Photo of aircraft in sky
19 Apr 2018 Feature

With dynamic pricing already common practice in other sectors, Isabella Anderson examines what the arts can learn from the airlines.

Airlines invented revenue management so it’s no surprise that this industry has plenty of sophisticated strategies and techniques. By understanding some of the key ideas that underpin airline-style pricing, there are some interesting lessons for the cultural sector.

Rising prices over time

Probably the first thing you think about airline prices is that in general they go up as you get closer to take-off. So there’s no benefit in waiting to book. And the strategy works because everyone... more

Photo of interior of Royal Opera House 12 Apr 2018 Opinion

Representatives of Music Venue Trust and the Association of British Orchestras react to UK Music’s provocative call for opera funding to be redistributed.

Photo of people standing in theatre stalls 19 Apr 2018 Case study

With the Mayflower Theatre recently listed by the Sunday Times as one of the best organisations to work for, Robin Hancox explains the recent workforce initiatives that helped secure the listing.

Photo of person in gallery 18 Apr 2018 Feature

Confused about VAT? Uncertain about exemptions? Some of the tax rules can work to the advantage of arts charities, so don’t miss out, says Mahmood Reza.

Photo of three circus performers in large hoop 18 Apr 2018 Feature

As circus becomes ever more daring and dangerous, Molly Nicholson reveals the challenges of producing it.

Photo of woman playing guitar to a standing audience outdoors 12 Apr 2018 Feature

How can we make the arts an everyday experience for everyone? Michael Eades explains why he believes in the power of grassroots arts.

Photo of busker by National Gallery sign 12 Apr 2018 Opinion

What – or who – needs to change to achieve cultural democracy and how can we remove the tension between official and everyday culture, asks Martin Cox.

Photo of people in sunshine outside museum 12 Apr 2018 Case study

Why would a cultural venue install a swimming pool? Alexia Jacques Casanova charts the evolution of inclusive and participatory practice in museums and shares advice from Bozar in Brussels.

Photo of female guitarist performing in room of older people 12 Apr 2018 Case study

Artists need special skills to deliver projects in community settings, including care homes and schools. Evan Dawson explains how Live Music Now supports musicians.

Photo of actor with three men with backs turned 12 Apr 2018 Case study

Presenting theatre in pubs and social clubs can help breathe life into communities and engage non-arts audiences. Rod Dixon explains how Red Ladder has created a touring model dependent on local promoters.