Intercultural connections

Picture of a self portrait created by one of the participants
24 Aug 2012

The impact of participatory art on the experience of new migrants and their interaction with a new cultural environment is now the subject of a European research project. Nancy Hogg explains.

Cultural economy

11 Jun 2012

Yvette Vaughan Jones looks towards a Creative Europe 2014 – and beyond

Wellbeing behind bars

21 May 2012

Dr Alan Clarke shares what he has learnt from a career running arts projects in prisons across Europe

Illuminating conversations

09 Apr 2012

Nicky Webb describes the birth, development and culmination of a European collaboration that has led to dialogue and exchange between artists, curators, programmers and producers

Culture Inaction Europe

17 Jan 2011

EU funded projects should come with a health warning, says Matthew Taylor


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