Boscombe adds Council cash to European cultural enterprise funding

Boscombe Pier
20 Feb 2013

The Council will also employ a dedicated post to support the development of the creative industries in the town.

Europe invests in the arts

13 Dec 2012

The future looks bright for culture on the continent, but the Autumn Statement provided no such solace for the UK, says Liz Hill.

EU culture plans focus on jobs and growth

EU Flag
01 Oct 2012

The strategy outlines some key actions to invest in the cultural sector across Europe

Intercultural connections

Picture of a self portrait created by one of the participants
24 Aug 2012

The impact of participatory art on the experience of new migrants and their interaction with a new cultural environment is now the subject of a European research project. Nancy Hogg explains.

Cultural economy

11 Jun 2012

Yvette Vaughan Jones looks towards a Creative Europe 2014 – and beyond

Wellbeing behind bars

21 May 2012

Dr Alan Clarke shares what he has learnt from a career running arts projects in prisons across Europe

Illuminating conversations

09 Apr 2012

Nicky Webb describes the birth, development and culmination of a European collaboration that has led to dialogue and exchange between artists, curators, programmers and producers


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