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Photo of Carlos Acosta
CARLOS ACOSTA CBE, award-winning former Principal of the Royal Ballet, has been appointed as Birmingham Royal Ballet’s new Director. He...
Photo of Kathy Bourne
The Board of Chichester Festival Theatre has appointed KATHY BOURNE as Executive Director. She returns to the Theatre where she was...
Photo of Lindsey Pugh
LINDSEY PUGH is leaving her role as Executive Creative Producer for Creative Barking and Dagenham, one of Arts Council England’s Creative...
Photo of Michelle Barnette
Following the departure of Senior Producer LOUISA DAVIS at the end of February, MICHELLE BARNETTE will take over as Producer at the King's...
Photo of Lisa Popham and Con Gornell
Marketing agency Joe Public Limited has announced the appointment of LISA POPHAM, formerly Chief Operating Officer at Dewynters, as...

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  • Photo of a man and woman in ballet dress addressing a family on the street

    How can arts and culture reach a broader audience that more accurately reflects local communities? Sarah Boiling explores how to change the pattern of who engages with the arts.

  • Man performing in orchestra's brass section

    Noise-induced hearing loss can be career-ending for professional musicians, as demonstrated in a recent case at the Royal Opera House, writes Tim Turney.

  • Photo of a gallery displaying bowls

    What is it like to be an artist working in the East Midlands? Elizabeth Hawley-Lingham and Paula Serafini spent two years looking beneath the surface.

  • Photo of a poster titled Common Cause outlining their research

    Barriers to collaboration between universities and black and minority ethnic community organisations could be removed says Katherine Dunleavy, whose research points to a positive way forward.

  • A reflection on the inspirational rule-breakers, unexpected challenges and creative teachers that have shaped the career of Judith Webster, CEO of Music for Youth.

  • Photo of workshop leader drumming with young school children

    Kwame Bakoji-Hume explains how sharing knowledge of African culture through school workshops can shine a light on important contemporary issues.

  • The matrix code; green lettering falling down a dark background

    Sharing information openly supports innovation and helps build resilience for the good of the whole sector, argues Cimeon Ellerton.

  • Photo of a standing ovation in a large theatre

    James McClure sets out five ways in which smart ticketing strategies can increase customer satisfaction as well as revenues.

Readers' Comments

The Onward report states that "There will always be people studying things that are beautiful or important in ways that don’t add to...
This is absolutely ludricous!!! Theatre productions encourage a growth industry in UK tourism and yet this hostile Government, which...
I can see why Helen would write "but there quite simply isn’t an inexpensive system that will offer the necessary functionality...
Posted by rtomlinson on How to... develop a CRM strategy
Ignore my previous incomplete comment. I entirely agree with both Roger and Rob that inexpensive doesn't necessarily mean that the...
Posted by HD Consulting on How to... develop a CRM strategy
I entrirely agree Roger and would never assume the least expensive option is best.
Posted by HD Consulting on How to... develop a CRM strategy
Yes, some heartening glimmers from the beleaguered local authority sector. The article is urban focused; but it's worth noting that...
Posted by Chris Bridgman on The councils backing culture
These are all very valid points and just to clarify that the article recognises the cuts in secondary schools. Also just for the record,...
Posted by CarolYouthMusic on Is there a music education crisis?
Hi Carol, I know your heart is in the right place but this article is potentially damaging to the work of many advoocates. Firstly, I think...
Posted by Jimmy Rotheram on Is there a music education crisis?
Thanks Carol, for a very clear and positive piece. I completely agree that there is some marvellous work going on the broad of music...
Posted by kzeserson on Is there a music education crisis?
But ACE handed over £1.8m? This utter failure is all the more shameful for being utterly predictable.

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