Who publishes Arts Professional?

Since 1 June 2021, Arts Professional is published by Arts Professional Media ltd, an editorially independent company in the Baker Richards Employee Trust group. 

What happens to my subscription if I leave my organisation?

If you leave your organisation, the subscription will remain with your colleagues in that organisation. If you are the ‘account holder’ (the person who pays for subscription on behalf of the organisation) we would ask you to contact us with the name of a replacement account holder. Failing that we will attempt to contact all current subscriber members in your organisation if we are unable to process a recurring payment when it becomes due.

Can my organisation use several domains under a single subscription?

No. Each organisation subscription relates to a single organisation domain.

Can I have both an organisation and an individual subscription (using the same email address)?

No. Your organisation subscription is related to anyone at your organisation who uses that organisation domain. An individual (personal or student) subscription would need to link to an email address that is not used for an organisation subscription.

Can I opt out of emails?

Anyone may de-register for any of our email bulletins at any time. If you receive any or all of our email bulletins, we will send you occasional ‘in-house and third party emails’ relating to our own or others’ research projects and findings, breaking news, new initiatives, and information about relevant arts services and products. This information is always sent by us and no third parties ever have access to your personal data. We make no distinction between these different types of in-house and third party emails. Whilst your subscription is live, you may request an opt out from such emails but we would urge you to consider whether any or all of such emails might be of interest to you in the future. To request exclusion from those in-house and third party emails, please send an email to subs@artsprofessional.co.uk. If your subscription lapses or is cancelled but you wish to continue to receive our free email 'jobs' and 'professional development' bulletins, it is a condition of receiving those bulletins that you will also automatically be opted back into receiving future in-house and third party emails.

Can my university subscribe as an organisation?

No. We offer a special academic library subscription rate for all educational establishments which enables them to buy a single subscription for all students and academic staff. This will give all eligible students and staff FREE access to the paywalled area of the ArtsProfessional website, but without the need to remember a password or the requirement to log in. To obtain access when your university or college library subscribes, you must be viewing the website from one of the university/college IP addresses which have been registered with us. Subscriber-only email bulletins are not included within the academic organisation subscription so if you require these, please consider purchasing a student or an individual subscription.

I’ve registered as a student. Can I swap from a personal to a student subscription?

If you already have a personal subscription and then become a student, please contact us at subs@artsprofessional.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)1223 200200 to make this change for you. No refunds can be made for part-year subscriptions but we can switch your renewal to recognise your student status. To qualify for the reduced student rate we will require proof of your student status before your subscription is due for renewal. When you cease to be a student, you will need to renew your student subscription to become a personal subscriber, or become part of an organisation subscription (for example, if you become an employee of a subscribing organisation).

What happens if my organisation stops subscribing?

If your organisation cancels its subscription, or allows it to lapse due to non-payment, then access to the website and all subscriber emails will automatically be terminated for all colleagues at your organisation. We will attempt to contact all AP readers affected by this and invite them to re-subscribe.

How do I find out who is the main contact for my organisation subscription?

If you are unsure who the main contact for your organisation is, please contact us at subs@artsprofessional.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)1223 200200. If your organisation subscription lapses, then we will automatically email you and all the other members of your organisation who have been reading ArtsProfessional, to let you know who the contact was.

We have many part-time staff working off site. Are they eligible for organisation subscriptions?

If they have an organisation email address which includes your organisation domain they will be eligible. They will need to use this to login to the AP website.

We have many part-time staff – do we need to count them all to calculate the organisation fee payable?

An organisation subscription fee is related to the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) staff within your organisation. So, if two people share a single full-time job, then those two people count as a single FTE employee.

How do I cancel?

Please email subs@artsprofessional.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)1223 200200. If you are paying by bank Direct Debit, please also contact your bank to cancel your Direct Debit.

Do I get a refund if I cancel?

We do not offer refunds if you cancel, except in exceptional circumstances. We in our sole discretion reserve the right to decide whether a refund should be offered.

Can I view AP content without subscribing?

All job vacancies, forthcoming events and directory listings remain permanently free to view. A few articles remain publicly visible for a limited period of time but current news, archive content, and research and investigative reports commissioned and undertaken by AP form part of our subscription packages.

What happens if my organisation subscribes after I have bought an individual subscription?

If you wish to cancel or let your individual subscription lapse when the next payment is due please let us know. But we do not offer refunds if you cancel, except in exceptional circumstances which are entirely within our sole discretion.

Where can I get a copy of my most recent subscription receipt?

Login to your account and click My account to go to your account page. Click on the link under ‘Manage your subscription’ to visit the subscription site. Once there, click on Orders. If during this process you are asked to login on the subscription site click ‘Login’ and you will be automatically logged in.

As a UK-based charity, do we still need to pay VAT?

All subscriptions are charged at the prevailing rate and there are currently no VAT exemptions for subscriptions paid for by charities. If you or your organisation is based within the EU but outside the UK, the VAT rules are more complex and will be applied according to the country where you are based. If you are based outside the UK and outside the EU, VAT is not charged.

Do we need to pay VAT if we are based outside the UK but within the EU?

It depends. If you are buying the subscription on behalf of an EU-based organisation outside the UK and are able to supply evidence of an EU VAT registration number and other relevant information when purchasing the subscription, you will pay no VAT under the EU reverse charge scheme. If you are an individual consumer or represent a business without an EU VAT registration number, you will be charged VAT. If you require specific advice prior to purchase, please email subs@artsprofessional.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)1223 200200.

Do we need to pay VAT if we are based outside the UK and outside the EU?


Are email bulletins still free?

The email bulletins that will remain completely free to all are ‘jobs’ and ‘professional development’ bulletins. Subscribers will also have full and free access to AP’s ‘good reads’ and news bulletins. Non subscribers may receive these emails on a temporary basis through special schemes and promotions we may run from time to time. 

What if I only want to look at jobs or forthcoming events?

You can continue to receive jobs and professional development email bulletins, follow listings via Twitter and Facebook and see all jobs and event listings on the AP website completely free of charge.

Why are you charging?

In line with many other media organisations we derive our income from a variety of sources. We have never sought public funding and would not do so, in order to continue to protect our editorial independence. The lion’s share of our revenues is generated from advertising but we need a regular income from subscriptions to sustain the business in the long-term. This protects ArtsProfessional from large income swings related to the arts economy and ensures that we can continue to invest in and develop our services to readers.

Is the login going to remember me so I don’t have to keep inputting my password or do I have to log in every time?

Yes. You will be remembered on the device that you login on, providing you don’t log off. Most browsers remember your passwords, so it’s a good idea to let your browser do that, and if you ever need to find your password, you can ask the site to send you a password reset link.

What happens if my credit / debit card expires?

When we next try to charge you automatically, we will be notified, and will send you a series of emails over a week or two. Clicking the link in the email will let you update your card details. If you use Direct Debit, you need never worry that your subscription will expire without you noticing.

How do I update my card details?

Login to your account and click My account to go to your account page. Under the ‘Manage your account’ heading you can access the ‘Subscription site’ where your card details can be updated under ‘Payment methods’.

My credit or debit card has failed – what do I do?

The payment processor will contact you directly if your chosen payment method fails.

Also, a regulation called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) means businesses in Europe must request additional customer authentication for online payments. As an ArtsProfessional subscriber you may be asked to provide additional information to confirm your payment is genuine. This could be an email, text message or phone call. If for any reason you are unable to provide this second level of security information, the transaction may fail. If it does, please subscribe using a different payment card or alternatively switch to a bank direct debit. If you are still experiencing difficulties please email subs@artsprofessional.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)1223 200200.

Who is processing my subscription payments?

With the exception of a limited number of university/college library subscriptions, which we can invoice directly, we use independent payment processors for all subscription payments. For credit and debit card payments we use Stripe and for Direct Debits we use Go Cardless. Either of these processors may appear on your bank or credit/debit card statements. Both of these payment processors are entirely independent from ArtsProfessional and their secure technologies mean that we never see or have access to any of your bank or card account details. 

I’ve registered but I’m not receiving the weekly emails

Firstly, Login to your account and click My account to go to your account page, where you will be able to manage your mailing list preferences. If your account states you're subscribed to our mailings you may have mistyped your email address when ordering your subscription. If so please email subs@artsprofessional.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)1223 200200 so we can look into your account.