Being an international in the creative sector

Photo of Concorde
12 Feb 2018

Julie Bécaud, now a researcher at the Scottish Maritime Museum, explains her first steps into the arts in the UK.

Emergency funding saved 2,400 heritage jobs

07 Jun 2021

The National Lottery Heritage Fund says its speedy funding response to Covid-19 saved jobs and facilitated social distancing. But funding priorities may change as demand outstrips supply.

Responding to a crisis with a rallying cry

Young girl looking at a museum display
19 May 2021

Together for Museums harnessed the collective efforts of members, artists, donors and the public to come to the aid of the sector, writes Elinor Trigg.

Cinema Museum faces closure amid developer's silence

12 May 2021

The organisation has received repeated assurances but no answers about what happens when the lease on its home of 22 years expires next month.

Attractions' visitor numbers fall by 70% in 'devastatingly hard year'

08 Apr 2021

UK cultural attractions are calling for a new bank holiday to boost tourism, and the popularity of outdoor attractions, starting to reopen from next week, has skyrocketed.

V&A's Theatre and Performance archive 'at risk of becoming a dead collection'

25 Mar 2021

Staff restructuring proposals that threaten the museum department have been condemned as a "devastatingly bad idea".

Why members might leave you - and what you can do about it

Two people looking at a phone in a museum
24 Mar 2021

Museums’ survival depends on their members – and post-pandemic they're voting with their feet. Julia Protesaru proposes a new model for friends and membership schemes.

Send them to the moon

Apollo 16 LM on lunar surface (NASA)
17 Mar 2021

With a smartphone and a bit of carboard, museums’ aspirations for immersive experiences can reach astrological heights, writes Kaitlin Fritz.

'Woke minority' fights back against contested heritage policy

25 Feb 2021

As Oliver Dowden establishes a working group on "retain and explain", arts workers afraid of exclusion, censorship and funding cuts are speaking up.

Selling collections must be subject to scrutiny

24 Feb 2021

Sharon Heal challenges a museum chair’s view that ethics are a matter of ‘emotion’.

Abu Dhabi offers 'golden visas' to UK creatives

22 Feb 2021

Feeling the Brexit blues? Abu Dhabi is courting British creatives with a 10 year work permit, routes to citizenship and heavy investment in arts and culture.

National Collections Centre planned for Coventry

17 Feb 2021

Arts Council England will relocate its 8,000-piece collection to a former IKEA store in an effort to create a legacy for Coventry City of Culture.

Why ‘selling’ strategically is not ‘selling out’

Ben Uri Gallery and Museum exterior front
17 Feb 2021

Purposeful and ethical deaccessioning has funded a digital transformation that is giving a small, London museum a sustainable long-term future, global reach and wider community engagement. David Glasser tells the story.

Calculating cultural value: Regional museums worth £6.16 per visit

29 Jan 2021

Arts Council England says its calculations of regional museums' value are transferrable "in principle" and can be adopted to make the case for funding. Museums say they need the funding first.

DCMS announces economic model for deciding cultural funding

22 Jan 2021

The pound-per-use value of some cultural and heritage activities has been calculated in a startling series of reports that could signal a sea change in funding decisions.

Re-opening safely and reaching more audiences

A woman in a floral dress and face mask looking an art installing of floating flowers
19 Jan 2021

A new ticketing system designed by museums and for museums is providing free support with the twin challenges of running timed entry and generating much needed income. Merrin Kalinowski explains.

Keep museums open, European network says

12 Jan 2021

A new international report calls for financial support as the timeline for reopening museums lengthens.

Museums caught in a race to the bottom

08 Dec 2020

Tate becomes the latest institution to announce redundancies as the sector and its workforce warn of a years-long road to recovery.

Call for Government to 'respect' embattled museums' independence

16 Nov 2020

A national arts charity has criticised threats to revoke funding to museums, saying 60% already fear they won't survive the pandemic.

How to curate for a global moment

People observing the Go On Being So exhibition at Newlyn Art Gallery
12 Nov 2020

The groups least likely to visit a gallery can curate shows the public wants – and that directors would never dream to create, writes James Green.


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