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20 Jul 2021 Feature

Building on Culture Reset, Richard Watts shares a range of new initiatives aimed at supporting the cultural sector to change and develop to meet the urgent demands for inclusion, improved governance and more dispersed models of leadership.

Is that a headline to grab attention? I’m not sure it is, but it’s the question we are asking all the time at people make it work. We’ve been ‘supporting cultural organisations to change and develop’ for more than 20 years. That’s been our mission, and it doesn’t feel good enough anymore. 

Now, we exist to support the cultural sector to change and develop. The replacement of one word reflects a strategic shift, from supporting client organisations as they achieve their change goal, to... more

image of the Roundhouse Theatre 20 Jul 2021 Feature

The last 18 months have seen arts fundraisers face numerous challenges in trying to bring in income when the sector has been in such flux, says Michelle Wright.

photo taken inside Brighton Dome during 5G festival 20 Jul 2021 Feature

Brighton Dome has been participating in 5G Festival trials to test new technology that could revolutionise the festival experience. Donna Close shares the findings. 

visitors attending Withworth Art Gallery 13 Jul 2021 Feature

Ben Walmsley, Abigail Gilmore and Dave O’Brien share the latest findings from a research programme examining the impacts of the pandemic.

13 Jul 2021 Feature

Covid, the murder of George Floyd and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement all led to an outpouring of statements committing to action on racial inequality in arts funding. Kevin Osborne’s initial optimism about that has since been tempered. 

three ballet dancers performing on stage 13 Jul 2021 Feature

Ethnically diverse creative leaders are experiencing a rise in racist abuse. Amanda Parker calls for government support to kick it out in the arts and cultural sector.  

Garden Museum welcomes visitors back in August 2020 13 Jul 2021 Feature

The museum and heritage sector has always been collaborative. But, says Carolyn Young, the need for supporting each other to build resilience is now greater than ever.

using a computer on a sofa 13 Jul 2021 Feature

It's widely agreed that arts and creativity can boost mental health and wellbeing. But less well known is the positive effect that writing can have, says Christina Bunce

book cover for tactics for the tightrope 13 Jul 2021 Feature

How can we build a fairer cultural sector that works for artists, organisations, and communities? Mark Robinson explores some tactics for the tightrope act of shared culture.

09 Jul 2021 Opinion

Arts venues might lose out by mandating masks and other Covid-19 mitigations but it's the only socially responsible option.

photo of student in a workshop 06 Jul 2021 Feature

Creative skills don’t just benefit the creative industries; they bring huge value to other sectors including business, health and engineering. Professor Steven Spier has the evidence.

Attenborough Arts Centre's resident youth group, Next Gen 06 Jul 2021 Feature

A new programme aimed at engaging 18-to-25 year olds with museums and galleries hands over control of the creative direction to the young people themselves. Sophie Alonso explains. 

Promotional image for the Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Entrepreneurs 06 Jul 2021 Feature

A group of young creatives have been selected as Creative Entrepreneurs for 2021 on the basis of their potential. Marina Norris looks at a programme aimed at building the opportunities and skills of young people.

contributors to Voice magazine 06 Jul 2021 Feature

A charity in the West Midlands is championing young people’s voices and youth leadership through a range of different activities. Tom Inniss nurtures the talents of aspiring arts and culture journalists.

Promotional poster for the National Youth Dance Festival 2021 06 Jul 2021 Feature

As the U.Dance National Festival returns in an online format this month, Cameron Ball shares how the event connects the nation’s young dancers with the best in the industry.

Community yarnbombing by Woven in Kirklees 29 Jun 2021 Feature

We are witnessing a significant increase in diverse and highly ambitious partnerships between universities and the cultural sector. Evelyn Wilson and Emily Hopkins think it's something to shout about.