Mural painted on a wall
17 Jul 2024 Feature

A new government means new strategies. But if they are to respond truly to what’s required at the local level, it’s up to the sector to make itself heard, says Jason Jones-Hall.

When we talk about cultural devolution, we tend to discuss it in the wider context of devolution in general - restructuring administrative systems, or how funding flows and through whom. While this is, quite rightly, a key priority for any new government, this definition of devolution can, ironically, still sound very top-down. Something that is done to local places and communities rather than with them. 

So what does devolution look like from the ground up? How might it be informed... more

Photo of launch team for This is Croydon 17 Jul 2024 Feature

Stephanie Wilson and Honey Gabriel reflect on Croydon's year as London Borough of Culture 2023 and look ahead to the borough’s cultural future.

Two women dancers 15 Jul 2024 Feature

As arts companies look internationally for new partnerships and audiences, Alex Lalak explores potential concerns about copyright protection when taking your work to China.

Indhu Rubasingham and Richard Eyre 15 Jul 2024 Feature

A new book by the late Richard Pilbrow explores how the National Theatre came about and how it laid the groundwork for future theatres. Rob Halliday is its co-Editor.

10 Jul 2024 Opinion

In a period of fast change, financial pressures, despair about public service provision and political upheaval in the UK and abroad, Michelle Wright considers how policy will impact arts funding in the years to 2030.

10 Jul 2024 Feature

Following their collaboration on a groundbreaking project, Sarah Bailey, Kate Houlton and Danielle Lewis-Egonu reflect on how a socially engaged approach to arts education can create new ways of working in schools.

A woman in a wheelchair in a corridor 10 Jul 2024 Feature

The Space has convened an Accessibility Working Group to support the sector to work in more inclusive and accessible ways. One of its first outputs has been to provide a pool of knowledge on best practice in digital accessibility, as Harmeet Chagger-Khan explains.

Young disabled children taking part in a drama group 09 Jul 2024 Feature

The arts bring moments of creativity, joy and imagination, but what do they mean to the lives of children and young people, families and communities? asks Dienka Hines.

a giant dragon puppet handled by multiple puppeteers 04 Jul 2024 Opinion

A change of government! Hurray. A chance for a new approach to running the country, to tax and spend, reflecting the wants and needs of everyone. Congratulations. Now the hard work begins, says David Micklem

03 Jul 2024 Feature

All parties seem to agree that devolution is a good thing but the details about how culture will feature are scant. Anne Torreggiani and Patrick Towell discuss why and how we need to build the evidence base.

AI generated image 03 Jul 2024 Feature

A recent symposium exploring the impact of artificial intelligence technologies on creative practice has thrown up serious questions of authenticity, ethics, agency and authorship, says Dario Llinares.

Image showing the Blueprint team with a banner 02 Jul 2024 Feature

Arts organisations are only too aware of the limitations of short-term funding. But, in Northern Ireland, a pioneering financial programme provides a fresh blueprint for future funding of the arts, as Sarah Jones explains.

Delegates sitting on a stage with banners for Digital Works conference 01 Jul 2024 Feature

A focus on niche audiences and regular content formats could be key to amplifying a new type of storytelling, writes Zosia Poulter.

Young people playing classical music instruments 30 Jun 2024 Opinion

In a radical reimagining of the classical music paradigm, Sarah Alexander shares the National Youth Orchestra’s model for engaging young people.

Man holding box of possessions leaving an office with colleagues 26 Jun 2024 Feature

A survey of arts and cultural marketers reveals a growing sense of unfairness around pay and working conditions. Matt Ecclestone has the details.

Woman and child working together modelling some clay 26 Jun 2024 Feature

Whoever forms the next government, Art Fund will be lobbying it for greater access to museums for disadvantaged children through the school curriculum, as Catherine Monks explains.