24 Feb 2021 Feature

Hull’s leaders want to build a ‘collective legacy’ for its City of Culture year. Victoria Bissett and Michael Howcroft say their success depends on rebuilding trust amid a culture of anger, secrecy and fear.

In their January feature in ArtsProfessional, Lee Corner and Stephen Munn of Absolutely Cultured appealed for the legacy of Hull UK City of Culture 2017 to be a ‘collective act’. Based on our PhD research about Hull 2017, we believe there are two interconnected challenges to this ambition: firstly, the hyperbolic language of overpromising cultural managers and policy makers and, secondly, a weakened critical public sphere. We bring this to the cultural sector’s attention to provoke freer and... more

Man teaching woman on audio mixer 24 Feb 2021 Feature

With new demands being made for skills and training, Jane Ide asks: is this going to help young people into work? 

24 Feb 2021 Feature

When her work was erased, Tori Allen-Martin took action to make sure it didn’t happen to anyone else. It’s turned into so much more, she writes.

A pirate on stage performing Treasure Island in front of a ship prop and his crew 24 Feb 2021 Feature

Can a regional theatre make money from online productions? Kelly Johnson says you have to weigh your options and ask for help.

24 Feb 2021 Opinion

Sharon Heal challenges a museum chair’s view that ethics are a matter of ‘emotion’.

Isabel Lewis, the occasion of an afternoon at Palmhuset, for Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, 2015. Image by Attila Urban 17 Feb 2021 Feature

Moira Jeffrey writes that the fight to survive is a reality we cannot ignore. Focussing on that alone will lead to “erosion and obsolescence”.

A girl looking at picture they've taken on a camera 17 Feb 2021 Feature

Underpaid artists have become caretakers for communities that commissioners want to say they’re supporting. Eleonora Belfiore asks: whose responsibility is it to push for the change we so desperately need?

Cecil Rhodes statue oxford university 17 Feb 2021 Feature

What do we learn when we apply DCMS’ new framework for valuing culture to a controversial statue? Robert Hewison gives it a go.

Ben Uri Gallery and Museum exterior front 17 Feb 2021 Feature

Purposeful and ethical deaccessioning has funded a digital transformation that is giving a small, London museum a sustainable long-term future, global reach and wider community engagement. David Glasser tells the story.

Posters on a wall saying that minority ethnic people are the worst impacted by Covid 17 Feb 2021 Feature

Nigel Prince reflects on the power and responsibility arts organisations have to champion social change in a time of upheaval worldwide.

Hand on plasma ball lamp 10 Feb 2021 Feature

Covid-19 has proved that what worked back then won’t work now. Patrick Towell says true innovation requires attention, collaboration, and a sense for ideas that can be scaled up for success.

Screenshot of a virtual choir 10 Feb 2021 Feature

Sonali Joshi says parity in support for the self-employed is the vital ingredient for a positive future.

Two women sitting at screens facing each other in a Zoom call 10 Feb 2021 Feature

The greater success of some arts organisations boils down to a few key ingredients. Money isn’t one of them, writes Ash Mann.

3 black poeple on a stage raising clench fists in front of a Black Lives Matter sign 10 Feb 2021 Case study

The theatre industry needed a champion in a time of crisis. National Theatre Scotland answered the call and it’s not turning back, writes Jackie Wylie.

A digital rendition of a theatre in a surrealist style 10 Feb 2021 Feature

Heidi Wiley and Hélène Gauthier share how they created a virtual venue - and why they think this provides a model for the future.

Performer playing violin to an empty theatre 04 Feb 2021 Feature

Ben Walmsley, Abigail Gilmore and Dave O’Brien share findings from a research programme that shows there are silver linings among the storm clouds.