A woman in a floral dress and face mask looking an art installing of floating flowers
19 Jan 2021 Feature

A new ticketing system designed by museums and for museums is providing free support with the twin challenges of running timed entry and generating much needed income. Merrin Kalinowski explains.

Museums and art venues having to close their doors once more nearly a year after the first lockdown came as a devastating blow. It is always darkest before the dawn though, so we must look to the future, and planning for a post-pandemic world is now a priority – even though the future still seems so uncertain. 

Not just a grant giver

At Art Fund, we have been working throughout the past twelve months to provide support for museums and galleries in these unprecedented times. We have... more

Empty gallery 19 Jan 2021 Feature

Supporting creative practitioners with opportunities at this time is vital, but do so wisely, says Guy Armitage. Running an open call may feel daunting, but it could allow you to side-step biases, put diversity at the heart of new projects and keep your audiences engaged.

Twitter loading screen on a phone resting on a cardboard box 19 Jan 2021 Feature

Rowan Kerek Robertson offers practical advice on protecting yourself and your organisation from online abuse – and what to do when the worst happens.

Group of people standing in a hall 19 Jan 2021 Feature

Theatre maker Rosie MacPherson calls for urgent action as Covid-19 closes routes to resettlement.

Two young people blowing bubbles into a camera 19 Jan 2021 Feature

A UK City of Culture bid won’t succeed unless it’s authentic, writes Richard Dunbar.

Graffiti of a robot 12 Jan 2021 Feature

Anthony Padgett says artificial intelligence has a role in selecting, curating and even creating art, but the sector must define that role – and join the debate early, before others take control.

Parent and child reading from a large book, severval feet tall, light up at night, about William Shakespeare 12 Jan 2021 Feature

When decisions about programming are made in hours rather than months, organisations hone in on their core purpose. Festivals will move ahead again by reinvigorating the relationship between artists and audiences, says Sharon Canavar.

A highstreet scene with closed shops put up for let 12 Jan 2021 Feature

A plan to breathe artistic life into a historic bookshop aims to reverse a pattern of decline in Sunderland. Andrew Leach explains.

Line drawing of a man with a brown colour spectrum behind the head 12 Jan 2021 Feature

Long-distance relationships needn’t limit ambition. Sarah Fisher, Ying Kwok and Lindsay Taylor describe a sustainable approach to sharing the physical and digital demands of curation.

07 Jan 2021 Feature

How will Hull face the future following its triumph as UK City of Culture? Lee Corner and Stephen Munn reflect on the legacy of 2017 in a year of unprecedented turmoil.

Crowed looking at coloured lights on a tunnel 06 Jan 2021 Feature

London’s cultural and commercial sectors have always had a symbiotic relationship, writes Tony Matharu. Fostering those links is now more important than ever.

Man riding a bike across a fire wire balancing with a pole 06 Jan 2021 Feature

The pandemic presents a unique set of challenges. But turning obstacles into opportunities is what circus does best, write Billy Alwen and Geraldine Giddings.

06 Jan 2021 Feature

In a time of great uncertainty, understanding audience attitudes and behaviours make the future a little more predictable, writes Maurane Ramon.

Candle with a brown card label saying hope attached, christmas decorations in the background 16 Dec 2020 Opinion

As we say good riddance to 2020, Liz Hill takes a glass-half-full look at progress in the cultural sector this year, and what the year ahead might hold.

Actor performing as Alice in front of background with the mad hatter and queen of hearts 10 Dec 2020 Feature

Lucy Askew explores the possibilities behind a digital theatre platform that puts first things first, and the digital repertory company that will be testing it out.

Mentor directing student on code in front of a laptop 08 Dec 2020 Feature

If 2020 has given us anything, it’s a recognition that arts organisations need to engage with technology – and that they’re stronger for having it, writes Chris Unitt.