People dancing at a Jive Party event in London
19 Jul 2018 Feature

Grassroots culture undeniably delivers huge benefits to communities and local economies, but Martin Cox believes it could also resuscitate the funded cultural sector.

Jive Party at the Rivoli Ballroom in London. A clutch of geriatric teds, depleted quiffs faintly shimmering like ghost ships in the haze of the house lights, step aside for a gaggle of immaculate millennials to take the floor for 'That Mellow Saxophone'. There is pomp, glamour, sweat, tears, and grooves driving the dance floor like a juggernaut.

The social and economic benefits are far-reaching. Beyond the obvious health and educational gains of social dancing, there is... more

Students gathered around a display at the National Holocaust Centre and Museum 02 Aug 2018 Feature

How does a dyed-in-the-wool advocate for public subsidy of culture feel about social investment for the arts and cultural sector? Moira Sinclair reflects on what she learned as a committee member of the Arts Impact Fund.

The slogan "follow your dreams" overwritten with "cancelled" 31 Jul 2018 Feature

By taking a robust approach to understanding the social class make-up of the workforce, the cultural sector can address entrenched inequalities. Dave O’Brien suggests a way forward. 

Photo of female actor on rooftop with church spire behind 19 Jul 2018 Feature

Bolton's Octagon Theatre offers refugees and asylum seekers a warm welcome and opportunities to share their experiences. Deborah Dickinson tells the story.

Photo of woman being photographed in art gallery 19 Jul 2018 Feature

Arts organisations can develop resilient business models by acknowledging that they don't have all the answers, says Julie Aldridge.

Photo of person scraping paint in exercise book with bank card 19 Jul 2018 Feature

Leaders in the arts sector need to focus more on self-awareness and reflection, which is why the Boosting Resilience programme has developed a course on reflective journaling. Clive Holtham and Catherine Rogers report.

Photo of rehearsal room with singers and musicians 12 Jul 2018 Case study

Many children steer well clear of opera, but the artform has allowed primary school pupils in Norfolk to discover new heights of confidence and creativity. Genevieve Raghu explains how.

Photo of people at concert with arms outstretched 12 Jul 2018 Case study

Clare Edwards argues that commercial organisations can extend access to music education - without compromising on quality.

Photo of man and young people in dance studio 12 Jul 2018 Case study

A project in three Manchester secondary schools engaged students in discussions about mental health and enabled them to develop their own creative responses through dance and movement. Kevin Edward Turner tells the story.

People stand next to a row of objects on the floor 12 Jul 2018 Case study

A training programme in Wales is helping teachers create environments of "constructive chaos" that their pupils can thrive in, reports David Baxter.

Photo of school children in hall with pieces of card in hand 10 Jul 2018 Feature

A new cultural curriculum in Bristol aims to reverse the decline in arts education. Phil Castang explains how the creative arts can enrich the teaching of STEM subjects.

Photo of tightrope walkers in city street 05 Jul 2018 Feature

How do outdoor arts have the potential to reach audiences other artforms can’t, and how can we best support the sector, asks Penny Mills.

Photo of men dancing in city square 05 Jul 2018 Case study

Losing NPO funding was devastating for Dance Manchester, but it has liberated the company to pursue its own path driving placemaking through outdoor work, says Deb Ashby.

Photo of luggage tags with writing 05 Jul 2018 Feature

Many arts organisations need to think differently about their intellectual property to generate much-needed revenue. Luke McDonagh demystifies copyright, trademarks and other common barriers to exploiting IP.

05 Jul 2018 Opinion

CEO of the Fundraising Regulator Gerald Oppenheim responds to the charge it is a toothless regulator that doesn’t care.

Photo of exterior of theatre 28 Jun 2018 Case study

Setting up a new theatre in a former bus depot with no funding was a leap of faith for its two founders. Peter Tate and Anthony Biggs tell the story.