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ArtsProfessional provides a unique platform for those working in the arts to share ideas, debate important issues and learn from each other’s experiences.  

We seek out articles from anyone who can offer an original perspective on themes that resonate with people working in the cultural sector. Whether you’re a CEO with decades of experience, a recent graduate just stepping onto the bottom rung of a career ladder – or somewhere in between – then we want to hear from you.*

Don’t worry about your writing skills, or whether you have time to produce a perfectly polished article. We offer some guidelines, but more importantly, our editors will work with you and your words to communicate your thoughts and experiences with the greatest effect.

Regular content

Every week we publish a range of content – all of which is aimed at supporting those who work in the arts and cultural sector, helping them to make the most of the work they do. This includes...

Articles that provide:

  • Overviews of key issues facing the UK cultural sector
  • Case studies about innovative projects
  • Information and advice relating to management practice
  • Summaries of findings from academic research
  • Examples of transferable practices from other countries or sectors

Occasional columns include:

  • Opinion: A platform for sharing ideas, putting forward opinions and challenging the status quo.
  • News Comment / Letters: Detailed and reasoned responses to news stories covered by ArtsProfessional.
  • My Gurus: An opportunity to salute the people who have influenced an arts professional’s careers and/or their own artistic development.
  • Job Ladder: The steps along the career path of experienced arts professionals, giving readers an insight into potential routes to achieving career goals.
  • Bookshop: Reviews of the latest books which are relevant to those working in the arts sector.
  • How to…: Step by step guidelines on performing specific functions or activities.

Themed features

Once a month our features and case studies focus on a particular theme. You can see the sort of themes we cover here.

Forthcoming themes: 
326 Thursday 11 July – European partnerships: Surviving Brexit
327 Thursday 12 September – A happier workplace: Building team spirit
328 Thursday 10 October – Embracing neuro-diversity: Improving experiences for artists and audiences
329 Thursday 14 November – Social class: Building a more representative sector
330 Thursday 12 December – Freelancing: Flexibility or insecurity?
331 Thursday 13 February – Spotlight on: West Midlands
332 Thursday 12 March – Audience development: Strategies for success
333 Thursday 9 April – Activism: Engaging with direct action
334 Thursday 14 May – Volunteering: Harnessing passion or encouraging exploitation?
335 Thursday 11 June – Experiential arts: New technologies and approaches
336 Thursday 9 July – Festivals: The power of live experience
337 Thursday 10 September – Cultural democracy: Who controls culture?
338 Thursday 8 October – The arts and mental health: An untapped resource?
339 Thursday 12 November – Spotlight on: South West England

The dates given above are publication dates. The copy deadline is two weeks before the publication date and we normally commission content about two weeks before the copy deadline.

Occasionally we have to make changes, additions to and deletions from our editorial plans without notice, and we often have to re-schedule publication dates for specific articles. From time to time, we also add new topics to our editorial plan, particularly if they are of a timely or newsworthy nature.

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*Sorry, we simply aren't in a position to pay our contributors. But please don’t let this put you off. Our writers invariably find that there is real value in raising their profile among the national and international arts sector, and that they benefit tremendously from wider recognition.