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Leonie Bell
The Board of V&A Dundee have appointed LEONIE BELL (pictured) as the new Director. She replaces Founding Director PHILIP LONG, who led...
Paul Fleming
Actors’ union Equity has elected PAUL W FLEMING as their new General Secretary, receiving 69% of the vote. He joined Equity in 2011 and has...
Photo of Samantha Spence, Arfa Butt, Simon Bull and Liz Hutchinson
National music charity Music for Youth is making changes to its governance in order to address racial and gender imbalances.  Four new...
Alan Davey
BBC Radio 3 Controller and former Arts Council England CEO ALAN DAVEY (pictured) is the new Chair of Governors at Trinity Laban...
Alan Hatton-Yeo and Melanie Whitehead
Previously Board Treasurer at The Dukes in Lancaster, DR ALAN HATTON-YEO (pictured) has taken over from JOHN CHELL as Chair. MELANIE...

Beg, borrow and share great ideas with others preparing for the post-lockdown

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  • silhouette of a person looking up at a coloured starry sky

    Having flexed our innovation muscles in response to the pandemic, now’s the time to assess what we’ve done and use this knowledge to develop new ways of working on a larger, longer-term scale. The Audience Agency team looks to the future of festivals online.

  • People queuing for an aquarium amongst membership signs

    Covid-19 has only accelerated what was bound to happen in the arts world – the collapse of unsustainable economic models. It’s time to think again about where income comes from - and what we spend it on - says Alice Black.

  • Team photo from a recreation of the 1966 World Cup

    Conventional monitoring and evaluation isn’t always helpful in community settings, but with some creative thinking, it can become a valuable part of the artistic process. Sarah Cassidy explains how a new technique can transform the outcomes.

  • Chairs and tables in the atrium at Bristol Old Vic

    Covid has given us a chance to imagine a new kind of future for our theatres, but without big goals we will be hostages to fortune rather than agents of change. Alan Dix shares his wish list.

  • an RCA record playing on a deck

    The costs of making and distributing music have both come down, but streaming income is very low. John Funge examines the financial challenges facing artists trying to promote their own music.

  • Tessa Marchington

    Tessa Marchington’s gurus have taught her how to create something from the ground up in a sustainable and impactful way – an approach that guided her in setting up Music in Offices.

The Way Forward

  • photo of a long straight road heading into the mountains behind

    Preparing for the post-lockdown, post-Covid world? Read here about what everyone else is doing - and beg, borrow and share great ideas with others facing the same challenges as you. Robert Sanderson and Margaret Levin provide a regular round-up of what's new.


Readers' Comments

Al Dick makes a good argument for opening up the theatres to facilitate a resurgence in theatre - but the chances of it happening appear...
Posted by Robertinedinburgh on A better space
John has absolutely hit a key point about distribution and income for musicians but it also applies to writers and, as he says, makers in...
Posted by on Do we still need record labels?
Good news from Scottish government - I sincerely hope that those theatres who moved quickly to the redundancy option - however...
This 5 point (?) plan shows someone is completely out of their depth and has not got a clue what creativity is or how the creative...
Eleven years ago I led a group of undergraduates studying arts and event management on a day trip to Salisbury (population 45,000). Aside...
Posted by Paul Kelly on Time to let go of protective control
Yes. People make it work is part of the problem, not a solution. The fact that it paid for the article makes this another consultancy puff...
Posted by Stephen Pritchard on Trapped in the status quo?
Thanks for your comments. Arts Consultancy is definitely not perfect, we deserve criticism, and it sometimes diverts scarce resources. We...
Posted by Richard Watts on Trapped in the status quo?
Richard, thank you for this think piece but... I fear that this is all that it remains. As one of the biggest consultancy networks within...
Posted by Precarious Curator on Trapped in the status quo?
Surely true equality is when all things are equal. When a white writer can write a story about slavery and be taken seriously, when a...
The independent theatre sector doesn't feel represented. Where is the ITC?

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