and looks to the future.

Addressing the weathering effects of racism

Young men sitting in a row on chairs laughing
06 Oct 2020

Birmingham REP has found a formula that is not only strengthening mental health resilience among young Black men, but also tackling the systemic inequalities they face. Samina Beckford tells the story.

Pick-your-own Mindapples

Cardboard apple with 5 midfulness tips written on it
06 Oct 2020

What do you do every day that is good for your mind? Julia Payne shares some 5-a-day ‘Mindapples’ that have been helping artists and creative freelancers nurture their mental health through lockdown and beyond.

A failure of scholarship in the field of arts and health

05 Oct 2020

A DCMS report asserting that ‘the arts can,’ ‘music can,’ and ‘dance can’ improve arts and health includes highly flawed studies that should not be relied upon to guide policy, says Stephen Clift.

Arts improve wellbeing, social cohesion and child development: report

01 Oct 2020

A DCMS-commissioned study cites strong evidence that "can be trusted to guide policy" on arts interventions in some areas of health and wellbeing - but not others. 

How the arts are mitigating NHS cuts

30 Sep 2020

Is social prescribing a great step forward in healthcare or a cynical move to use cheap or voluntary services to plug increasing gaps in a massively underfunded health service? Steven Carne raises some questions.


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