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26 Mar 2020 Feature

Over the coming weeks, arts funders and philanthropists must make heart-rending decisions about who will survive. A coordinated approach to capitalising the sector is needed, says Alan Brown.

As the nonprofit arts sector and self-employed arts workers reel from the financial devastation of COVID-19, funders, at this very moment, are left holding a very hot potato. At this precise moment – literally in the next few weeks – they will be forced to make difficult choices they have never had to make before. 

Should they continue supporting the same organisations they give grants to year after year, or shift focus to other, more vulnerable organisations? Should support of... more

26 Mar 2020 Feature

Fundraising might seem impossible right now but donors need to hear from you on good days and bad, writes Michelle Wright.

Regent Ipswich 26 Mar 2020 Feature

Audiences like to feel personally responsible for bringing about positive change, says Sean Hanly, so giving them the chance to consider options other than a ticket refund will generate goodwill and encourage them to return - once it’s safe to open the doors again.

26 Mar 2020 Feature

How do arts organisations and individuals cope when what we do so instinctively is threatened? Lead the way and self care says Suzanne Alleyne.

Person using iPad 26 Mar 2020 Feature

How do you keep connected in our Covid-19 world? #CreativeNetwork is a chance to talk about creative responses to enforced separation – and drink coffee together. Jemma Neville explains. 

Statue of a woman with a mask covering nose and mouth 26 Mar 2020 Feature

The new AP microsite presents a round-up of the most relevant, interesting and quirky developments as the lockdown starts to bite. Harvey Parker gives the highlights.

Statue with face mask 19 Mar 2020 Feature

In uncertain times, ArtsProfessional will be providing regular updates on projects and resources to support wellbeing, careers and creativity in the arts.

18 Mar 2020 Feature

The challenges facing arts organisations have changed dramatically – but that doesn’t mean giving up on our core values, says Richard Watts.

18 Mar 2020 Feature

From job titles to meeting agendas, Debbie Bell explains why no stone is left unturned in her trustees’ approach to tackling the climate emergency.

18 Mar 2020 Feature

David Cutler explains why the Baring Foundation will be supporting this flourishing yet sometimes precarious area of work in a major new funding programme.

16 Mar 2020 Feature

Theatre producer Hannah Elsy reflects on the people who taught her to focus on the details without forgetting the big picture. 

A photo of a smartphone being held up in a concert audience 12 Mar 2020 Feature

Technocratic, old-school approaches to building audiences have only worked among privileged groups. The sector needs to think harder about what people actually want, says Anne Torreggiani.

A photo of a village hall with tables of people sitting down 12 Mar 2020 Feature

Working with rural communities to stage small-scale performances is good for the arts, the environment and local people, writes Sophie Motley.

12 Mar 2020 Feature

Where ACE once sought to democratise high culture, it now emphasises subjective creativity. Has this made the idea of an ‘audience’ irrelevant, asks Steven Hadley.

A photo of women and men holding pom-poms 12 Mar 2020 Feature

The arts sector must do more to include older people, not only as consumers but also as creators of culture, says Stella Duffy.

A photo of a man and a woman holding each other 12 Mar 2020 Feature

Community productions across England are transforming attitudes to theatre among audiences with little experience of the artform, finds Jonathan Knott.