Teaching empathy

01 Feb 2024

Empathy is vital in the work of NHS staff, but it's not always part of their professional development. Persis Jadé Maravala is collaborating on a project to improve healthcare training using touch.

‘Apple doesn’t sell fruit’

Young man sitting in an office drinking from a bottle branded 'Prim
06 Jul 2023

What’s in a name? And how does an organisation go about changing its brand identity? Lauren James has some top tips.

Springing back into action: new insights

Graphic showing a person speaking into a mic, a meter, tickets, emojis, mobile phone
26 Apr 2023

Most people in the sector don’t need to be analysts but they do need the insight to make changes that speak to audiences. Here, Anne Torregiani shares how this thinking has shaped The Audience Agency’s next-generation suite of audience insight tools. 

Training the next generation: filming performance bootcamp

31 Aug 2022

Natalie Woolman explains how a bootcamp to develop a talent pipeline for the multicamera teams of the future will address a serious gap in skills training.

Creativity for creativity’s sake

A group of people around a table doing craftwork
04 Jun 2024

Does your website give equal priority to main house shows and community events? Lauren James has some tips on how to use your website to be more inclusive of the local community.

Concerns of 'digital divide' across cultural organisations

A cultural organisation's website seen via a mobile phone
17 May 2024

Research finds a 'huge range of effectiveness' between different cultural organisations when it comes to web pages focused on similar goals. 

How to produce sustainable arts projects

Sky at night with lights
14 May 2024

With her experience of working across multiple projects, Sarah Fortescue explores how the sector can deliver what they do best, in the best way possible?

Get Paid Guide for music creators published

20 Mar 2024

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has published a Get Paid Guide which it says aims to help demystify metadata for music creators. 

The resource, developed in partnership with PPL and PRS for Music, guides creators on how to register and manage their metadata, so they can protect their recorded music rights and ensure they are paid fairly and timely for their work.

It follows the launch of a guide on intellectual property rights for songwriters and composers released last year.

IPO Head of Research, David Humphries, says that following the publication of the Metadata Agreement in May 2023, IPO and representatives across the music industry have worked together to determine how best to improve the quality and accuracy of data. 

He added: “Industry led working groups on technical solutions and education have been meeting regularly to consider how best to improve the current data systems and how best to engage with the creator community.”

Michelle Escoffery, President of the PRS Members’ Council, said the guide has all the tools to make it easier for creators to master the art of good music data. 

“My hope is that by simplifying what can be quite complex, we empower our songwriter, composer, and performer community to understand that inputting accurate music data is a key contributor to financial success,” Escofferey added.

“By closing the knowledge gap, we will improve the quality of metadata across the music industry and ensure we're paid timely and correctly for our creativity.”

British Library shares learnings from cyber attack 

Exterior of the British Library
13 Mar 2024

The institution says its reliance on legacy infrastructure has impacted its ability to restore services quickly in the wake of a major ransomware attack last October.

Digital capture: A transformative tool for reaching new audiences

Production image from Peaky Blinders
06 Feb 2024

Can arts organisations reach new audiences through strategies like digital capture? Recent successes offer insights into the potential of a creative and inclusive approach, write Fiona Morris and Sarah Butcher

Artists working with immersive tech to get £6m support

31 Jan 2024

Immersive Arts, a UK-wide three-year programme backed by the UK’s four arts councils, expects to support over 200 artists and organisations unlock the creative power of technology.

2024 set to be a groundbreaking year

Digital image of planet earth
23 Jan 2024

The speed of innovation in the digital world can be hard to keep pace with and, as Katie Moffat writes, this is going to be a rollercoaster year – so hold on to your hats.

Collections Trust reviews weblinks policy after Hamas reference

The title page of the inclusive terminology glossary against the background of Paintings in The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery
22 Jan 2024

Collections Trust has deleted a link to a terminology guide from its website following accusations that a section on Palestine described Hamas as 'freedom fighters'.

Trustee matchmaking

A RIAC matchmaking event
15 Jan 2024

Many arts organisations struggle to find high-quality trustees, particularly ones with digital or business expertise. A new matchmaking service is responding to this challenge, as Anna Rowe and Matthew Swann explain. 

Meet the childhood friends transforming access to creative careers

Mae Yip and Samantha Hornsby
15 Jan 2024

Sam Hornsby and her best friend Mae Yip were sick of seeing young people experience the same lack of access to the creative industries they went through 20 years ago. So they did something about it.

MPs warn of 'lack of definitive plan' to counter AI risks

Man produce electronic music in studio stock photo
11 Jan 2024

Government says it is prioritising the development of a regulatory framework for AI technologies that will promote innovation while responding to risks.

My Gurus: On the shoulders of giants

Image of Tom Higham
11 Dec 2023

Tom Higham is Creative Director of Mediale, passionate about the power of digital technology. His early career was shaped by an accidental discovery of an artistic community in a pub and inspiration from a basketball hero.

Joining forces for the future

Dictionary entry: Merger
06 Dec 2023

Last week, The Audience Agency announced a merger with fellow sector support charity, Culture24. Here, CEO Anne Torreggiani explains why they have joined forces and how their work together will support a more future-focused sector.

Royal Court creates ‘democratic’ digital archive

Four Royal Court production images showing August for the People, Seven methods of killing Kylie Jenner, Look back in anger and Blest be the tie
28 Nov 2023

Spearheaded by Artistic Director Vicky Featherstone, the Living Archive contains information on every Royal Court production.

Sector support charities merge after loss of ACE funding

Audience in theatre. Image depicts backs of heads and stage in background
23 Nov 2023

The Audience Agency and Culture24, who were both part of ACE's National Portfolio until they lost funding in April this year, have joined forces.


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