Image of Toomaj Salehi
10 Apr 2024 Opinion

Artistic freedom is an increasingly contested area of public discourse. But as Ruth Anderson of Index on Censorship argues, while she might not agree with what is expressed, she defends the right to do so.

Freedom of expression is an increasingly fashionable topic. Rarely does a day go by when there isn’t a discussion in the media about censorship, self-censorship, repression or the most recent action by a tyrant to silence dissent.

In the last month, we’ve seen coverage of the Scottish Hate Crime legislation, the new (and very much not improved) National Security law in Hong Kong, the censoring of Alan Titchmarsh’s jeans in North Korea, the banning of Al-Jazeera in Israel and a least a... more

Image of Lenin 09 Apr 2024 Opinion

Andrew Pinnock, a former Arts Council officer, thinks it’s time for an honest review of our national development agency for creativity and culture, based on truthful foundations.

Flower emerging from a skull 09 Apr 2024 Feature

After far too many decades of jam tomorrow, artists deserve better, says independent arts researcher Susan Jones.

Abstract image of signal and noise 08 Apr 2024 Opinion

Now more than ever it’s important to focus on the things that really matter, to free ourselves of distractions and to identify earned income opportunities, says Robin Cantrill-Fenwick.

08 Apr 2024 Feature

Harmeet Chagger-Khan leads on innovation, and immersive and interactive projects at The Space. Here she explores how artists are using AI and why transparency and media literacy are vital to ensure it is accessible to all.

Image of bridge across Tyne with Glasshouse International Centre for Music, Gateshead 21 Mar 2024 Feature

Cara Pickering and Sarie Mairs Slee examine how place-based collaboration can support innovative, creative-led regeneration of our towns and cities.

21 Mar 2024 Feature

Amid the current drive for local authorities to have cultural strategies, Professor Daniel Ashton considers the challenges of trying to align those strategies to changing policy and geographic landscapes.

Young people leaping across a lavender bed in Ilam Park 19 Mar 2024 Feature

The sector’s resilience and creativity in navigating crises show how art and culture will sustain even in the toughest of times. Ben Walmsley explores what is now needed to build a more equitable, confident and sustainable future.   

Rakhi Singh with students on Future Artists scheme working with Southbank's artist in residence, violinist Rakhi Singh, co-founder of Manchester Collective 19 Mar 2024 Feature

A ground-breaking initiative from the Royal Academy of Music in partnership with Southbank Centre – Future Artists - seeks to equip students to use their multiple skills, writes Jessica Walker.

Watermill theatre 18 Mar 2024 Opinion

A year after losing ACE funding, Berkshire's Watermill Theatre has had some sweet successes. Executive Director and Joint Chief Executive Claire Murray charts the downs and ups of a rollercoaster year. 

Abstract art image of a head 14 Mar 2024 Feature

What do cultural leaders really think about the problems they, and the arts and cultural sector, face? Steven Hadley is the Editor of a new book on the subject. 

Panel discussion at Creative UK summit 13 Mar 2024 Opinion

The cultural sector welcomed last week’s Spring Budget but, as Lara Carmona writes, not being able to leverage public investment at the scale needed is like having your best player benched indefinitely.

Musicians - violinists - performing at Peckham Levels 12 Mar 2024 Feature

A car park in Peckham has been transformed into a cultural hub, setting the benchmark for regeneration without gentrification, writes Joseph Winters.

Auditorium section - architect image 12 Mar 2024 Case study

Sadler’s Wells is a world-leading creative organisation dedicated to dance. Eimear Hanratty explains how O’Donnell+Tuomey architects went about ensuring its new building, Sadler’s Wells East, would make dance accessible to all.

11 Mar 2024 Feature

It's more than a year since China reopened its borders following the pandemic with the promise of reviving its international arts scene. Alex Lalak explores what this means for UK arts organisations looking to re-forge their links.  

06 Mar 2024 Feature

Curiosity has been described as a leadership superpower, but unfocused curiosity can be frustrating, confusing and ineffective for the people you work with, writes Ash Mann.