Three children playing drums
18 Oct 2018 Feature

What exactly do we mean by creativity, and how will the UK measure up when the world education league tables start assessing it in 2021? Bill Lucas examines the evidence.

In 2021, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), which tests a sample of 15-year-olds across the world every three years, will include an assessment of creative thinking. For the last two years I have been working with the team developing this new test at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Arts professionals, teachers, parents, students and employers should be up in arms about the unwarranted narrowing of the school experience

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Photo of woman with pen and illustration 18 Oct 2018 Feature

What would the ideal fundraising strategy look like? Michelle Wright discusses the key elements - from inspiring donors with creative content, to keeping tactics simple.

Photo of woman in dance hold with older man 18 Oct 2018 Case study

A popular dance-based falls prevention programme offers effective treatment on the NHS, with a growing network of local groups helping older people maintain the benefits afterwards. Tim Joss tells the story.

Cartoon showing large picture in  gallery and two men 18 Oct 2018 Feature

Approaches to assessing cultural value are stuck in a financially reductionist ‘value = money’ orbit. We should be examining people’s experiences of culture, and the meaning that comes from those experiences, says Julian Meyrick.

Photo of women in performance with arms raised 18 Oct 2018 Case study

London Bubble’s Creative Elders programme has encouraged residents in sheltered housing units to socialise, be creative – and perform in public, says Helena Rice.

Photo of older woman and dancer clapping hands together 11 Oct 2018 Feature

There has been a dramatic expansion in the number of organisations supporting arts activities by and for older people in the UK - but more still is needed, says David Cutler.

An audience including older people in a theatre auditorium 11 Oct 2018 Feature

What are the characteristics, interests and motivations of the over-65 demographic? Lucie Fitton reveals all.

Created out of Mind 11 Oct 2018 Feature

The arts have helped scientists gain a better understanding of how it actually feels like to live with dementia. Julian West shares his experience of a research project based on ‘co-creativity’.

Photo of older person in carriage in parade 11 Oct 2018 Case study

When a shabby Victorian hall in Greenwich opened its doors to the public several years ago, no one could have predicted how important it would become to supporting social connections among the over-60s, says Daniel Bernstein.

Photo of musician with large brass instrument and older person 11 Oct 2018 Case study

Players in Stratford's Orchestra of the Swan are trained by charity Mindsong to provide music sessions in care homes. Sue Pope explains how the programme supports wellbeing.

Photo of dancers with sticks 11 Oct 2018 Case study

Older adults living with chronic health conditions are improving their physical and mental wellbeing through the joy of South Asian dance, writes Claire Farmer.

Photo of schoolchildren looking at books with microscope 04 Oct 2018 Feature

As local authority cuts continue to squeeze culture and heritage budgets, libraries offer a way for councils to preserve access to the arts, says Gerald Vernon-Jackson.

Photo of dancer in swirly pink dress 04 Oct 2018 Case study

Baker Richards helped the Royal Opera House kick-start a revolution in evidence-based marketing that increased revenues by £400,000 in six months. Tim Baker talked to Lucy Sinclair about the value of using data to drive decision-making.

Photo of three people acting with cameraman 04 Oct 2018 Case study

The city theatre in Ghent, Belgium has a new rulebook, aiming to open it up to the independent scene and international touring. Milo Rau introduces his 'Ghent Manifesto'.

Photo of exterior of arts centre with car park entrance 04 Oct 2018 Case study

Jo Marsh and Sarah Featherstone explain how relocating Wrexham’s art gallery to a market and parking complex has helped make the arts a part of people’s everyday lives.

Poster of soldier with flags 03 Oct 2018 Case study

Dover’s contribution to the Armistice Centenary in November will be a collaborative community production about the arrival of the body of the ‘Unknown Warrior’. Andrew Dawson tells the story.