Science Museum slammed over 'reckless' sponsorship deal

21 Oct 2021

The museum has relied on a technicality to sidestep its own standards for corporate partnerships.

Immersive exhibition merges art with science at COP26

29 Sep 2021

An immersive art installation opening this weekend will mark the UN's Convention on Climate Change (COP26) in Glasgow.

Polar Zero, a collaboration between the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), British Antarctic Survey, engineering consultants Arup and the Royal College of Art, includes a glass sculpture encasing Antarctic Air from 1765 and an Antarctic ice core drilled out of a glacier.

The centrepieces are significant because they provide scientific evidence of the earth's temperature before the industrial revolution - a turning point in global warming - and the state of the atmosphere now.

AHRC Executive Chair Professor Christopher Smith said Polar Zero "epitomises the power of the arts and arts s research to tackle pressing contemporary issues such as climate change".

“It translates crucial but complex scientific research in a way that will resonate deeply and emotionally with diverse audiences to inspire lasting change."

Polar Zero opens at Glasgow Science Centre on October 2.

NPOs report decrease in carbon emissions

07 Sep 2021

Funded arts organisations demonstrate “flourishing” sustainable practices and falling emissions, despite a drop in reporting.

Channel 4 drops BP from Paralympics coverage

24 Aug 2021

Channel 4 have confirmed BP will no longer sponsor its coverage of the Paralympics, due to start later this week.

A Freedom of Information request by Culture Unstained confirmed the oil company will no longer share sponsorship with Toyota.

READ MORE: Science Museum used 'misleading' tool to justify big oil sponsorship

Although Channel 4 declined to confirm why the oil giant is no longer a sponsor, climate activists have cited growing public opposition to fossil fuel sponsorship.
Andrew Simms from the Rapid Transition Alliance said the decision should “send a wider message” around the ethics of sponsorship.

Science Museum used 'misleading' tool to justify big oil sponsorship

05 Aug 2021

The museum promoted itself as the first in the cultural sector to assess potential partners using a climate action benchmark that would have green lit deals with most oil and gas companies.

Investing in disabled artists

an outdoor theatre performance
16 Jun 2021

A commissioning programme in support of disabled artists was inundated with applications. Jo Verrent says the sector must increase its commitment to this under-served community.

Creating a buzz in the garden of Eden

Abstract painting of flowers
19 May 2021

Can artists make a positive contribution to alleviate the threat of biodiversity decline? Misha Curson shares a project which is aiming to do just that.

Can we any longer justify our carbon footprint?

A person lying in a tree using a megaphone
11 May 2021

After a lifetime spent working in the arts across the world, Judith Knight considers the dilemma of meeting the demands of the climate emergency while retaining international collaborations.

An experimental museum to tackle the climate crisis

Two children at a desk working with two adults on crafts
11 May 2021

Organisations talk a big game about preventing climate change but what are they doing? Bridget McKenzie shares her experience of testing the way culture takes action.

Working towards greater environmental sustainability

Glyndebourne Opera House with its wind turbine in the background
11 May 2021

As cultural organisations are looking for new ways to reduce their carbon emissions, Kate Harvey reports on a remarkable 10 year journey which has led to excess energy generation being redirected to the National Grid.

Where earth’s spirit lies

Group of people with banners in the background and two people in the foreground dress in green, leaf-like coats, one of which is on a white horse
11 May 2021

Two years ago a group of artists and environmental activists launched Culture Declares Emergency. Lucy Neal and Kay Michael tell the story of the movement’s foundation and the momentum it has gathered since then.

Finding the words to write the climate

Still from murmuration of a hand over some drawn flowers
11 May 2021

Poet and climate writer, Linda France shares how she is creating spaces for connection, discussion and personal reflection, encouraging us to respond to the climate emergency and see ourselves as part of the solution.

Sustainable development: are you doing your bit?

The Prime Minister and Sir David Attenborough sitting in front a picture of the globe, answering questions from pupils from Barnes Primary School and John Betts Primary School
01 Jul 2020

Light on resources and heavy on challenges – even before Covid-19 – the cultural sector can nonetheless take small, regular actions to support a green and inclusive recovery from the pandemic. Simon Thompson proposes a way forward.

Cultural recovery should be “fair, just and green”, says climate action group

Climate change protestors outside Burlington House
16 Jun 2020

The revival of the sector should include targeted public investment, clear policy signals and the implementation of Climate Change Act obligations through the Cultural Renewal strategy.

What can cultural boards learn from climate activism?

18 Mar 2020

From job titles to meeting agendas, Debbie Bell explains why no stone is left unturned in her trustees’ approach to tackling the climate emergency.

When your audience is also part of the crew

A photo of a village hall with tables of people sitting down
12 Mar 2020

Working with rural communities to stage small-scale performances is good for the arts, the environment and local people, writes Sophie Motley.

Can libraries deliver culture for all? ACE’s new strategy unveiled

A photo of a man dressed as a First World War Soldier
27 Jan 2020

Children, young people and libraries are central to the funder’s ambitions to enable everyone to benefit from creative and cultural opportunities.

NPOs carbon emissions: new report reveals good intentions but little change

23 Jan 2020

Research on NPOs’ environmental impact shows a shared commitment to sustainability - but the hard data suggests little has changed.

Stop demonising us, BP boss tells arts sector

12 Dec 2019

The Head of BP in the UK said the company’s sponsorship of the arts is helping to further the public debate on climate change.

Colston Hall plans to be carbon neutral by 2030

A photo of Colston Hall in Bristol
15 Oct 2019

The concert venue is the first in the UK to commit to the target, which it describes as “ambitious but absolutely realistic”.


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