Photo of a toddler with bull statue
13 Dec 2018 Feature

What is the importance of creativity for young children? Ruth Churchill Dower explores the wide-ranging and ultimately limitless benefits of arts activity.

Creativity is one of those words that is tricky to get our heads around, especially in relation to young children. On the one hand, we know what it means when we feel creative or are inspired by someone else being creative. On the other hand, it’s hard to pin down and put a satisfactory definition to it. One of the reasons for this is because creativity encompasses so many aspects of what it means to be human, from imaginative and conscious thought to more intuitive, less conscious... more

Photo of woman and children drumming 13 Dec 2018 Feature

Why do some in the sector feel that babies and toddlers have little to offer as audiences or participants? On the contrary, says Charlotte Arculus, working with this group is never boring.

Photo of a baby dancing 13 Dec 2018 Case study

A non-verbal approach to music-making for the very youngest children offers a comfortable environment for new parents experiencing anxiety, as well as a joyful time for babies, says Hannah Baker.

Photo of a mother holding a child 13 Dec 2018 Case study

Stratford Circus Arts Centre, based in an area of London with high levels of child poverty, has come to realise that providing low-cost hot meals can help it engage with local families. Tania Wilmer tells the story.

Photo of an actress portraying a child, crying out 13 Dec 2018 Feature

The opportunities for very young children to experience the arts in rural Devon are few, as well as inconvenient and expensive. How can less culturally engaged families enjoy live performances, asks Amy Bere.

Photo of Momentous at Light Night Leeds 2013 06 Dec 2018 Feature

Local authority cuts to the arts may be widely reported, but some councils are investing serious money in cultural development, says Andrew Dixon.

Photo of a man sitting in an empty stadium 06 Dec 2018 Feature

Making a product or service scarce or exclusive has become an effective way to attract customers in other sectors. Tim Baker explores how it might work in the arts.

Woman using ticketing system on screen 06 Dec 2018 Feature

Venues need a better understanding of customer spending habits for purchases like pre-show meals and interval drinks. James McClure explains how a ticketing solution is providing a comprehensive view.

Photo of a painting by John Middleton 06 Dec 2018 Feature

Reclusive artist John Middleton has just held his first exhibition for 40 years. He explains why he rejected the world of commercial art to 'become a caveman'.

Photo of dancers on stage 06 Dec 2018 Case study

Mark Doyle says that a clear sense of purpose has encouraged leading artists to participate in an ambitious programme of contemporary exhibitions in Rochdale.

Erika Flowers self portrait drawing still life 29 Nov 2018 Feature

How can Arts Council England do more to include the voices of people with experience of the criminal justice system? The National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance talks to artist and former prisoner Erika Flowers.

Photo of wine tasting evening 29 Nov 2018 Feature

Should trustees on arts boards always be expected to give a donation, as is commonly the case in the US? Michelle Wright weighs up the pros and cons of this thorny issue.

Photo of street art, woman hoisted on seesaw 29 Nov 2018 Case study

Three cultural organisations in Wiltshire are now under one collective umbrella, giving them the opportunity to share data and cross-promote performances and offers, says Alice Young.

Young people rehearsing dance routine 29 Nov 2018 Case study

Nathan Geering explains how a hip-hop dance production has helped give a voice to young people in the care system.

School children laughing 29 Nov 2018 Case study

Vital Spark is a national initiative aiming to create more inclusive and diverse performances for children and young people. Tara Lopez tells the story.

Photo of singer with microphone 22 Nov 2018 Feature

Secondary schools have been subject to cutbacks in music education, but we shouldn't lose sight of the many recent successes and advances in this area, argues Carol Reid.