The art of merchandising

Image of the William Morris Gallery shop
13 May 2013

Linda Weston tells how the William Morris Gallery has recorded increased shop sales since its recent refurbishment.

Job Ladder

06 Feb 2013

Matthew Rowe charts his career path in the visual arts.

iPaddy power

23 Jul 2012

Ellie Manwell explains how bringing digital technology into the gallery space is helping Dulwich Picture Gallery enhance the visitor experience and connect with audiences

Town and gown

02 Jul 2012

A new gallery is opening within London South Bank University. Mary Paterson talks us through the process that led to its arrival

Then and now

11 Jun 2012

June will see publication of the last ever issue of a-n Magazine after 32 years, making space for new programmes from a-n The Artists Information Company. Susan Jones reflects on changing times

Turning the Tide

11 Jun 2012

Alastair Fairley reveals how a community of artists and a hard-nosed drive for publicity put Hastings firmly on the cultural map

Life at the OUTPOST

11 Jun 2012

Leigh Sneade describes how an innovative membership scheme took a Norwich art gallery into the heart of an international community

Art on prescription

21 May 2012

By collaborating with staff at local doctors’ surgeries, Dulwich Picture Gallery has found a sustainable channel for reaching out to isolated elderly individuals. Madeline Adeane explains

Making an impact

30 Apr 2012

Sarah Shalgosky sees university galleries as playing a broad and valuable role in the wider context of the visual arts

Building relationships

30 Apr 2012

What makes a good client for a major capital building project? Alan Tovey makes some suggestions


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