Children viewing an exhibit in a museum
13 Jun 2024 Feature

A new report into the challenges facing the museum and gallery sector has just been published. Rachael Browning outlines its key findings and the policy recommendations emerging from it.

Art Fund marked its 120th anniversary last year. Since 1903, we’ve helped museums and galleries across the UK build their collections, open them up to the public and inspire audiences. However, it’s the events of the most recent years that have had the biggest impact on the sector, its workforce, its audiences, and its future.

The publication of our latest Museum Directors Research marks the fourth time since 2020 that we have asked directors about the challenges their organisations... more

Schoolchildren playing musical instruments 12 Jun 2024 Opinion

Regardless of the setting, every school deserves a teacher who is afforded the space and professional trust to teach an inspiring arts curriculum, writes Steven Berryman.

Launch of Failspace 12 Jun 2024 Feature

Failure is part of life. We all know this, creative folk perhaps better than most, says Katie Villa. But how can we learn to fail well?

Actor on a thrust stage performing to young people 10 Jun 2024 Feature

Directors of Education and Learning from some of the country’s most high-profile theatres are calling on all political parties to commit to 'Theatre for Every Child'. Claire Walker of SOLT & UK Theatre shares highlights of the campaign.

Image of Brixton House 10 Jun 2024 Feature

One of our defining characteristics is the diversity and inclusivity of our team, says Delia Barker, as she reflects on the theatre’s post-pandemic journey.

Drama students 05 Jun 2024 Opinion

The Higher Education sector is up in arms about proposed cuts to creative arts courses which, it says, will further damage the UK's creative industries. Carole-Anne Upton thinks the proposal is short-sighted and harmful.

A group of people around a table doing craftwork 04 Jun 2024 Feature

Does your website give equal priority to main house shows and community events? Lauren James has some tips on how to use your website to be more inclusive of the local community.

Schoolboys at a drama workshop 03 Jun 2024 Opinion

The erosion of opportunities to study the expressive arts in school has created a crisis in arts teaching, writes Sally Bacon.

Poetry painted onto Barrow AFC's football pitch 02 Jun 2024 Feature

Professional boxer and former Young Birmingham Poet Laureate Matt Windle has been working with a group of ‘hard-to-reach’ men in Barrow to help them get creative through words, as Helen Bartosinski reports.

Black musicians performing a fruitmarket 02 Jun 2024 Feature

There is significant under- and misrepresentation of the Black community in the creative industries. Emma Sithole of Be United thinks it's time the sector addressed this question of equity.

Lego bricks 30 May 2024 Feature

We've come a long way from the difficulties of recent years, and some key metrics are starting to show a positive trend. But we’re not out of the woods yet, writes David Reece

Open access smart capture glasses 29 May 2024 Feature

The National’s Head of Access David Bellwood explains how the theatre prioritises accessibility, working with manufacturers and deploying the latest technology to ensure the best possible experience for theatregoers with hearing loss.

Three masked women at a drinks party 29 May 2024 Feature

Continuing our series looking at the role of philanthropy in the arts, Tessitura’s Kate Watson and Rebecca Herberson explore whether a US model of philanthropy might provide a viable alternative funding stream in these straitened times.

Three people at trustee matching event 28 May 2024 Feature

With increasing demands on the boards of arts organisations—by both funders and the Charity Commission—Helen Keall of Pavilion Dance South West shares her innovative approach to recruiting trustees with the right expertise.

Local Authority Funding Pulse survey full report 23 May 2024 Feature

In the lastest AP Pulse survey, we sought to find out the impact that local authority funding cuts to the arts was having on the sector. The results are now in.

Image outside Buckingham Palace 22 May 2024 Opinion

With a Royal garden party for the creative industries coming hot on the heels of cultural leaders’ participation in a trade mission to Saudi Arabia, Steven Hadley reflects on why the sector is happy to give legitimacy to imperialism and oppression.