State funding for BAME entrepreneurs

graphic of watering can watering a plant
16 Jun 2021

Can using public money to make BAME* entrepreneurs successful be in the public interest if it makes them wealthy too? Kevin Osborne sets out the challenge.

'No guarantee' of funding for UK City of Culture 2025 winner

02 Jun 2021

The contest will continue into 2029 and beyond, with £40,000 grants to develop longlisted applications regardless of whether they win or lose.

Free to speak? Not if you work in the arts

A photo of statues of angels, one with a gag over its mouth
20 Feb 2020

As ArtsProfessional unveils the explosive findings from its recent Freedom of Expression survey, Liz Hill examines the soul of a sector that believes it is owed artistic freedom but doesn’t tolerate freedom of speech within its own ranks.

Head to head: can a toolkit solve the sector’s class problem?

14 Nov 2019

This year Jerwood Arts published a toolkit for cultural organisations, designed to encourage greater socio-economic diversity in the arts. Julie Lomax, Chief Executive of a-n The Artists Information Company, sees it as a starting point for helping solve the sector’s ‘class crisis’ – but arts consultant Chrissie Tiller isn’t so sure.

Life in the arts across Europe

Photo of woman standing by tree stump in snow
27 Mar 2018

Artists from across Europe describe what it’s like to work in their country of origin – from the almost desperate situation for some freelance artists in Spain to the generous support on offer in Arctic Norway.

No extension for supply chain companies paid months late

17 Jun 2021

Companies that Arts Council England have finally paid emergency grants to are now left with little time to use them: "They've put companies in danger more than they've helped."

New Deal for the arts

Photo of Navajo Mural by Gerald Nailor
16 Jun 2021

The more you look at the cultural aftermath of this year of lockdowns, the clearer it becomes that current thinking around arts funding is a missed opportunity, Anthony Sargent writes.

Supply chain companies fear grant reductions over loan status

11 Jun 2021

Companies are yet to receive Culture Recovery Fund grants that need to be used by the end of the month. Some fear the money may never arrive.

Emergency funding saved 2,400 heritage jobs

07 Jun 2021

The National Lottery Heritage Fund says its speedy funding response to Covid-19 saved jobs and facilitated social distancing. But funding priorities may change as demand outstrips supply.

Bradford cultural strategy to 'harness the power of our diversity'

01 Jun 2021

The city aims to add 3,000 jobs to its cultural sector by 2031 - half of them from underrepresented groups - as its current offer lacks "the power to engage all our diverse communities".  

Fifty NPOs face potential sanctions over diversity ratings

28 May 2021

England's National Portfolio Organisations may not be as diverse as reported, with 50 facing possible funding cuts over their failure to improve.

DCMS revives £42m Culture Investment Fund

25 May 2021

Grants of up to £5m are available for capital works outside of London, while libraries and museums are also eligible for a slice of the resurrected suite of funds.

'Dead-end courses' comment provokes culture war complaints

21 May 2021

The Education Secretary's remarks have added fuel to the firestorm of criticism sparked by plans to cut universities' arts funding. Do we need to be worried?

Call to defund arts centre after board quashed 'futile' revisioning project

21 May 2021

Artists contracted for the ill-fated project want the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art closed, alleging a lack of appropriate representation and racist attitudes at the board level mean it is "not fit for purpose".

A ‘big hug’ in isolated places

People sitting in a garden watching a speaker socially distanced
19 May 2021

Rural touring has never been more innovative than it was in 2020. Holly Lombardo asks what comes next for a sector that fulfils exactly what funders are asking for?

Visual arts lobby defends arts education against 50% cut

14 May 2021

Arts universities have joined the sector in protesting the Government's "counterproductive and contradictory" funding proposals.

Alarm at plans to cut higher education arts funding in half

07 May 2021

A consultation on plans to cut arts education funding by £17m says the subjects are not a "strategic priority" for the Government.

No appeals process for Culture Recovery Fund complaints

29 Apr 2021

MPs investigating the fund's delivery were told applications will only be reassessed if there was a breach of process, not over a "subjective view", all but dashing the hopes of one Blackpool venue.

Ten arts organisations receive a quarter of trust and foundation funding

28 Apr 2021

Private funders are increasingly interested in supporting new business models and the cultural workforce, growing their aid in response to Covid-19.

ACE defends Culture Recovery Fund distribution

23 Apr 2021

Serota and Henley told MPs they could not have handled the emergency funding response any better, failing to acknowledge the lack of support for freelancers.


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