£262m awarded for second round of Culture Recovery Fund

Towersey Festival, pictured here in 2018
01 Apr 2021

Some organisations have managed to double dip as more than 1,200 receive support from the emergency arts funding scheme for the first time.

Free to speak? Not if you work in the arts

A photo of statues of angels, one with a gag over its mouth
20 Feb 2020

As ArtsProfessional unveils the explosive findings from its recent Freedom of Expression survey, Liz Hill examines the soul of a sector that believes it is owed artistic freedom but doesn’t tolerate freedom of speech within its own ranks.

Head to head: can a toolkit solve the sector’s class problem?

14 Nov 2019

This year Jerwood Arts published a toolkit for cultural organisations, designed to encourage greater socio-economic diversity in the arts. Julie Lomax, Chief Executive of a-n The Artists Information Company, sees it as a starting point for helping solve the sector’s ‘class crisis’ – but arts consultant Chrissie Tiller isn’t so sure.

Life in the arts across Europe

Photo of woman standing by tree stump in snow
27 Mar 2018

Artists from across Europe describe what it’s like to work in their country of origin – from the almost desperate situation for some freelance artists in Spain to the generous support on offer in Arctic Norway.

Beyond Culture Recovery

31 Mar 2021

The distribution of Arts Council England’s Culture Recovery Fund has attracted widespread criticism, not least from those campaigning for greater diversity. Kevin Osborne calls for urgent action.

Manchester culture worth £292m pre-pandemic

30 Mar 2021

Manchester City Council is urgently refreshing its culture rescue plan as annual analysis shows arts organisations' value to the city - and their immense vulnerability from April.

V&A's Theatre and Performance archive 'at risk of becoming a dead collection'

25 Mar 2021

Staff restructuring proposals that threaten the museum department have been condemned as a "devastatingly bad idea".

Why members might leave you - and what you can do about it

Two people looking at a phone in a museum
24 Mar 2021

Museums’ survival depends on their members – and post-pandemic they're voting with their feet. Julia Protesaru proposes a new model for friends and membership schemes.

Arts remain at 'epicentre of the crisis' a year after lockdown

19 Mar 2021

Freelancers, young people, women and live performance art forms have been disprortionately affected by a year of lockdowns. Extended financial support may not be enough. 

An unacceptable truth

18 Mar 2021

To describe the past year as unprecedented is an understatement. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking anything has really changed, Liz Hill warns.

NPO income takes £38.3m downward turn

18 Mar 2021

An upward trend over recent years has reversed - and it's not all because of the pandemic.

Cutting through the noise

The dining room at Charleston
17 Mar 2021

Many organisations are struggling to attract income during the pandemic. Merrin Kalinowski and Nathaniel Hepburn explore how crowdfunding can help realise your ambitions.

Invest in making an impact

Illustration of a person standing on top of coins looking at another person
17 Mar 2021

Fran Sanderson says building back better means looking beyond what – and who – we know in funding to demonstrate the irrepressible worth of human creativity.

Freelancers charter to underpin ‘new normal’ in London

16 Mar 2021

London Mayor commits to supporting self-employed creatives who are under pressure to accept poorer terms once government support is phased out.

Just over half of emergency arts funding has been distributed

12 Mar 2021

An investigation into the Culture Recovery Fund found £335m of awarded funds were still sitting in DCMS' coffers last month as demand for support exceeds its 'worst case scenario'.

Music education must be 'front and centre' as schools return

11 Mar 2021

The Government faces calls to ensure music education is part of the catch-up curriculum after up to 10% of schools stopped teaching it in 2020.

Budget 2021 receives a warm welcome from arts sector (freelancers excluded)

Rishi Sunak
03 Mar 2021

Another £300m for the Culture Recovery Fund, a wider safety net for the self-employed, and continued VAT and business rates cuts extend financial supports beyond the anticipated reopening dates.

Fighting online fatigue

Man sitting at a laptop
03 Mar 2021

Funders and audiences are losing their appetite for virtual events, writes Michelle Wright. What comes next for arts fundraising? 

Only 15% of 'BAME-led organisations' awarded emergency grants definitively are

Ballet dancers
03 Mar 2021

New research highlights a disparity between organisations that say they are BAME-led receiving higher funding awards than those with a majority of Black, Asian and minority ethnic leaders. 

Invest 50p per person in culture for Covid-19 recovery, manifesto urges

01 Mar 2021

Local authorities in Yorkshire and the Humber are being called on to "defend and when possible increase" spending on culture as Leeds City Council announces major cuts. 


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