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Photo of Alia Alzougbi and Taghrid Choucair-Vizoso
Shubbak, festival of contemporary Arab culture, has appointed ALIA ALZOUGHBI and TAGHRID CHOUCAIR-VIZOSO as joint CEOs. The pair will...
photo of Katie Razzall
KATIE RAZZALL has been appointed Culture Editor for BBC News. Razzall spent 15 years at Channel 4 News before joining BBC Newsnight as...
photo of Rebecca Kane Burton
REBECCA KANE BURTON has stepped down as Chief Executive of LW Theatres. Previously Managing Director at Alexandra Palace and Vice President...
Images of Catharine Braithwaite, Helen Wewiora and Sarah Fisher
CATHARINE BRAITHWAITE, HELEN WEWIORA and SARAH FISHER have been appointed as new Directors for Contemporary Visual Art Network North West,...
image of Sita Thomas and Beth House
Cardiff-based theatre company Fio have announced SITA THOMAS and BETH HOUSE as new additions to its executive team. Thomas joins Fio as...

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  • image of jigsaw pieces

    Building on Culture Reset, Richard Watts shares a range of new initiatives aimed at supporting the cultural sector to change and develop to meet the urgent demands for inclusion, improved governance and more dispersed models of leadership.

  • image of the Roundhouse Theatre

    The last 18 months have seen arts fundraisers face numerous challenges in trying to bring in income when the sector has been in such flux, says Michelle Wright.

  • photo taken inside Brighton Dome during 5G festival

    Brighton Dome has been participating in 5G Festival trials to test new technology that could revolutionise the festival experience. Donna Close shares the findings. 

  • Whether in policy development, advocacy or nurturing talent, Executive Director of Clore Leadership Hilary Carty’s career is born of a passion for arts and culture.

  • visitors attending Withworth Art Gallery

    Ben Walmsley, Abigail Gilmore and Dave O’Brien share the latest findings from a research programme examining the impacts of the pandemic.

  • Covid, the murder of George Floyd and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement all led to an outpouring of statements committing to action on racial inequality in arts funding. Kevin Osborne’s initial optimism about that has since been tempered. 

Readers' Comments

When 'improved governance' or 'more dispersed models of leadership' have manifestly failed to have any impact for years...
Having been one of the people consulted as part of the review of VA, Its a pleasure to see the birth of Creative Lives. Looking forward to...
Thank you for your comment Tony. We are always interested in articles that challenge current thinking and welcome debate on our pages.
Posted by Ruth Hogarth on New Deal for the arts
What wise and welcome words from Anthony Sargent! It's been a long wait for an article to appear in your pages to challenge current...
Posted by Tony Haynes on New Deal for the arts
It's very encouraging to see radical views about music in education emerging at last, but sad that there is no forum to debate them...
While is disheartening, it is not surprising that so many cultural institutions are unable to meet Arts Council targets for cultural...
Thank you so much Pauline - it's been a roller coaster over the years, but very comforting to know that it has been valued and will...
Posted by liz_hill on Coming of age
Don't know how but I missed this till now. Just to say thanks and well done for all your work and the work of AP over the years - now...
That's really kind of you Mark. Exciting times behind us - and ahead, we hope!
Posted by liz_hill on Coming of age
ArtsPro is a brilliant achievement. Congratulations Liz, Brian and the team.
Posted by Pauline Tambling on Coming of age

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