Turning the Tide

11 Jun 2012

Alastair Fairley reveals how a community of artists and a hard-nosed drive for publicity put Hastings firmly on the cultural map

Life at the OUTPOST

11 Jun 2012

Leigh Sneade describes how an innovative membership scheme took a Norwich art gallery into the heart of an international community

Then and now

11 Jun 2012

June will see publication of the last ever issue of a-n Magazine after 32 years, making space for new programmes from a-n The Artists Information Company. Susan Jones reflects on changing times

Art on prescription

21 May 2012

By collaborating with staff at local doctors’ surgeries, Dulwich Picture Gallery has found a sustainable channel for reaching out to isolated elderly individuals. Madeline Adeane explains

Making an impact

30 Apr 2012

Sarah Shalgosky sees university galleries as playing a broad and valuable role in the wider context of the visual arts

Building relationships

30 Apr 2012

What makes a good client for a major capital building project? Alan Tovey makes some suggestions

Expanding horizons

27 Feb 2012

Hayward Touring takes work by hot contemporary artists into the UK’s cultural ‘cold spots’. Roger Malbert explains what goes on behind the scenes

Augmentation optional

06 Feb 2012

The artz trail is taking art out of the gallery and onto the streets of Brighton. Nick Dunn explains the technology behind the project

New momentum in Margate

16 Jan 2012

Victoria Pomery describes the remarkable impact of Turner Contemporary on Margate

You can’t complain if you don’t play the game

31 Oct 2011

Dany Louise issues a rallying cry to artists

A turn for the better?

31 Oct 2011

Hilary Gresty reflects on the ‘complex behemoth’ that was put in place to repair the fragmentation of the visual arts sector.

Images of Nature

10 Oct 2011

Visual records have always been an important element in the work of scientists, and the Natural History Museum is celebrating this with the opening of its new permanent gallery.

Art, science and the coast

10 Oct 2011

How does a small regional arts organisation make the most of an interest in science and a location on the edge of one of the greatest natural laboratories on earth? Polly Gifford describes a collaboration that is proving to be the key.

Putting down roots

19 Sep 2011

Steve Whettem on an unusual gallery, run by the artists it exhibits

Mixed messages

19 Sep 2011

Michael Tooby sets the record straight on the development of new spaces for the contemporary arts in Wales


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