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09 Jul 2020 Feature

Having flexed our innovation muscles in response to the pandemic, now’s the time to assess what we’ve done and use this knowledge to develop new ways of working on a larger, longer-term scale. The Audience Agency team looks to the future of festivals online.

It’s summertime and that means The Audience Agency team is deep in evaluation for outdoor (and some indoor) festivals. We relish the opportunity to mobilise our Audience Finder service, and other research methods, to reap the rewards of another year of engaging with festival audiences. But this year, the sector is challenged to consider what these experiences are, or could be, without that visceral interaction of performer and audience across physical space.

Mass participation is... more

People queuing for an aquarium amongst membership signs 09 Jul 2020 Feature

Covid-19 has only accelerated what was bound to happen in the arts world – the collapse of unsustainable economic models. It’s time to think again about where income comes from - and what we spend it on - says Alice Black.

Team photo from a recreation of the 1966 World Cup 09 Jul 2020 Feature

Conventional monitoring and evaluation isn’t always helpful in community settings, but with some creative thinking, it can become a valuable part of the artistic process. Sarah Cassidy explains how a new technique can transform the outcomes.

Chairs and tables in the atrium at Bristol Old Vic 09 Jul 2020 Feature

Covid has given us a chance to imagine a new kind of future for our theatres, but without big goals we will be hostages to fortune rather than agents of change. Alan Dix shares his wish list.

an RCA record playing on a deck 07 Jul 2020 Feature

The costs of making and distributing music have both come down, but streaming income is very low. John Funge examines the financial challenges facing artists trying to promote their own music.

The Prime Minister and Sir David Attenborough sitting in front a picture of the globe, answering questions from pupils from Barnes Primary School and John Betts Primary School 01 Jul 2020 Feature

Light on resources and heavy on challenges – even before Covid-19 – the cultural sector can nonetheless take small, regular actions to support a green and inclusive recovery from the pandemic. Simon Thompson proposes a way forward.

'Now Hiring' signpost 01 Jul 2020 Feature

Until the arts sector defines its expectations of the learning needed by employees, even aspirational and potentially career-enhancing training will be of limited value to either the individual or institution, says Michelle Wright.

Bird's eye view of unoccupied red theatre seating 30 Jun 2020 Feature

In the current climate it’s time to adapt digital fundraising strategies and look at how your data can help boost online donations, says Lucy Costelloe.

30 Jun 2020 Feature

Despite the blow the lockdown has dealt to its plans, dreams, ambitions and finances, Tomorrow’s Warriors are managing to think positively about the future. Janine Irons explains how.

Postcard for Aneurin Bevan University Health Board’s, I’m Thinking of You campaign 30 Jun 2020 Feature

Delivering arts and health services digitally can extend access for some, but others are excluded. Nesta Lloyd-Jones looks at the positive outcomes and future challenges brought about by the lockdown.

pencil or charcoal-drawn mural 24 Jun 2020 Feature

A collective of Black and Asian artists, curators and educators explains how the impenetrable glass ceiling keeps them on the margins – and why public statements promising reviews, reports and diversity panels cut no ice.

Newcastle Gateshead Cultural Venues skyline 23 Jun 2020 Feature

Given where we now find ourselves, we have few choices but to pool resources and develop new economic and business structures within which the arts will be able to thrive in the future. Anne Bonnar and Hilary Keenlyside propose some fundamental building blocks.

Hand drawn image of two people standing either side of a bear to illustrate the social distance required between two people 23 Jun 2020 Feature

Communicating re-opening will be much, much harder than closure, says Kate Fielding-Cox, who proposes four key principles that every venue should bear in mind when preparing to welcome the public back.

Poole's Lighthouse venue floodlit at night 23 Jun 2020 Feature

“Two pigeons in the foyer, a baby seagull falling off the roof and the lager kegs exploding in the heat”: Elspeth McBain tells why she was tempted to just get a straw and forget about her venue’s problems for a while…

Statue in a park 21 Jun 2020 Feature

“Radical, representative reinvention” is the only moral choice for the sector now, says Richard Watts, who examines what’s locking us in – and what might help the sector break free from its unfair, unequal and excluding norms.

mono photograph showing an aerial view of a road network taken at night with cars visible on the carriageways 17 Jun 2020 Feature

As we emerge from the chaos of the pandemic let’s focus on where we want to go, but remember there’s no single way to get there, says David Reece.