Children painting at an outdoor table
21 Feb 2019 Feature

Little has changed in the ten years since John Holden first shone a spotlight on the damaging disconnect between the arts sector and the public at large. Could the mass realisation of personal creativity provide a way forward?

Almost a decade ago, I wrote a pamphlet called Culture and Class for Counterpoint, at that time the British Council’s think-tank. Judging by recent articles in AP, the publication of the Panic! Report, and Arts Council England’s (ACE) Creative Case initiative, it looks like the issue of class has at last risen up the agenda.

If culture is to help break down class divisions and inequalities, rather than reinforce them, then culture itself must be created by and for everyone

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Photo of four performers, two juggling in the background, and the lead dancing in the foreground 21 Feb 2019 Feature

Circus was created to fill a gap left by ‘serious’ theatre. Now a new generation of performers is rejecting bureaucratisation to rediscover the artform's anarchic roots, writes John Ellingsworth.

Photo of actor sitting on a bench, dimly lit stage, during in a monologue 21 Feb 2019 Case study

Support for new parents in the arts sector is often lacking. Rachel Harper explains how a new show has introduced a range of measures to create a less stressful, more inclusive working environment.

Photo of three woman skimming stones on a beach 21 Feb 2019 Case study

The port town of Felixstowe proved an ideal setting for exploring less cerebral ways of engaging with contemporary art, writes Natalie Pace.

Photo of Participants of the second Creative Climate Leadership course, Slovenia October 2017. Creative Climate Leadership is led by Julie's Bicycle and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. 14 Feb 2019 Feature

Tackling the climate crisis will require rapid and unprecedented change. Chiara Badiali asks whether the sector has what it takes to meet the challenge.

Photo of beehives on top of the Lyric Hammersmith 14 Feb 2019 Case study

The Lyric Hammersmith keeps 180,000 bees on its roof as part of its continuing commitment to going green. Sian Alexander tells the story.

Photo of an interactive installation, a group of people meet around cardboard tables 14 Feb 2019 Case study

Without creative thinking, society will sleepwalk into a climate disaster. The arts have a crucial role to play in inspiring, challenging and provoking us into action, says Judith Knight.

Photo of a man and woman leading outdoor workshop about trees to young children 14 Feb 2019 Case study

Megg Nicol and Alan Rickett explain how a musical has helped raise awareness of the importance of trees among London primary school pupils.

Photo of The sedum roof at the Young Vic, part of the passive low energy rebuilding project by Haworth Tompkins 14 Feb 2019 Feature

Very few theatres were built with today's sustainability standards in mind. The sector needs to face up to the financial and environmental costs of running old buildings, warns Tom Stickland.

Photo of two actors discussing an audience member's question via laptop 07 Feb 2019 Feature

When Ron Evans started thinking about how to make post-show talks more appealing and accessible, he found audiences hungry for new ways of engaging with the arts.

Photo of a woman holding an ice cream staring towards the ceiling 07 Feb 2019 Feature

Theatrical productions typically give priority either to the playwright’s text or the director's interpretation. Eve Leigh challenges theatre to move on from these hierarchical models and open up new space for more trusting and collaborative work.

Photo of artist's workspace 07 Feb 2019 Case study

Once forced to migrate through lack of opportunities, artists in the Scottish Highlands are now coming together to experiment and collaborate in the region's first creative hub, writes Audrey Carlin.

Photo of The artists from Freetown and Hull at the British Council in Sierra Leone 07 Feb 2019 Case study

A project bringing together theatre-makers from Hull Truck Theatre and Freetown in Sierra Leone has overcome logistical and cultural barriers to develop new insight. Alina Cretu talks to Amanda Huxtable and Adam Pownall.

Two girls sitting at a desk drawing 31 Jan 2019 Feature

The over-hyping of projects, initiatives and schemes really grates at a time when creative education in schools is being systematically sidelined. We need to realise what we are losing before it's too late, says Pauline Tambling.

Photo of multicoloured paper lanterns 31 Jan 2019 Feature

Action learning, part of the Boosting Resilience programme, is highly valued by participants and facilitators. But what is it exactly, and what benefits does it offer?

Photo of a man playing guitar in the background and an actor standing, looking towards the sky 31 Jan 2019 Case study

Settling scores, creating stories and taking risks - Gary Lagden saw many parallels between the worlds of theatre and rugby. But would these communities themselves agree?