Photo of lyft app wireframes
18 Apr 2019 Feature

Mobile ticketing is convenient for the customer and can open up new business opportunities. Innovations in the US signal a way forward for the UK, suggests James McClure.

It wasn’t that long ago that smartphones were a novelty. In fact, just seven years ago only half of the UK adult population had a smartphone, according to By 2017 that number had risen to 85%, and we can assume that it is beyond 90% today.

An increasing number of purchases are made on mobile phones and these purchases are not just small orders

And yet much of the ticketing approach in arts organisations across the country has failed to keep up. It’s time that... more

Photo of a man and women chatting over coffee 18 Apr 2019 Feature

All too often the cultural sector holds back from conversations about mental ill-health. Colin Beesting shares his manifesto for a more proactive approach.

Photo of someone writing at a table. 18 Apr 2019 Feature

So you think freelancing could be for you, but are you clear about the importance of networking, fee-setting and admin? Lucy Tomlinson offers some guidance on what to expect.

Photo of a grand piano as a garden feature, covered in plants. 18 Apr 2019 Feature

The Conservatoire in Blackheath recently arranged a finance plan with Triodos Bank to fund its future activities. Phillip Bate explains how the bank’s ethos and belief in the cultural sector made it happen.

Photo of The Audience Agency's intern, Massimo Finistrella, and participants in the Connect pilot programme 11 Apr 2019 Feature

Anne Torreggiani explains why participating in an EU-funded Erasmus programme has prompted her to re-evaluate the ability of interns to act as a source of new ideas and fresh thinking.

Photo of ORA Singers in rehearsal for one of their new commissions 11 Apr 2019 Case study

As composition becomes increasingly sidelined in school music, Natalie Watson discusses a mentoring scheme providing professional support to promising students.

Photo of three woman building crafts, one using a handheld deal 11 Apr 2019 Case study

Katy Sadler explains how a festival in one of Birmingham’s busiest thoroughfares enables craft and design graduates to test their ideas in a supportive environment.

Photo of New Associates attending an early stage reading 11 Apr 2019 Case study

Not convinced that existing artist development programmes were making a tangible difference, New Perspectives Theatre Company has created a year-long scheme designed to be both open and flexible, says Jack McNamara.

Photo of a performance of 10,000 Gestures 11 Apr 2019 Case study

Amy Lawrence outlines the wide-ranging benefits arising from her Jerwood Creative Fellowship at Manchester International Festival.

Photo of Taking Flight Theatre Company and Chapter’s production of Peeling by Kaite O’Reilly with an integrated cast, embedded BSL and creative captioning 04 Apr 2019 Case study

Wales' national arts access scheme for disabled people and their carers removes the need for uncomfortable eligibility conversations. Megan Merrett explains how.

A group of people listening to a talk 04 Apr 2019 Feature

In the wake of budget cuts, local arts groups in Birmingham have come together to help shape a new democratic approach to culture in the city, says Tom Jones.

Photo of a tutor and pupil playing the cello 04 Apr 2019 Feature

Contemporary classical music aligns naturally with children's playful approach to sound, says Nancy Evans.

Photo of Ai-Da and Aidan Meller 04 Apr 2019 Feature

Aidan Meller introduces Ai-Da, a sketching robot who is both an artist and a work of art.

A woman, on scaffolding, installing lighting in a theatre 28 Mar 2019 Feature

How can we attract a diverse workforce into the arts sector? Robert West says arts organisations can start by dismantling the barriers they are putting up themselves.

Photo of a group of people holding individual letters to spell out "cuture" 28 Mar 2019 Feature

City Hall has launched an interactive online map capturing details of the capital’s cultural spaces - from theatres and studios to pubs and creative workspaces. Justine Simons explains how it will support local planners and creative workers.

Photo of a young man playing a keyboard 28 Mar 2019 Case study

Libraries will always be about books and information, but in Manchester they’re also a place for local communities to enjoy live gigs and other arts events. Zoe Williams explains how the transformation has taken place.