Victory: sector celebrates pay protection for self-employed

27 Mar 2020

As stopgap measures grow in number, some arts workers will still fall through the cracks.

Covid-19 closures could cost more than £1m per day 

20 Mar 2020

New research showing a 92% drop in ticket sales and revenue in a single day suggests income will continue to plummet.

Drama school to close after review reveals courses ‘pushed students to the edge’

12 Mar 2020

The death of a student, significant mental health issues and a "clear and worrying picture" of conflict are behind plans to close Drama Centre London.

UK Government opts out of Creative Europe

02 Mar 2020

The UK will not seek to stay in the programme next year or commit to funding any alternatives to the chagrin of the Scottish Government.

AP launches service for arts workers to speak out

A photo of a statue of a person whispering into someone's ear
28 Feb 2020

‘We Hear You’ gives the sector a confidential space to raise important issues without judgement.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Culture of censorship’ as arts workers fear backlash

20 Feb 2020

ArtsProfessional’s Freedom of Expression survey reveals gagging orders, bullying and a culture of fear are causing arts and cultural workers to stay silent.

‘Dire circumstances’ for arts funding

07 Feb 2020

DCMS is being told to revise its budget and local authorities plan to cut back on arts and culture services.

‘It’s career suicide’: arts sector muzzled over Brexit

17 Jan 2020

ArtsProfessional’s Freedom of Expression survey reveals widespread fears of being labelled pro-Brexit and evidence of Brexit views affecting artistic and funding decisions.

Europe-wide project aims to create network of minority theatres

04 May 2017

(IN CROATIAN) Five minority theatres in Romania, Italy, Serbia, Albania and Croatia will combine to produce a play and a series of workshops in Spring 2018 using European Union funding.

New York opera security scare after powder sprinkled into orchestra pit

31 Oct 2016

The Metropolitan Opera cancelled a performance during the interval as a safety precaution after somebody sprinkled an unknown powder into the pit.

Library scoops £3,000 in the National Lottery Awards

25 Aug 2016

St Helens Libraries’ Cultural Hubs attracted over 2,000 votes to be named Best Arts Project for its work promoting health and wellbeing.

Call for major Covid-19 public art project

31 Mar 2020

The Government should support a multimillion-pound public art project during the coronavirus outbreak, Hans-Ulrich Obrist has said.

The Artistic Director of the Serpentine Galleries said the idea, which was used to great effect during America's Great Depression in the 1930s, could support cultural organisations and artists financially impacted by the crisis.


Covid-19: Charities face £4bn 'black hole'

31 Mar 2020

Thousands of arts, culture and heritage charities improve communities, wellbeing and isolation  – "functions that are particularly important during this crisis".

£500m Economic Resilience Fund for Wales

31 Mar 2020

Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford has announced a £500m fund to support businesses and charities, including those in the arts and cultural sectors.

The fund will support organisations of all sizes affected by the coronavirus that have not already benefitted from other Welsh Government coronavirus grants.


ACE: Funding applications 'cannot be considered'

31 Mar 2020

New and pending applications for funding "cannot be considered at present," Arts Council England has advised.

Additional information about the funder's plans following its announcement of a £160m emergency response fund were released on Tuesday. 

"While we know this will be deeply disappointing to applicants, we think the vast majority of applications could not be delivered in the current crisis so it would not be a good use of public money to proceed. We believe we need to refocus that money to help individuals and organisations to get through the coming months."

ACE has also delayed the delivery plan for its new strategy, initially due in spring, until later this year.

Van Gogh stolen from closed Dutch museum

31 Mar 2020

A prized Van Gogh has been stolen from a Dutch museum closed due to the coronavirus.

Police investigating the theft of the 1884 painting "The Parsonage Garden at Nunen in Spring" from the Singer Laren museum said the thief - or thieves - had to smash a glass door to gain access.

The museum's Director Jan Rudolph de Lorm said the theft is "terrible for us all".

"Art exists to be seen and shared by us, the community, to enjoy to draw inspiration from and to draw comfort from, especially in these difficult times."

550 music venues under 'immediate threat of closure'

31 Mar 2020

Jobs are at risk as 550 grassroots music venues face "immediate threat of closure," the Music Venue Trust said. This represents the potential permanent loss of over 5,000 jobs, over 100,000 concerts, over 300,000 performances and over 1 million temporary employment opportunities for gig economy workers.

The trust is trying to raise £1m to respond "directly and dynamically" to every threatened closure and provide emergency financial support.

It says losses for venues, musicians, production and touring crews will be permanent.

Loyal patrons buy up tickets amid 93% drop in sales

31 Mar 2020

Average daily ticket sales at UK venues are down 93% since the lockdown started on 17 March.

But updated data from TRG Arts and Purple Seven shows "a steep increase in the proportion of tickets being purchased by loyalists," defined as people who have attended a venue three or more times previously.

Ticket sales among this group have grown 43% during the ten days to 26 March.


Purple Seven CEO Stuart Nicolle said "we're seeing that it's not impossible to sell tickets in this market, but the focus of marketing activity must be on specific types of attendees and long-term programming".

"What you do now and how you focus your limited resources will make a major difference to the speed of the sector’s recovery."

Covid-19: Disability top of mind for DCMS

30 Mar 2020

Disabled artists say their safety, security and insight into limited lifestyles are crucial during this crisis. 

Covid-19: £11m 'bridging funds' to sustain Scottish creatives

30 Mar 2020

Northern Ireland announces plans for £1m to support the arts sector and Welsh creatives wait for answers.


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