The ‘world first’ live music census also reveals key challenges for venues and information about...

How much longer will the UK government support the arts? Andrew Pinnock fears all signs point to...

Music and dance leaders have implored a Lords select committee to support the introduction of a...

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Production shot - swan lake
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Photo of Robert Wilson
ROBERT WILSON, co-founder of sculpture park Jupiter Artland, has been appointed Chair of Creative Scotland. He takes over from interim...
Photo of Shan Edwards
Previously Artistic Director/Chief Executive of The Art House in Wakefield, SHÂN EDWARDS has become Chief Executive of Edinburgh...
Arts Council England (ACE) has introduced two new Director roles focused on innovation: Head of Publishing, Rights & Images at the...
Photo of Kaya
After six years as a theatre and dance producer, and Producer for China Plate, KAYA STANLEY-MONEY has been appointed Executive Director and...
Photo of Angelica Sule
Currently Assistant Curator at Nottingham Contemporary, ANGELICA SULE has been appointed as Curator at Site Gallery in Sheffield.

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  • Photo of orchestra with narrator on stage

    When orchestra professionals Tamzin Aitken and Libby Papakyriacou decided to stage a fundraising concert to support the refugee crisis – outside of their normal day jobs – they were overwhelmed by the response. 

  • Photo of Mira Kaushik

    Mira Kaushik reveals how an introduction to experimental Indian street theatre in the 1970s and conversations with a vagrant bohemian wanderer shaped her career.

  • Production shot - swan lake

    How much longer will the UK government support the arts? Andrew Pinnock fears all signs point to it adopting a much more commercial approach in the future.

  • Production shot - two actors with nets

    Has panto become culturally inappropriate, racist even? Oh yes it has, calls out Daniel York.

  • Following revelations of elitism in music education, Principal of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Professor Jeffrey Sharkey, says it’s time to put the arts back in the heart of primary and secondary schools.

  • Photo of interior of shop

    Three years ago Bristol’s museum and gallery shops were running without a plan and losing money, but now they are on track to increase revenue by 60%. Zak Mensah tells the story.

  • Photo of two women looking at a diagram

    Artists deserve support to conduct research and development as much as any other valued professional. Lauren Healey explains how a scheme for emerging filmmakers is having a lasting impact.

  • Photo of Concorde

    Julie Bécaud, now a researcher at the Scottish Maritime Museum, explains her first steps into the arts in the UK.

  • Photo of Sean Gandini

    A barefoot dancer and a 90-year-old juggler: Sean Gandini reveals the people who have shaped him and his career.

  • Photo of arts event in a pub

    It’s not enough for urban arts companies to tour to rural areas - we need to support more rurally based organisations, argues Ralph Lister.


Readers' Comments

Hi Polly The Live Music Census is available here - hope it's of use. Christy
Is this research publically available? I couldn't find it on the AHRC website. Thanks
Many thanks for this piece but I do think that phrases such as "Government’s support" to describe Gift Aid are somewhat...
Posted by philipspedding on Research questions value of Gift Aid scheme
I'm interested by the theories in this article. I'm also interested by i) the fact that my organisation, an NPO, has received no...
Rural organisations are strongly linked with their communities, often delivering work only through the support of numerous volunteers....
Posted by Catherine Johnson on Rebalancing funding for rural arts
Having worked in the Arts sector for both Aldeburgh Music and now for the (unfunded) Cedars Hall in Wells, I completely agree with Ralph...
Posted by Bill Lloyd on Rebalancing funding for rural arts
I fully agree with your point Claudia, but would suggest that it is worse than playing "music-from-a-person's-era", but...
I read this and I shudder a bit. I have seen too many staff members at care facilities randomly turn on "music-from-a-person's-...
I have blogged about this too - When I sang to my baby it...
If a developer wants to punch a load of windows directly abutting someone else's cattle paddock, then the same developer cannot start...

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