Death threat against NPO boss amid booking controversy

Photo of Middlesbrough Town Hall
15 Nov 2019

Middlesbrough Mayor argues "if we censor Chubby Brown then we have to censor lots of acts".

Fast decline in creative apprenticeships 

04 Oct 2019

New figures from the Department for Education show the number of arts, media and publishing apprentices has fallen by a third since 2015 – but the data doesn’t tell the full story.

Creative Industries Federation and Creative England to merge

25 Sep 2019

Joint venture aims to 'supercharge' UK arts lobbying and business development 

Europe-wide project aims to create network of minority theatres

04 May 2017

(IN CROATIAN) Five minority theatres in Romania, Italy, Serbia, Albania and Croatia will combine to produce a play and a series of workshops in Spring 2018 using European Union funding.

New York opera security scare after powder sprinkled into orchestra pit

31 Oct 2016

The Metropolitan Opera cancelled a performance during the interval as a safety precaution after somebody sprinkled an unknown powder into the pit.

Library scoops £3,000 in the National Lottery Awards

25 Aug 2016

St Helens Libraries’ Cultural Hubs attracted over 2,000 votes to be named Best Arts Project for its work promoting health and wellbeing.

Grants model of arts funding must change, Creative Scotland told

20 Nov 2019

A review of international approaches to funding culture concludes that “change is inevitable”.

English National Ballet turns on Prince Andrew

20 Nov 2019

The company has joined a growing list of institutions that no longer want the Duke of York as their patron after he defended his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. A source at the English National Ballet told The Times trustees and staff fear continued association with Prince Andrew will hurt the organisation's reputation: "Everyone is hoping that it can be resolved without requiring collective discussion ... but at some point it will require that discussion if he does not stand down. The trouble is he has a thick skin and I am sure he would be reluctant to."

Publishing workforce is diversifying

20 Nov 2019

White people comprised 84% of the publishing workforce last year - 2% less than in 2017 - according to a 700 person survey by Publishers Weekly. Non-white respondents were about twice as likely to say their work was unfulfilling (30%) and that they expect to be in the same position in their company in two years' time. Women still dominate the industry as 80% of its workers, compared to 19% who were men and 1% non-binary.

Row over using the word ‘art’ in Arts Council England draft strategy

19 Nov 2019

London arts leaders were told the word is “divisive” but wanted it included anyway.

RAF Museum under fire for arms company's exhibit

19 Nov 2019

Campaigners say MathsAlive!, an interactive exhibit aimed at children aged seven and up, promotes its presenter, arms manufacturer Raytheon. Several human rights groups have alleged its weapons are being used by Saudi-led forces against Yemeni citizens. Andrew Smith of Campaign Against Arms Trade says the RAF Museum "should not be providing [Raytheon] with a marketing platform to airbrush its long history of fuelling atrocities and arming dictatorships". The company and museum have defended their partnership, saying the exhibit is educational "regardless of ideology".

Guerrilla Girls target MoMa

19 Nov 2019

Advertisements by the activist group have been placed outside the New York museum, saying that it should "kick Leon Black and Glenn Dubin off its Board immediately, drape the Black and Dubin Galleries in black, & put up wall labels explaining why". The Guerrilla Girls claim both men had close personal ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Dubin has denied any knowledge of Epstein's misconduct despite reports alleging he was still in contact with Epstein after his 2008 conviction. A spokesperson for the Black family said Epstein resigned from its foundation in 2007.

Artists face financial squeeze as 'perfect storm' of market trends favours the elite

Photo of art auction
18 Nov 2019

Artists will increasingly need multiple income streams and brand collaborations to fund their creative practice in an Instagram-fuelled marketplace, a new report says.

Die-in at V&A over Sacklers

18 Nov 2019

Photographer Nan Goldin has led a die-in in the museum's Sackler courtyard entrance to protest cultural organisations accepting donations and sponsorship from the family, whose pharmaceutical company made addictive opioid OxyContin. Goldin said the V&A must "stop giving cultural legitimacy" to the company; a V&A spokesperson said the institution support's the public's right to peaceful protest and appreciates the generosity of its donors.

'Stolen' Banksy up for auction

18 Nov 2019

'The Drinker', Banksy's scultpure satirising 'The Thinker', could fetch up to £1m. There is a dispute over the work's ownership: Banksy left the sculpture in central London where Andy Link, leader of the Art Kieda political art group, found it and took it home. The statue went missing from Link's property three years ago and will be sold by an unknown 'owner' at Southeby's this week.

Ex-Opera House musician stole £185k

15 Nov 2019

Richard Clews, 53, stole musicians' royalties from PRS for Music, where he worked after losing his position as a French horn player for the Royal Opera House and London Symphony Orchestra. Wood Green Crown Court heard that Clews entered 330 false claims on the company computer under his wife's name to put the money in her bank account. He used the stolen funds for home renovations.

Derry museum trust loses High Court case

15 Nov 2019

Bloody Sunday Trust has been ordered to pay £210,000 to contractors involved in the redevelopment of the Museum of Free Derry. The trust had refused to pay fees to a group of construction firms, claiming they were excessive and raising allegations of fraud. The High Court, however, has ruled that the trust was "unable to raise an issue or question to be tried" and said the plaintiffs were entitled to the money they claimed.

Brent 2020 promises to ‘challenge definitions of culture’

14 Nov 2019

The Chief Executive of the London Borough’s Council said the year-long programme would examine the relationship between power and people and celebrate migration.

Dorset theatre slammed for 'racist' poster

14 Nov 2019

Actor Sir Lenny Henry has criticsed the Bournemouth Pavilion for decorating its dressing room with an old advertisement depicting black tribal caricatures, tweeting "I heartily recommend SHAFT or SILVER STREAK. Or even HOWARDS END…but not this". The theatre has since removed the poster.

Croydon pushes for Borough of Culture

14 Nov 2019

Croydon Council says it will renew its bid for the title in 2023 after losing out to Waltham Forest and Brent in the previous competition. Councillor Oliver Lewis said Croydon is "a borough on the rise": "as we regenerate we are proud to be known not for only concrete towers, but for an ever-changing skyline - and as a place of energy, creativity and pride."


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