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14 Jun 2018 Feature

Taking an outdoor show on tour presents many challenges, quite different to those for venue-based touring. Irene Segura explains how a consortium model is supporting artists and companies.

As a Catalan now living in the UK, outdoor work has always surrounded me – it has a central role in our culture and many successful and iconic Catalan companies have been touring the world since the 1970s. It was the democracy of public space that first drew me in, as well as the honesty and rawness of artists working in the sector.

While it is relatively uncommon for venue-based shows to have long runs, successful outdoor shows can be kept in repertoire for numerous years

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Photo of man on stage with book under arm 20 Jun 2018 Feature

Few arts venues have programmed main stage shows starring performers with learning disabilities, but new diversity requirements for England’s NPOs could change that, says Gus Garside.

Photo of outdoor installation of white dominoes 14 Jun 2018 Case study

Alison Fordham explains how IF: Milton Keynes International Festival’s programme of outdoor events is a key audience development and placemaking tool for the town.

Photo of outdoor installation of lighting, wireframe people wearing white suits 14 Jun 2018 Case study

Partnering with Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty has created opportunities for Activate to bring exciting contemporary art to stunning outdoor settings. Kate Wood explains how.

Photo of four women in red & black posing on steps 14 Jun 2018 Case study

Outdoor events have been key to attracting tourists to Kent’s coastal towns and driving culture-led regeneration, says Sarah Dance.

Photo of dancers in brightly lit colours in nighttime show 14 Jun 2018 Case study

A research project examining Leicester’s 24 arts festivals uncovered interesting insights into audience behaviour and preferences. Richard Fletcher discusses the findings.

Photo of notes on card 07 Jun 2018 Feature

Decision-making can include hard evidence, so how can we best help arts professionals to embrace the data that provides it, asks Patrick Towell.

Photo of someone annotating the octagon 07 Jun 2018 Feature

Melissa Wong introduces a simple framework to help arts organisations identify their strengths, and build on them to boost their resilience.

Photo of opera singers sitting in deck chairs on a ship 07 Jun 2018 Case study

Opera Holland Park’s Young Artists scheme, which gives participants the chance to be part of the main season, has become an important source of talent for the industry. Imogen van Santvoort explains how it works.

Photo of man on dark stage with screen behind 07 Jun 2018 Feature

Tax relief can be a lifeline for many arts organisations, so why are so many smaller theatre companies and independent producers missing out, asks Clara Giraud.

Photo of stage set 06 Jun 2018 Case study

Keen to maintain a connection between Wales and Germany after Brexit, British Council Wales organised a week-long performing arts festival in Dresden. Rebecca Gould tells the story.

Photo of paint palette 31 May 2018 Feature

Many artists find it difficult to sustain their practice early on in their careers. Nicola Sim shares the findings of her research into how arts organisations and funders can best support them.

Photo of elderly couple 31 May 2018 Feature

Legacy giving has huge potential as a source of future funding for the arts, especially in Scotland. Richard Radcliffe offers tips for getting started.

Photo of woman wearing blindfold 31 May 2018 Feature

Having worked in the arts all over the world, Matina Magkou has observed some common challenges – and ways of overcoming them.

Photo of young people dancing outside 30 May 2018 Case study

A group of actors with Down’s Syndrome travelled to Lesotho in southern Africa to help change attitudes to people with learning disabilities. Jon Dafydd-Kidd tells the story.

Photo of two men in discussion in workshop 24 May 2018 Feature

When trustees and senior managers develop their fundraising skills alongside staff and volunteers, some key barriers to fundraising success can be overcome. Miranda Rowlands explains.