Silhouette of a person in front of a neon pink light display
29 Oct 2020 Feature

Festival UK* 2022 is not a ‘celebration of Brexit’ but a celebration of the place we call home, argues Sam Hunt.

In my career I have been lucky enough to work on a number of year-long cultural programmes that both celebrate and explore particular places and the people who choose to call those places home.

Whether helping amplify the glorious cacophony of voices in East London through London’s first Borough of Culture in Waltham Forest, or working to place Hull at the centre of the national cultural conversation without ever losing its distinct accent, these projects proved that there is a... more

Silhouette of a person in front of a neon pink light display 29 Oct 2020 Feature

Festival UK* 2022 is not a ‘celebration of Brexit’ but a celebration of the place we call home, argues Sam Hunt.

Woman in gallery looking at painting 29 Oct 2020 Feature

Right now past data is a poor predictor of the future, but understanding the scale and nature of change while responding to issues and initiatives of importance to funders will be vital to future success, say Michelle Wright and Sarah Thelwall.

Rishi Sunak 29 Oct 2020 Feature

With freelance workers still living on the brink and campaign groups springing up to lobby for a more equitable future, work is going on behind the scenes to deliver a coordinated response to policy-makers. The Creative Recovery group shares progress so far.

A theatre production with actors dressed as an old lady, pidgeon, and two charlie chaplins 29 Oct 2020 Feature

A new series of case studies will be reflecting on the impact of the lockdown on communities and the ways Creative People and Places projects adapted to work with them. Caroline Griffin shares the story.

Vince Laws, Fit For Work!, comic book page spread, 2020 – Not Going Back To Normal 29 Oct 2020 Feature

The Scottish government may have put ‘build back better’ on the back burner, but contemporary art has not. Clare Harris celebrates the determination that characterises Scottish artists as they cling on through the pandemic.

A Black person covering their each eye with their hands, palms facing towards the camera 22 Oct 2020 Feature

Unconsicous bias can leave even well-meaning organisations with blind spots on diversity and inclusion. Roxan Kamali-Sarvestani explains what they can do to avoid this – and how Talawa Theatre Company is supporting them.

A table in the foreground with a lamp, menu and 'I have been sanitised' marker with a band on stage in the background 21 Oct 2020 Feature

As the four countries of the UK start to offer financial lifelines to venues wanting to reopen, Priya Patel explains how the Arts Working Group and their Recovery Toolkit can provide support with some of the thornier problems they are now addressing.

20 Oct 2020 Feature

The arts can survive, but it’s up to arts workers and participants to save and fundamentally change them for the benefit of all. Trade Unions must not allow a ‘new normal’ of devastated culture says John Gillett.

20 Oct 2020 Feature

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation will be making fewer, larger grants in future and collaborating on longer term projects that have a real chance of being taken to scale. Alison Holdom explains their new strategy and what they hope to achieve.

Man teaching a young girl to play saxophone 20 Oct 2020 Opinion

By cutting bursaries for teacher training, the Department for Education will make a career in teaching an unreachable dream for some musicians, says Roz De Vile

Lisette, a white woman with freckles and long brown hair, sits behind a wooden table, her hands spread out on its top. She is wearing a brown dress, a top hat and a yellow paper moustache. She is winking. The table is on a pebble beach with a river running behind it. Image credit: Rob Irish. 15 Oct 2020 Feature

Disabled freelancers can teach the sector a lot about how to overcome limitations to make and adapt work in new and exciting ways, so look for them, use them … and pay them, says Lisette Auton.

Person in balck adidas cap sitting on a bench writing in a notebook 15 Oct 2020 Feature

Research into the relationship between culture, health and wellbeing could unlock an understanding of how the mental health of young people can be supported by cultural activity. Dr Robyn Dowlen talks to Anne Torreggiani about progress so far.

15 Oct 2020 Feature

What would the digital performing arts look like if the arts had their own software platform, responsive to artistic needs? Ron Evans explores the possibilities.

15 Oct 2020 Feature

‘Following the science’ has revealed some surprising findings in a programme aimed at finding out what really influences individual donors. Bernard Ross shares the outcomes.

Edinburgh Conversations: it's time to redefine culture at local level. This image shows a man playing a saxophone on an Edinburgh street with people walking by 15 Oct 2020 Feature

“We must use this time to reset values and make our industry and institutions more relevant for the whole of society.” Janet Archer draws together this summer’s Edinburgh Culture Conversations.