people looking at an art installation
21 Oct 2021 Feature

What happens when creative minds from different sectors and disciplines come together to imagine and design bold, large-scale events to reach millions of people worldwide? Martin Green reveals what’s in store for 2022.

In September 2020, we embarked on a quest to answer this question with an open call. We invited UK-based creatives to form new and unexpected partnerships and apply to be part of a paid R&D programme focused on developing ideas for mass participation projects. We received nearly 300 applications from 3,000 professionals from the worlds of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM). 

More than 500 organisations and individuals, including over 100 freelancers,... more

Man in a mask sitting in a low, celingless room 21 Oct 2021 Feature

Anthony Sargent says we need to identify what we've learned from Covid, then build on those foundations rather than reassemble broken pieces of the past.

three people in discussion 21 Oct 2021 Feature

Creating and sharing new knowledge - through teaching, learning, impact and public engagement - lies at the heart of relationships between universities and cultural organisations, Professor Katy Shaw and Claire Malcolm write. 

image of Little Amal 21 Oct 2021 Feature

Universities often lack the resources for large scale art programmes, yet the University of Kent has launched an ambitious creative season. David Sefton explores the relationship between academic institutions and the arts.

image of a hand painting 21 Oct 2021 Feature

The arts have a huge role to play in health and wellbeing. Jane Rich shares how creative practitioners can support mental health without being mental health professionals themselves.

13 Oct 2021 Feature

Our sector is supported by trustees and directors who, through their passion and skills, have stepped up to support organisations when the need has been greatest. But, as Jonathan Mayes argues, our boards could do better.

graphic of two characters arguing 13 Oct 2021 Feature

Over the past year, Amanda Parker has been privy to several board-level conflicts that she describes as nightmarish. Boards, she advises, need to ensure democratic processes support equitable redress. 

Violinists playing 13 Oct 2021 Feature

Ten years ago, while most 21-year-olds were exploring their freedom, Toks Dada was spending his evenings and weekends reading company management reports, annotating business plans, and scrutinising financial accounts. Here he explains why.

overhead view of a roundabout 13 Oct 2021 Feature

Boards in the cultural sector often focus on improving the delivery of a conventional model, but as Anisa Morridadi argues, both trustees and organisations need to change.

picture of a board room 13 Oct 2021 Feature

One of the oddities of sitting on a board or being a trustee of a cultural institution is that there are no rules for how to do it - still less how to do it well. John Tusa offers a guide for survival.

image of people with slogans over their mouths 06 Oct 2021 Feature

A reluctance to share opinions openly is a significant block to achieving racial equity. But as Kevin Osborne argues, without understanding prevailing attitudes to racial inequity we are unlikely to reach effective solutions.

06 Oct 2021 Opinion

Nadine Dorries is a gift horse the cultural sector shouldn't look in the mouth.

University of East London Docklands 06 Oct 2021 Feature

Universities in the capital are set to lose nearly £80m in funding for arts courses. Diana Beech fears this will further widen inequalities in sector training.

06 Oct 2021 Feature

One of the most powerful things to emerge during the pandemic is the importance of the arts to our wellbeing. Gilane Tawadros says the visual arts – and artists in particular - can play a critical role in post-pandemic recovery.

A procession of people 06 Oct 2021 Feature

We often don’t notice statues of people, but they are part of our cultural history. Who are they? Why are they there? And where are the women? These are questions that fascinate Wanda Zyborska.

group of dancers 06 Oct 2021 Feature

Birmingham International Dance Festival is a celebration of the return to outdoor arts. For Debbie Jardine and Raidene Carter, it is both a taste and a test for next year's Cultural Programme of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.