Connecting with China

Photo of Chinese landscape
25 Feb 2016

From a small festival born of community need, to an international agency for Chinese contemporary art, Zoe Dunbar tells the story of CFCCA.

Location, location, location

Image of woman and train
15 Feb 2016

Does living near a museum or gallery affect whether you visit it or not? Researcher Orian Brook borrows techniques from geography to investigate. 

Q&A: The Artist’s Resale Right

Photo of a girl painting
15 Feb 2016

Did you know that many artists are entitled to royalties when their work is resold? Daniel Rudd answers your questions about the artist’s resale right.

Music and performing arts growth stalling

Musician playing
29 Jan 2016

Creative industries growth continues to outstrip other sectors, but music, performing and visual arts are faring less well than in previous years.

Promoting northern talent

Photo of paintings on red wall
21 Jan 2016

When Annette Petchey moved to the north of England she was shocked at the low prices for visual art. She explains how New Light is now supporting northern artists.

Support for a rural economy

Photo of gorgeous sheep
13 Jan 2016

A lack of business skills and access to equipment was holding artists in Dumfries and Galloway back. Clare Hanna explains the origins of Upland and how it supports artists.

Career guide: Curation

Photo of someone hanging a photo
04 Jan 2016

What’s it really like to work as a curator? Bluecoat’s Adam Smythe shares his story and advice for those considering a career in curating.

How to… be an art technician

crown fine art moving art
11 Dec 2015

When you look at a painting in a gallery, do you ever wonder how it got there? David Gosling explains how to stay cool and focused whilst moving priceless pieces of art.

Help for regional museums to acquire contemporary art

Photo of Manchester Art Gallery
11 Dec 2015

A new scheme will see one work by a leading British artist acquired for a Contemporary Art Society member museum every year.

How to… prevent art theft and forgery

Photo of a 'no theft' sign
30 Nov 2015

How do you stop art crime when it is the most lucrative criminal sub-sector after guns and drugs? Jeanna Heeraman has a few tips.

Unauthorised arts and climate festival planned in Tate Modern

Platform London campaign
27 Nov 2015

A year before Tate is due to renew its sponsorship with BP, Platform London is curating a free, completely unauthorised festival inside Tate Modern.

How to... market an exhibition

Photo of a bloggers' event
13 Nov 2015

How do you market exhibitions to audiences with competing preferences? Hannah Carroll shares her top tips.

Call for export regulation overhaul as Rembrandt sale goes ahead

Photo of Rembrandt’s portrait of Catrina Hooghsaet
12 Nov 2015

The Art Fund has had to call off its campaign to save Rembrandt’s portrait of Catrina Hooghsaet as the seller has withdrawn its application for export, but is proceeding with its sale.

The snapshot - Alison Brown

Photo of Alison Brown
16 Oct 2015

What’s it like to be a Communications Assistant at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art? Alison Brown fills us in.

Digitisation to preserve contemporary art

Artist Workshop
08 Oct 2015

A publicly accessible website will be home to digitised contemporary art in a major research and archiving project that will explore how cultural heritage in the visual arts can be safeguarded for future generations.

Tentative steps forwards

Photo of women inbetween strips of fabric
08 Oct 2015

How many older people do you expect to see in a contemporary art gallery? Clare Hankinson tells how Fabrica’s older audience programmes welcomed over 1,000 people last year.

Snapshot - Clare Lilley

Photo of Clare Lilley
02 Oct 2015

Director of Programme at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Clare Lilley, gives an insight into her work with sculptures, Ai Weiwei and beautiful scenery.


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