Business models for everyone

Photo of chairs hanging in front of building
14 Dec 2016

Why are there so many common misconceptions surrounding business models? José Rodríguez explains their real purpose and value in the arts.

UK must stay in Creative Europe, arts leaders say

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28 Oct 2016

Two reports summarising the cultural sector’s views on Brexit identify funding, free movement for workers and access to the single market as key issues. 

Deadline approaching for DCMS Brexit inquiry

Photo of Eiffel Tower
21 Oct 2016

A parliamentary committee is assessing whether the UK will be able to attract and maintain talent in the creative industries post-Brexit.

Three UK-led arts projects to support refugee integration

Photo of Ibrahim
21 Oct 2016

Creative Europe funding will be used by arts organisations across Europe to challenge stereotypes and help refugees “socialise and express themselves”.

Better business models

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06 Oct 2016

Research into business model development in the arts often neglects smaller organisations, but a new project is changing that. Stephanie Dieckvoss introduces the Creative Lenses project.

Artists as entrepreneurs

Photo of digital display of 100%
15 Sep 2016

Can we teach artists to be entrepreneurial? Laurent Noël reports on a programme in France that mixes business plans, sales skills and corporate relations with creative ideas to help artists become successful ‘artrepreneurs’.

EU funding uncertainty puts arts projects on hold

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19 Aug 2016

Treasury assurances are doing little to ease concerns, as grants are blocked and funding rounds postponed following the Brexit vote. 

European Capital of Culture bids progress despite Brexit uncertainty

Photo of Bergen
01 Jul 2016

Competing UK cities will continue with their bids, despite a lack of reassurance from organisers Creative Europe that the UK will remain a host country in 2023.

Referendum as research

Photo of researcher talking to member of the public
27 Jun 2016

A yes/no referendum on museum free entry would be a terrible idea, so why did the Government think it was an acceptable way of deciding whether we stay in or leave the EU, asks Liz Hill

Industry bodies pledge to support UK arts through Brexit

Floating union Jack hot air balloon
24 Jun 2016

Concerns have been raised about international artistic exchange and the export of cultural products, following the UK’s vote to leave the EU. 

Creative industry leaders to vote remain

Photo of a huge ballot box
20 May 2016

The popular press has dismissed anti-Brexit arts figures as ‘luvvies’ after a survey revealed the vast majority of workers in the creative sector will vote for Britain to remain in the EU.

Reading for Europe

Photo of woman reading
28 Apr 2016

It is not trade that binds Europe together, it’s culture, argues Eric Lane. He explains how a reading campaign is engaging with the EU referendum debate.

Culture Secretary and Arts Minister split on EU vote

Photo of Vaizey and Whittingdale
22 Feb 2016

Whittingdale and Vaizey will back opposing campaign teams in the run-up to the forthcoming EU membership referendum.

Audiences Europe Network to rethink its future

Eiffel Tower
18 Feb 2016

After a failed bid to the Creative Europe programme and the end of a previous strand of European funding, network organisers are considering scaling back activities.

Stronger in Europe

Photo of an aerial performer
28 Jan 2016

Arts in the UK are stronger and better off thanks to EU membership. As the referendum approaches, Lucy Thomas calls for the sector to speak up. 

Nothing to fear from leaving

Double exposure photo - man playing guitar with 'Exit' sign
28 Jan 2016

The UK’s arts and cultural sector has borne the burden of EU law for long enough – we have nothing to fear from leaving the EU, says Harriet Bridgeman.

The European perspective

Photo of European Parliament in Strasbourg
28 Jan 2016

The decision of UK citizens – to stay or leave the EU – will affect the cultural life of future generations all across the continent. So how do European citizens hope they will vote? Katherine Heid shares her perspective.

European Parliament puts culture centre stage

European Parliament
22 Jan 2016

Culture must become an integral part of EU policy, says the European Parliament - and artists should be free to move and support inter-cultural dialogue.


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