A photo of an art installation of collapse pillars in Denmark
11 Jul 2019 Feature

While some in the UK may believe we have little to learn from European collaboration, Anne Torreggiani and Jonathan Goodacre have found cross-border networks to be a force for innovation and change.

Unless you’ve taken part in one, you may suspect that large-scale European collaboration projects are just carriages on the gravy train that haunts Nigel Farage’s worst nightmares. But ask someone who has struggled through the red tape, bureaucracy and cultural misunderstanding and there’s a good chance they’ll tell you that it was worth the pain. 

It’s meant we can experiment in a safe and supportive environment beyond the glare of working on home turf

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Photo of Arti Prashar 15 Aug 2019 Feature

Arti Prashar was told to never create a job that no one else could fill. She looks back on 13 years as CEO of Spare Tyre Theatre Company.

A picture of singer Kate Nash 09 Aug 2019 Feature

The prospect of leaving the EU inevitably creates uncertainties – but a silver lining is a greater understanding of the value of international collaboration, says Christoph Jankowski.

09 Aug 2019 Opinion

The lack of traction and success for BME-led and disabled-led organisations deserves our attention, says Amanda Parker. Is there something for ACE to explore around who is judging ‘quality’?

A photo of the atrium of the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal 05 Aug 2019 Feature

To unlock the full value of culture, Arts Council England needs to support villages, towns and cities across the country to work together more closely, says the funder's Deputy Chief Executive Simon Mellor.

A photo of a man photographing a street piano player 23 Jul 2019 Opinion

Over the coming weeks, ArtsProfessional will be putting your questions to Arts Council England on its new draft ten-year strategy. Here ACE’s Deputy Chief Executive Simon Mellor introduces one of the strategy’s three key outcomes.

Dana Segal teaching at the National Arts Fundraising School 18 Jul 2019 Feature

It's great that arts organisations are recruiting young people to their boards - but they need to really think about why, says Dana Segal.

A group of actors performing on a set of a spaceship 18 Jul 2019 Feature

Meeting future challenges in the arts sector will not be about managing change, but creating it, says Richard Watts.

A girl spray painting a poppy onto a wall using a stencil 18 Jul 2019 Feature

Programmes that nurture imagination and ambition can help re-establish the arts as a transformative force, says Robert West.

A man in a wheelchair performing for a group of young children 18 Jul 2019 Case study

Tara Lopez identifies three key themes that have emerged so far from the four-year Vital Spark initiative.

Photo of Japanese artists Chim↑Pom 18 Jul 2019 Feature

The Contact Young Curators programme gave Wez Thistlethwaite the opportunity to re-engage his creative muscles by co-curating a world premiere at this year’s Manchester International Festival.

A photo of a man playing a cello 11 Jul 2019 Feature

What might a no-deal Brexit do to the independent grassroots networks that currently flourish across the continent, asks Martin Cox.

A photo of two violinists looking into the distance 11 Jul 2019 Feature

Many British musicians fear that Brexit will reduce their ability to travel easily and cheaply around Europe for work. Francesca Treadaway calls for action to protect their livelihoods.

A photo of Magnitudini by Michela Paoloni 11 Jul 2019 Feature

With metropolitan bias prevailing at both a national and European level, the best hope for rural arts organisations lies in collaboration, argues Ralph Lister.

Photo of two actors holding back a third who, while lying on the ground, is reaching out into the distance in apparent pain. 11 Jul 2019 Feature

The outdoor arts sector has experienced growth over the last decade, but could a no-deal Brexit put the brakes on this? Maggie Clarke and Irene Segura share their concerns.

Photo of a group of children wearing headset, interacting with a book 04 Jul 2019 Feature

As the Commission gets ready to publish its recommendations on creativity and education, Joe Hallgarten puts forward four ideas he'd like to see included.