Speak now or…

16 Jan 2012

Liz Hill urges the sector not to miss the wellbeing boat

A new route to wellbeing

16 Jan 2012

Katy S Austin examines the current barriers around creative therapies and talks to artist Stuart Semple about how his immersion in art healed him more than drugs ever could

Collective voice and collective will

16 Jan 2012

Richard Nutter explains how a consortium of Liverpool’s major cultural organisations has developed a comprehensive strategic approach that places the arts and culture at the heart of the city’s social agendas

Arts sidelined on wellbeing

16 Jan 2012

Deadline approaches to make the case for the impact of the arts and culture on wellbeing

Measuring wellbeing – no place for the arts and culture?

12 Dec 2011

If cultural activity is to be at the heart of future government agendas, it is vital now that the cultural sector starts to shout loudly about the contribution made by the arts to personal wellbeing. Hilary Jennings urges the arts sector to get behind the campaign and respond to the consultation.

No mention of cultural activity in proposed measures of wellbeing

12 Dec 2011

Time is running out for the cultural sector to make the case for the impact of the arts and culture on quality of life

Healthy spaces

13 Jun 2011

Kathryn Dempsey and Angharad Williams on how art can help to keep people calm during long waits

Healthy prospects

09 Jun 2011

Amidst public funding cuts and the turmoil of health reform, Tim Joss sees a big future for arts in health

Forging an alliance

09 Jun 2011

Russell Wallis and Ann Wallis outline a route to supporting those working to deliver the arts and health agenda

Arts on prescription

09 Jun 2011

Following the success of ‘Singing on prescription’, Hilary Bungay explains how other artforms are getting involved

Open to all

09 Jun 2011

Jenny Secker on introductory arts courses for people with mental health problems.

Breaking down the barriers

03 Feb 2011

Ruth Stevenson and Hannah Biggs explore how to make the arts more accessible for people with mental health problems


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