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19 Mar 2020

In uncertain times, ArtsProfessional will be providing regular updates on projects and resources to support wellbeing, careers and creativity in the arts.

What can – and should - you charge digital audiences?

Woman debating online purchase with credit card
15 Sep 2020

Even if people are willing to pay for digital performances, are they willing to pay enough? Robin Cantrill Fenwick examines the data emerging from the pandemic’s rush to digitise, and where the income opportunities lie.

Covid-19 spawns 'digital only' audiences

02 Sep 2020

Survey data that suggests a third of digital arts audiences only engage online raises new possibilities for the post-Covid cultural sector.

Learning through lockdown

Naomi Atherton recording her video at sunrise
13 Jul 2020

The pandemic didn’t stop Music in the Round running the Sheffield Chamber Music Festival online – and learning from the experience. Jo Towler shares the outcomes, and the lessons for the future.

Do we still need record labels?

an RCA record playing on a deck
07 Jul 2020

The costs of making and distributing music have both come down, but streaming income is very low. John Funge examines the financial challenges facing artists trying to promote their own music.

Building online relationships with supporters

Bird's eye view of unoccupied red theatre seating
30 Jun 2020

In the current climate it’s time to adapt digital fundraising strategies and look at how your data can help boost online donations, says Lucy Costelloe.

Facing the future in the digital sphere

30 Jun 2020

Despite the blow the lockdown has dealt to its plans, dreams, ambitions and finances, Tomorrow’s Warriors are managing to think positively about the future. Janine Irons explains how.

The pivot to digital: catching up and moving forward

image of a woman on a MacBook Air screen with an explosion behind her
10 Jun 2020

As live-to-digital capture, broadcast and live-streaming are embraced more widely in the rush to build up work online, emerging technologies and creative approaches are also bringing new experiences in very different ways. Marcus Romer explains.

Opening doors for young people

03 Jun 2020

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic it may become harder still for talented people to break into the media, but the New Creatives Network is still creating opportunities for young artists to do just that. Eleanor Adams tells the story.

Research body campaigns for culture and creativity

young girl wearing a virtual reality headset
15 May 2020

As the Arts and Humanities Research Council sets out to demonstrate the role digital developments can play in arts and culture, some academics believe it is overstepping its brief.

When the going gets tough…

over the shoulder view of female looking at a laptop screen whilst designing a poster
13 May 2020

Fine art students at the University of Lincoln are determined not to let coronavirus ruin their degree show. Emma Brice explains how they’ve been harnessing social media to give profile to their now-online celebration of 3 years’ hard work.

Union speaks out on recompense for artists whose work is streamed

man watching a streamed performance on a TV or computer screen
08 May 2020

As ad hoc agreements are hastily put in place to enable performances to be streamed to audiences at home, AP has discovered an ecosystem that lacks a transparent process for creatives to claim repeat fees for recordings of their work now going online.

Online engagement has shifted as the Covid crisis continues, research finds

four people sitting in a gallery wearing virtual reality headsets
07 May 2020

Interest in virtual museum tours was shortlived, suggests US research, which finds that ‘things to do with kids’, ‘rainy day activities’ and ‘date night’ ideas are having more enduring appeal.

Lockdown sees major boost in engagement with digital culture

Mac keyboard next to a smartphone with headphones and Google Play on the phone screen
30 Apr 2020

A quarter of those who have accessed cultural content online since the coronavirus crisis began have done so for the first time, research finds.

The best laid plans…

Reflections of a street scene in a coffee shop window
22 Apr 2020

Being fleet of foot and digitally prepared means MSL is ahead of most in re-configuring its programme online. But in a landscape that we don’t yet understand, questions remain about its longer-term viability. Margaret Sheehy tells the story.

Covid-19: Connecting online during social distancing

A man sitting with a macbook on his lap while wearing headphones
17 Mar 2020

As the sector turns to technology, here’s what you need to know about running online-only events.

Digital technology isn’t improving audience outreach

20 Feb 2020

New research says that “when it comes to reaching more diverse and younger audiences … digital may be having less of an impact now than when the study began in 2013”.

Coventry 2021: a lot more than a party

A photo of a brightly-lit sculpture on an outside wall
13 Feb 2020

The city has no intention of shirking difficult challenges in its year as UK City of Culture, writes Chenine Bhathena.

Life after Brexit: New advice on copyright and Creative Europe

04 Feb 2020

Here’s what your organisation needs to know about funding and regulatory changes now that the UK is out of the EU.

Is this the end of DCMS?

16 Jan 2020

The department is refusing to comment on widespread rumours it will be downsized or disbanded in February.


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