Engaging young wealthy donors: heartstrings before purse strings

02 Jun 2021

Recent research provides insights to building lifetime relationships with the funders of the future. Lisa Rose outlines the main findings.

Reflections on fundraising in the time of Covid-19

image of the Roundhouse Theatre
20 Jul 2021

The last 18 months have seen arts fundraisers face numerous challenges in trying to bring in income when the sector has been in such flux, says Michelle Wright.

Reflecting on renewal and recovery

visitors attending Withworth Art Gallery
13 Jul 2021

Ben Walmsley, Abigail Gilmore and Dave O’Brien share the latest findings from a research programme examining the impacts of the pandemic.

Events Research Programme results 'confused and misleading', researchers say

02 Jul 2021

The sector has welcomed news there were "no substantial outbreaks" following test events, but findings from the scheme raise serious concerns about their safety and viability going forward.

Arts workers turn to higher education to upskill during Covid-19

22 Jun 2021

An upward trend in people studying postgraduate creative courses in 2020 and 2021 suggests arts workers aren't looking to leave the sector.

Growing freelance creative workforces may pose a risk to the regions

09 Jun 2021

Official employment statistics show the cultural sector remains in crisis, with declining job opportunities and regional imbalances.

A step change in cultural partnerships with Higher Education

02 Jun 2021

The moment for information and peer support to develop partnerships has never been more timely. Evelyn Wilson has established a new centre to provide that infrastructure.

Why digital isn’t enough

Toddler using VR headset
26 May 2021

As Covid-19 has pushed culture online, Danielle Child, Karen Gray, Harry Weeks and John Wright examine how arts and cultural organisations have attempted to make the digital more social.

Bridging the academic-classroom divide

Conductor leading a school orchestra
04 May 2021

Music educators often lack the confidence and energy to engage with academic research. Encouraging them to do so may be the way to address the disconnect between the two worlds, argues Dr Steven Berryman.

Black Cultural Archives quits working group over race report

14 Apr 2021

The heritage organisation says it was asked to present to the report's commissioners but its contribution wasn't recorded.

Does Festival UK*2022 offer a blueprint for arts commissioning?

Screenshot from Festival UK* 2022 promotional video
24 Mar 2021

Writer-in-residence Francesca Millican-Slater reflects on the Festival's intensive R&D period - an experiment, she believes, in how tendering could be developed.  

Arts remain at 'epicentre of the crisis' a year after lockdown

19 Mar 2021

Freelancers, young people, women and live performance art forms have been disprortionately affected by a year of lockdowns. Extended financial support may not be enough. 

Artworks by women just 4% of global auction sales

15 Mar 2021

A worldwide study of the secondary art market reveals that "while the average John Smith makes it into auction, the average Jane Smith does not".

Expression is what’s really important

09 Mar 2021

When we foster collaboration between the arts and research, we unlock untold benefits for professionals in both sectors, Christopher Smith writes.

Covid transmission study to redefine 'outdoor' theatre

23 Feb 2021

Imperial College researchers will estimate the probability of infection at two theatres and consider whether a covered venue can "behave" as an outdoor space.

Calculating cultural value: 'Warm glow' feeling adds to theatres' and galleries' worth

04 Feb 2021

Research indicates people value gallery visits at £5 and would pay £11 to keep a local theatre going. What motivates that valuation is harder to define.

Recovery isn’t a black and white picture

Performer playing violin to an empty theatre
04 Feb 2021

Ben Walmsley, Abigail Gilmore and Dave O’Brien share findings from a research programme that shows there are silver linings among the storm clouds.

Calculating cultural value: Regional museums worth £6.16 per visit

29 Jan 2021

Arts Council England says its calculations of regional museums' value are transferrable "in principle" and can be adopted to make the case for funding. Museums say they need the funding first.

Déjà vu over value news

Anthony Sargent
28 Jan 2021

DCMS’ new model for measuring culture’s economic value shows no understanding of how public policy has developed in recent decades, writes Anthony Sargent. Basing funding decisions on it would be "worse than bankrupt".

DCMS announces economic model for deciding cultural funding

22 Jan 2021

The pound-per-use value of some cultural and heritage activities has been calculated in a startling series of reports that could signal a sea change in funding decisions.


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