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Headshots of Nicolas Zekulin and Paul Sharp
NICOLAS ZEKULIN and PAUL SHARP are joining Edinburgh International Festival as the festival’s heads of music and artistic management. Their...
Nuala O'Kane headshot
Shropshire-based rural theatre company Pentabus has named a new chair and six new trustees. NUALA O’KANE, who is a former Chair of...
Headshots of  Laura Whitehurst, Liz McCarthy-Nield and Chloe McMackin
Three new trustees are joining the Palace Theatre & Opera House Trust. The trio are made up of LAURA WHITEHURST, Head of Creative...
Clockwise from top left: headshots of Helen Anglim, Heather Davenport, Erica Whyman, Yusuf Subzposh, Neha Idnani
Theatre company Improbable has welcomed ERICA WHYMAN as its new Chair, succeeding NATASHA FREEDMAN, who has led the board for four years. A...
A headshot of Sita McIntosh smilling
SITA MCINTOSH has been named the new Chief Executive Officer of Go Live Theatre Projects, a charity that enables young people to access the...

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  • Children viewing an exhibit in a museum

    A new report into the challenges facing the museum and gallery sector has just been published. Rachael Browning outlines its key findings and the policy recommendations emerging from it.

  • Schoolchildren playing musical instruments

    Regardless of the setting, every school deserves a teacher who is afforded the space and professional trust to teach an inspiring arts curriculum, writes Steven Berryman.

  • Launch of Failspace

    Failure is part of life. We all know this, creative folk perhaps better than most, says Katie Villa. But how can we learn to fail well?

  • Actor on a thrust stage performing to young people

    Directors of Education and Learning from some of the country’s most high-profile theatres are calling on all political parties to commit to 'Theatre for Every Child'. Claire Walker of SOLT & UK Theatre shares highlights of the campaign.

  • Image of Brixton House

    One of our defining characteristics is the diversity and inclusivity of our team, says Delia Barker, as she reflects on the theatre’s post-pandemic journey.

  • Drama students

    The Higher Education sector is up in arms about proposed cuts to creative arts courses which, it says, will further damage the UK's creative industries. Carole-Anne Upton thinks the proposal is short-sighted and harmful.

Readers' Comments

ACE like all non-governmental agencies is subject to periodic review including whether it still has a unique purpose. If Debbonaire thinks...
The more important question before taking an increasing ‘skills shortage’ at face value is why?… It may not simply be lack of people taking...
Response to Arts Professional and the Stage re open letter to Mary Archer The arts should be speaking with one voice and regrettably...
Posted by Chris Hodgkins on Open letter to Dame Mary Archer
Good news. Stonewall have been providing inaccurate information in their training and information packs - focusing in the law as they would...
Rosie Kay and Denise Fahmy should be not just saluted but emulated for standing up for freedom of expression in the arts. They have really...
Posted by Jan Macvarish on A cultural revolution in the arts
The puerile tone of this comment just about sums up what we are dealing with here. Bitter entitled misogynous narcissistic men who have no...
Posted by Jane Harris on A cultural revolution in the arts
The arts and by that I mean comedy writers, comedians, actresses, actors, musicians, dancers, radio DJ's etc should be leading the way...
Posted by Just a Note on A cultural revolution in the arts
Thank you, Rosie, for this thoughtful piece and the excellent work you and Denise are doing. There are so many who support you.
Hear, hear - well said.
Posted by Writersblock on A cultural revolution in the arts
Most of the censorship and self-censorship happens well behind the scenes and well before performances, events, exhibitions are ever staged...
Posted by Jan Macvarish on A cultural revolution in the arts

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