State funding for BAME entrepreneurs

graphic of watering can watering a plant
16 Jun 2021

Can using public money to make BAME* entrepreneurs successful be in the public interest if it makes them wealthy too? Kevin Osborne sets out the challenge.

Towards an anti-racist arts industry

26 May 2021

What does it mean to be Black in the arts industry today? Marking the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd, Gabrielle Brooks shares why she founded BlackStage UK.

Time to challenge the hierarchies

Rampak Genteng
10 Sep 2020

With the creativity of communities finally becoming a policy priority, arts organisations could be handing more control over to their communities. Adam Pushkin explains why – and how – that could work.

Head to head: can a toolkit solve the sector’s class problem?

14 Nov 2019

This year Jerwood Arts published a toolkit for cultural organisations, designed to encourage greater socio-economic diversity in the arts. Julie Lomax, Chief Executive of a-n The Artists Information Company, sees it as a starting point for helping solve the sector’s ‘class crisis’ – but arts consultant Chrissie Tiller isn’t so sure.

Music tutors leading change through critical reflection

A group of tutors in a meeting
16 Jun 2021

To become genuinely inclusive, organisations need to find space to talk. Michael Davidson runs a music education programme where lived experience has been a catalyst for organisational change.

Dancers lead the arts in Queen’s Birthday Honours

Photo of Hilary Carty
15 Jun 2021

More than 60 arts professionals are included in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours list, the most ethnically diverse to date. 

Countering the narratives

MFest logo
09 Jun 2021

Muslim communities are regularly assailed by poor generalisations and by impoverished stories written by ‘someone else’, which are not just mediocre but harmful, writes Raheel Mohammed.

'Black square' arts organisations follow through on diversity vows

04 Jun 2021

Many of the UK's highest-funded arts organisations promised change after George Floyd's death. While governance and programming has evolved, change in the ethnic diversity of their workforces is slow.

Venues pledge to only cast trans actors for trans roles

04 Jun 2021

The movement is part of a sea change in representation in theatre: "It's comparable to non-disabled people playing disabled characters, or even white people putting on blackface."

Slavetrader’s name replaced by symbol of hope

Outside of the Bristol Beacon
02 Jun 2021

One year on from the toppling of the Colston statue in Bristol, Phil Castang reflects on how ditching the Colston name for the concert hall - now the Bristol Beacon - has helped the city move on.

Funding BAME creativity

01 Jun 2021

Kevin Osborne has long been exercised by systemic racial bias in UK arts funding. Last month he produced a panel discussion aimed at ‘digging deep’.

Bradford cultural strategy to 'harness the power of our diversity'

01 Jun 2021

The city aims to add 3,000 jobs to its cultural sector by 2031 - half of them from underrepresented groups - as its current offer lacks "the power to engage all our diverse communities".  

Fifty NPOs face potential sanctions over diversity ratings

28 May 2021

England's National Portfolio Organisations may not be as diverse as reported, with 50 facing possible funding cuts over their failure to improve.

Rehearsal complex to be a 'godsend' for freelancers

26 May 2021

New Diorama Theatre will open a free workspace in July, welcoming up to 80,000 creatives per year: "We would be delighted if other places stole the idea and emulated it."

Call to defund arts centre after board quashed 'futile' revisioning project

21 May 2021

Artists contracted for the ill-fated project want the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art closed, alleging a lack of appropriate representation and racist attitudes at the board level mean it is "not fit for purpose".

ALRA admits it 'turned a blind eye to racism'

06 May 2021

A long awaited report by the acting school says it allowed perpetrators of racism to "parade their sense of superiority with impunity" and created a "humiliating, hostile and exclusive" environment for students of colour.

Do you really believe theatre is for everyone?

04 May 2021

Stage side seats have historically been free to cheap, so why are we rushing to return to restricted view seating? Fiona English makes the case for continuing digital access.

BAME over - the unintended consequences

28 Apr 2021

With a Government report recommending the dropping of the term BAME, people have been challenging Kevin Osborne’s continued use of it. He remains ambivalent about the proposed change.

Initiatives to unlock an anti-racist arts sector

Sour Lemons' leadership team Sade Banks, left, Titiola Dawudu, centre, and Shoomi Chowdhury, on the right
23 Apr 2021

Two new programmes aim to move organisations beyond the statements of solidarity expressed last summer through distinct but complementary approaches.

Why do we prize ballet over kathak?

Four students performing dance in a class wearing masks
16 Apr 2021

'Decolonising the curriculum' has become a touchstone for educational institutions. But what does this mean in practice? Clare Connor and Lise Uytterhoeven examine the changes ahead.


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