Local election manifesto 

a signpost signalling a polling station
27 Apr 2022

With many local councillors up for re-election next week, Chris Walker outlines his manifesto for increased local authority spending on theatre and the arts.

Why levelling up shouldn’t mean levelling down on diversity 

12 Apr 2022

How will Arts Council England square the circle of delivering increased funding to regions outside London while also meeting its commitment to increase funding to Black-led* organisations? asks Kevin Osborne.

Artists’ precarity is not just about pay

15 Mar 2022

In the pandemic, government and ACE built a defensive hedge around the most visible aspects of the arts infrastructure. Susan Jones thinks it’s time to dismantle it.

The case for cultural sanctions

Poster for Kyiv culture forum
03 Mar 2022

James Doeser and Anna Marazuela Kim visited Kyiv last autumn to talk to cultural leaders about thriving cultural cities. Here they address what our sector can do in support of colleagues under siege in Ukraine.

Ethical trouble at the top

02 Feb 2022

Day-to-day news is littered with questions over ethics. We care deeply about rights and wrongs. But Michelle Wright asks, do the arts care more than other sectors? 

Emotional resilience is the key skill for 2022

Community and peer support can be essential to a resilient team
19 Jan 2022

While many arts and culture organisations are concerned about their financial viability, emotional resilience will also be essential to seeing out the pandemic, argues Robin Cantrill-Fenwick.

Not British, not welcome

Two actors perform on stage, smiling taking a selfie
11 Jan 2022

While we were distracted by news of politicians partying during lockdown, last month a Bill was passed that changes rights to UK citizenship. Amanda Parker examines how it threatens all our creative lives.

Theatre under threat

Roehampton protest
15 Jun 2022

With the latest cuts to university courses in the arts, Alan Read believes the future of theatre and performance in UK Higher Education is at stake. But numbers only tell half the story. 

Tackling taboos in the British South Asian community

Dishoom by Rifco
08 Jun 2022

Do we still need a British South Asian theatre company? That is a question Pravesh Kumar is often asked. His answer is always yes. 

Drama education should not just be for the elite

26 May 2022

Drama and theatre education are curriculum entitlements for all children and young people, not just the privileged few, says Geoff Readman.

Beware the Captain Tom trap

15 Mar 2022

In implementing the levelling up agenda, the arts should pay attention to some worrying news on the legacy of Captain Tom, writes Michelle Wright.

Open letter to Darren Henley: from the coalface

14 Mar 2022

Doesn't ACE realise that smaller NPOs are fighting for their very survival? Surely it does. So, says Ian Kerry, that must mean it is choosing to do nothing about it.

How to remain inclusive while living with Covid

22 Feb 2022

Andrew Miller says arts organisations must work with disabled artists to keep them safe amid the very real risks the Government's plan poses to their health.

Tate’s 'backward step'

La Jornada Food Pantry at the Queens Museum
16 Feb 2022

Tate Exchange – the only dedicated community co-creation programme in a major museum – is to be discontinued. Stella Toonen thinks it’s a step backwards for a sector that had begun to let new voices in. 

Can you afford to work in the arts anymore?

a close up image of hands opening an empty wallet
16 Feb 2022

As NPO applications are being crafted, budgets written and forecasts made, Keith Jeffrey asks: How big a pay rise are you going to ask for?

What can investment contribute to race equity?

09 Feb 2022

The existential question of race inequity demands new solutions. Kevin Osborne and Genevieve Maitland Hudson explore the potential of impact investment.

Where are the red lines on ethical fundraising?

protestors campaign against Shell's sponsorship of the Science Museum
02 Feb 2022

In recent years, as climate change has intensified, so has controversy around fossil fuel funding. Chris Garrard says we must learn from our leading museums’ mistakes.

A is for absurd

20 Jan 2022

Taking the 'new normal' seriously means accepting some changes might need to stay. 

Inequity in funding decisions

trust graphic
05 Jan 2022

Funding ‘criteria’ tell you what a funder will or won’t support, but organisational ‘constraints’ ultimately determine what gets funded, says Kevin Osborne.  

Open letter from an NPO

DCMS sign
05 Jan 2022

On 15 December Nadine Dorries wrote to all Arts Council England’s NPOs about measures to increase access to the arts. It was distributed by ACE. An anonymous NPO replies.


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