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ArtsProfessional provides a unique platform for those working in the arts to voice their opinions, share ideas, debate important issues and learn from each other’s experiences. You can write for us, or tell us anonymously about anything you think we should investigate further.

We want to hear from you if you can give us an original perspective on themes that resonate with people working in the cultural sector. Whether you’re a CEO with decades of experience, a recent graduate just stepping onto the bottom rung of a career ladder – or somewhere in between – we want to hear from you.*

Don’t worry about your writing skills or producing a perfectly polished article. We offer some guidelines, but more importantly, our editorial team use their expertise to communicate your thoughts and experiences to the greatest effect.

We encourage as many different perspectives (and authors) as possible to publish for a wide range of contributions. So, if you or your organisatoin has already written for us in the last year, we're unlikely to commission you again. But that's not a hard-and-fast rule, so if you have something urgent or ground-breaking to share, do get in touch. And please note, we prefer to discuss a brief before you write, rather than receiving finished articles.

Regular content

Every week we publish a range of content of interest to those working in the arts and cultural sector. Topics might include:

  • An overview of key issues facing the UK cultural sector
  • Insights into innovative projects
  • Information and advice relating to management practice
  • An opinion piece or provocation that challenges the status quo 
  • A summary of academic research
  • A commentary on a news story that's made AP's headlines
  • Examples of transferable practices from other countries or sectors

Occasional features include:

  • Head to Head: A dialogue between two people in respectful debate where different viewpoints are aired.
  • A Day in the Life: Ever wondered what a dramaturg actually does? Or what the general manager’s up to at 3pm? You’re not the only one… shed some light on what it takes to do your job.
  • My Gurus: Who are the people who have inspired you and influenced your path through life and work? 
  • Job Ladder: What steps did you take to get where you are now? Inspire others to take their next step.

Editorial themes

We accept contributions on any art form or subject, but each month we have features focusing on a particular theme:  

January 2022 - International Outlook: post-Brexit arts

February 2022 - Ethical Fundraising: gifts with strings?

March 2022 - Bricks and Mortar: what's in a building?

April 2022 - Ticket Pricing: discounts and dynamics

May 2022 - The Future of Work: no going back

June 2022 - Changing Use of Social Media: challenges and opportunities of online engagement

July 2022 - Mind the Pay Gap: tackling wage disparities

We typically commission content at least three weeks before the copy deadline.

Occasionally we have to make changes to editorial plans without notice, re-scheduling publication datess. 

To pitch an idea or suggest a feature simply fill in our write for us form. If you have any other questions about writing for ArtsProfessional contact the editorial team.

*Sorry, we aren't in a position to pay our contributors. Our writers find real value in raising their profile in the national and international arts sector, and they benefit tremendously from wider recognition.