Lottery balls
30 Jun 2022 Feature

When the Gambling Commission announced a new operator for the National Lottery, current operator Camelot went to the High Court. Will funding for the arts be affected by this dispute, asks Chris Sharratt?

In March, the Gambling Commission announced Allwyn Entertainment Ltd as the Preferred Applicant for the fourth National Lottery licence, which runs for 10 years from February 2024. Allwyn, Europe’s biggest lottery operator, was delighted. Camelot, which has been the Lottery operator since it was launched in 1994, wasn’t.

And then the lawyers got involved.

Worryingly, some people have been saying that good causes could lose out to the tune of £1bn due to the legal action. That’s... more

29 Jun 2022 Feature

With a wealth of experience leading and facilitating peer learning programmes, Amanda Smethurst reflects on the critical requirements for an impactful learning experience.

People sitting around tables 29 Jun 2022 Feature

After eight years at Contact, Artistic Director Matt Fenton is handing over the reins. Here he reflects on how the leadership role has changed.

29 Jun 2022 Feature

When it comes to maximising digital activity, the two most common challenges organisations face are budget and skills, says Katie Moffat.

22 Jun 2022 Feature

Shakespeare North Playhouse is a brand-new theatre modelled on a traditional Shakespearean era playhouse. Melanie Lewis shares the challenges of bringing this ambitious regeneration project to life. 

Children supporting a model globe 22 Jun 2022 Feature

Cultural experiences - as offered by Our Place in Space - are vital for youngsters with special educational needs. Dan Byrne, an SEN teacher, suggests more can be done to make them accessible and fulfilling. 

Turner prize 2019 Tai Shani, DC Semiramis 21 Jun 2022 Feature

While much has been written about the impact of Brexit on the performing arts, Şenay Camgöz shares insights from a new report on the challenges for the visual arts.

21 Jun 2022 Feature

The nation’s theatre buildings are in urgent need of upgrading to make them more sustainable and fit for purpose, argues Jon Morgan.

Rambert's cause written on the wall 20 Jun 2022 Feature

Rebranding isn't just refreshing visual identity, it’s part of a strategic jigsaw in articulating your purpose. Rambert has been looking at ways to resonate beyond its immediate audience, as Jo Taylor explains.

Pathway actors close up 15 Jun 2022 Feature

As Extant celebrates its 25th anniversary, Mary Paterson shares their plans to spearhead radical change for disabled people in the theatre.

15 Jun 2022 Feature

Engagement with longform online content may be on a downward trend but, as Adam Koszary writes, expectations for creative storytelling on social media is picking up apace. 

15 Jun 2022 Feature

What should underpin our evaluation practice in the arts? Oliver Mantell reflects on the new Evaluation Principles from the Centre for Cultural Value. 

15 Jun 2022 Feature

New research from the sector draws some optimistic conclusions about the prospects for museums, as Sarah Philp explains.

Roehampton protest 15 Jun 2022 Opinion

With the latest cuts to university courses in the arts, Alan Read believes the future of theatre and performance in UK Higher Education is at stake. But numbers only tell half the story. 

Dishoom by Rifco 08 Jun 2022 Opinion

Do we still need a British South Asian theatre company? That is a question Pravesh Kumar is often asked. His answer is always yes. 

Dancers in a circle 08 Jun 2022 Feature

If you support someone to feel good about themselves, they’re going to give you their best and, most importantly, do the best for themselves, says Vicki Igbokwe.