Arts Professional provides a unique platform for people working in the industry to voice their opinions, share ideas and best practice, debate important issues, advocate for change or simply showcase their work. 

Every week we publish a range of content relevant to the arts and cultural sector, including:

  • Expert analysis of key issues facing the sector
  • Opinion or provocation challenging the status quo
  • Commentary on a news story or event
  • Summaries of academic research 
  • Information and/or advice on arts management practice
  • Case studies of ground-breaking projects
  • Examples of best practice from other sectors or countries 
  • Profiles of industry figures via Arts People, My Gurus or Job Ladder

We aim to publish diverse voices from a broad range of individuals and organisations. So, if you have an original perspective on a theme that resonates across the cultural sector, or hold a passionate opinion that needs airing, we want to hear from you with your proposals on

We offer guidelines for authors but our editorial team are here to assist and polish your prose to help you communicate your thoughts and experiences to best effect.

Each month our features focus on a particular theme, although contributions can be on any subject of relevance to the sector.

    Editorial themes for 2024:

    • January          Cultural policy: is it fit for purpose?
    • February        Health and wellbeing: arts interventions in healthcare 
    • March            Regeneration and the arts
    • April              Artistic freedom: threats and challenges
    • May               Philanthropy: fundraising of the future?
    • June              The arts in education
    • July               Cultural devolution: decision making outside Westminster
    • August           No features
    • September      tbc
    • October          tbc
    • November      tbc
    • December       tbc

    Editorial themes for 2023:

    • January         Local authorities and the arts
    • February        Leadership in a time of crisis
    • March            Flexible working: meeting the needs of the workforce 
    • April              Income generation: diversifying revenue streams
    • May               Widening participation: arts for the many not the few      
    • June              National Portfolio 2023-26: spotlight on new NPOs
    • July               Branding: what's in a name?
    • August           No features
    • September     Nurturing early careers: internships, apprenticeships and training
    • October         Activism in the arts
    • November      Artificial intelligence: opportunity or threat
    • December      Have your say: comment and opinion from arts professionals

    From proposal to publication, the commissioning process takes place over a six-week period. Once an idea has been accepted,  a formal brief of the content required will be sent three weeks before the copy deadline. We aim to publish within the following three weeks. 

    Remuneration will be offered to professional writers, freelancers and those currently unemployed.