A person lying in a tree using a megaphone
11 May 2021 Feature

After a lifetime spent working in the arts across the world, Judith Knight considers the dilemma of meeting the demands of the climate emergency while retaining international collaborations.

It may seem an insensitive time to write an article about the response of the arts to climate change. If I was still running an arts organisation, I might put my head in my hands and say: “I’m dealing with Covid, I’m dealing with Brexit, how the hell am I supposed to deal with the climate emergency as well?” 

But of course, the pandemic and the climate emergency are inextricably linked – Ian McEwan recently called Covid a “mass tutorial” about climate change. As for Brexit and the... more

Two children at a desk working with two adults on crafts 11 May 2021 Feature

Organisations talk a big game about preventing climate change but what are they doing? Bridget McKenzie shares her experience of testing the way culture takes action.

Glyndebourne Opera House with its wind turbine in the background 11 May 2021 Case study

As cultural organisations are looking for new ways to reduce their carbon emissions, Kate Harvey reports on a remarkable 10 year journey which has led to excess energy generation being redirected to the National Grid.

Group of people with banners in the background and two people in the foreground dress in green, leaf-like coats, one of which is on a white horse 11 May 2021 Feature

Two years ago a group of artists and environmental activists launched Culture Declares Emergency. Lucy Neal and Kay Michael tell the story of the movement’s foundation and the momentum it has gathered since then.

Still from murmuration of a hand over some drawn flowers 11 May 2021 Feature

Poet and climate writer, Linda France shares how she is creating spaces for connection, discussion and personal reflection, encouraging us to respond to the climate emergency and see ourselves as part of the solution.

Conductor leading a school orchestra 04 May 2021 Feature

Music educators often lack the confidence and energy to engage with academic research. Encouraging them to do so may be the way to address the disconnect between the two worlds, argues Dr Steven Berryman.

04 May 2021 Feature

Moving an orchestra into a school sparked a creative collaboration that can be replicated to benefit students elsewhere, write Anna Bennett and Adrian Bending.

04 May 2021 Feature

Stage side seats have historically been free to cheap, so why are we rushing to return to restricted view seating? Fiona English makes the case for continuing digital access.

Someone operating a lighting board at the mercury theatre 04 May 2021 Feature

Sebastian Cater says cultural sector managers who make mental health a priority aren’t virtue signalling, they’re leading by example.

Dancer pictured mid flight 04 May 2021 Feature

Hannah Hartley says the outdoor arts industry’s long-held resilience and versatility has given them the tools to overcome nearly anything, just when it’s needed the most. 

28 Apr 2021 Feature

With a Government report recommending the dropping of the term BAME, people have been challenging Kevin Osborne’s continued use of it. He remains ambivalent about the proposed change.

Abstract image reflected in mirrors 28 Apr 2021 Feature

Andy Robertson argues for the cultural sector to become an equal stakeholder in developing a future for Scotland.

28 Apr 2021 Feature

Jonathan Savage says the Government’s latest intervention in music education is just another clumsy attempt at curriculum reform. The best thing to do with the Model Music Curriculum, he writes, is to ignore it.

Image of Manchester City of Literature Festival 27 Apr 2021 Feature

Marie-Claire Daly reflects on what the past year has taught Greater Manchester about resilience and recovery, and what we must take forward to ensure the sector succeeds.

Image of George and Rebecca on screen 27 Apr 2021 Feature

The pandemic has proved the power of the arts in addressing isolation. Eleanor Sutton shares how a volunteering programme is benefitting artists and the elderly alike.

20 Apr 2021 Feature

The creative and cultural sectors cannot say they value equality while continuing to be one of the worst offenders for prejudice and lack of access, writes Jane Ide.