Photo of Ed Vaizey
23 Jan 2020 Feature

In the first of a series of conversations with sector leaders, Editor Amanda Parker sat down for lunch with former arts minister Ed Vaizey.

Because of the work I do around inclusion and diversity in the arts, I’m often asked about the tricky business of banter and how to crack jokes without causing offence. The general advice I give is ‘punch up, don’t punch down’: you can joke with the boss that they’re rubbish and you’d sack them, but the joke doesn’t work if your boss is joking about sacking you.

So as a self-appointed diversity champion for the sector it’s surprising that Ed Vaizey breaks the rules from the outset,... more

A photo of cowboys against a red sunset 23 Jan 2020 Feature

Offering discounts? If you don’t have a reason for cutting prices and are inconsistent with your offers, don’t expect your customers to play nicely, says David Reece.

A photo of a crowd at a concert 23 Jan 2020 Feature

As Arts Council England prepares to publish its next ten-year strategy, thought leaders suggest a radical alternative.

23 Jan 2020 Feature

Left your Self Assessment tax return to the last minute? Don’t rely on excuses to avoid a fine, says Liz Hill. HMRC has heard them all before...

'Snow White: Reimagined' performed by Collective31 23 Jan 2020 Feature

If we think of contemporary art as only suitable for experienced audiences, we are missing huge opportunities to inspire newcomers, says Naomi Wright.

A photo of groups of people sitting in a room 16 Jan 2020 Feature

The sector must be held accountable to those suffering under the ‘hostile environment’ immigration regime. Migrants in Culture is taking on the challenge, explain Alessandra Cianetti and Diana Damian Martin.

A photo of a man and a woman laughing in an auditorium 16 Jan 2020 Feature

It’s time we all started thinking of ourselves as experience makers. Lasting memories and positive emotions can be created at every point of contact with audiences, writes Lucy Costelloe.

Two young people in a recording studio 16 Jan 2020 Feature

The Agency has put young people at the centre of change in their communities. Roisin Feeny and Meghan Peterson share how it is developing their creative skills beyond the stage, gallery or museum.

A young woman screen printing at a workshop 16 Jan 2020 Feature

Eleven Scottish visual arts organisations have banded together to improve opportunities for artists and show their worth to policymakers and the public. Shân Edwards shares the story of Scotland’s Workshops.

16 Jan 2020 Feature

Outgoing Tara Arts Artistic Director Jatinder Verma looks back on 40 years of championing diversity on and off stage. Is the fight finally over?

A painting of a tree bending in the wind 09 Jan 2020 Feature

When leaders make personal change, organisational changes inevitably follow, says Richard Watts.

Microphones and headphones on a desk 09 Jan 2020 Feature

It’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd. Matt Locke shares his top tips on how to make more of your digital content.

Cupola Gallery, Sheffield 09 Jan 2020 Feature

Arts organisations could be in danger of incurring surprise costs at the end of their tenancy. Jane Askew sheds some light on how to best prepare. 

A photo of three women singing 09 Jan 2020 Opinion

Setting targets helps, but wider strategies are needed to dispel the sense of novelty value that still surrounds female musicians. We need to normalise their presence on stage and behind the scenes, writes Kate Lowes.

09 Jan 2020 Feature

Jimmy Fairhurst, Artistic Director of Not Too Tame, talks about the eclectic mix of people who have inspired his career as a working-class artist. 

02 Jan 2020 Feature

Artists are the lifeblood of the arts, but their direct funding has steadily declined over the past two decades. A change in approach is now essential, says Susan Jones.