Exterior of the New York Metropolitan Opera house
16 Sep 2020 Feature

Could fundraising overseas be a profitable enterprise for you, with an achievable return on investment? Nancy Bickson explains what you need to think about before taking the plunge.

Many arts and cultural organisations have seen their income fall dramatically in this crisis and fundraising has been a lifeline. International fundraising has been – or could be – adopted as part of that activity by cultural organisations, but some are missing a trick.

Some, such as the National Trust through its US entity, the Royal Oak Foundation, are old hands and have been reaping the benefits for years. Their approaches take many forms: asking for support from foreign visitors,... more

Woman debating online purchase with credit card 15 Sep 2020 Feature

Even if people are willing to pay for digital performances, are they willing to pay enough? Robin Cantrill Fenwick examines the data emerging from the pandemic’s rush to digitise, and where the income opportunities lie.

A woman standing behind a full clothes rail backstage at a production 15 Sep 2020 Feature

Apprenticeships could help level the playing field and help those from less advantaged backgrounds enter the arts and cultural sector, but it isn’t happening. Plain old prejudice is getting in the way, says Sara Whybrew.

Extraordinary Bodies production: ' What Am I Worth?' 15 Sep 2020 Feature

We are at a crossroads, says Jamie Beddard. Access, democratisation and engagement must not be sacrificed in the rush to return after the pandemic.


Dancers in front of a mirror in a studio 15 Sep 2020 Feature

When Professor Stephen Clift published a critique of an academic review of the impact of the arts on health outcomes, he was accused of not been ‘collegiate’ or constructive. Has the field of arts and health become too self-congratulatory?

11 Sep 2020 Opinion

England’s arts organisations will be asked to make decisions that affect more than people’s livelihoods.

Rampak Genteng 10 Sep 2020 Feature

With the creativity of communities finally becoming a policy priority, arts organisations could be handing more control over to their communities. Adam Pushkin explains why – and how – that could work.

Lesley Cherry’s work replaced a contentious paramilitary mural under the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s Re-imaging Communities Fund 10 Sep 2020 Feature

Cultural democracy is not in the gift of most cultural institutions, but that doesn’t mean there’s no role for them, says Anne Torreggiani.

We Can Do Better Protest Sign Cardboard 09 Sep 2020 Feature

Power has always resided in the hands of the few and in this moment of crisis it is time to fundamentally change the rules of the game to achieve cultural democracy, says Kully Thiarai.

Local musicians/performers at the 2019 Whitley Bay Carnival 09 Sep 2020 Feature

What happens when you put communities in charge of their own creative projects? Ryan Herman found out how residents, rather than local politicians, are making their communities better places to live.

Image of a shop front with a sale banner and promotional theatre performance poster 09 Sep 2020 Feature

Could an Ambassadors Scheme offer a way of better connecting theatres with their local communities? Hardish Virk has seen positive results in South Asian communities.

Mother and daughter looking at a window display at Hertford Theatre 09 Sep 2020 Feature

Adopting a creative approach to tackle opening in a Covid-safe environment could give venues the edge and help them come out the other side. David Dunstan shares some successful strategies.

First Encounters with Shakespeare: 'The Comedy of Errors' at Nelson Mandela Primary School 03 Sep 2020 Feature

As schools reopen for the new year, arts education needs to rise to short and long-term challenges to be successful and remain relevant. Jacqui O’Hanlon proposes a way forward.

Will Covid-19 prompt the demise of the big city? 03 Sep 2020 Feature

Maintaining an international perspective and collaborating with global partners will be key to rebuilding the UK’s cultural sector and securing the post-pandemic future, say Ben Walmsley and Franco Bianchini.

Caterpillar on a leaf 03 Sep 2020 Feature

When cultural producers have the time and space to think ahead and bounce ideas off each other, remarkable ideas emerge. Richard Watts shares the new thinking starting to emerge from the Culture Reset programme as delegates prepare for an uncertain future.

Rehearsals at Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama 03 Sep 2020 Feature

As the sector rethinks its relationship with the communities it serves, professional training will need to strengthen connections between the making of art, the artists and their community-based co-creators. Nick Ponsillo and Helena Gaunt propose a radical shift to a more holistic approach for developing creative practice.