Artistic freedom: Threats and challenges

Image of Toomaj Salehi
10 Apr 2024

Artistic freedom is an increasingly contested area of public discourse. But as Ruth Anderson of Index on Censorship argues, while she might not agree with what is expressed, she defends the right to do so.

Will the restoration of Stormont benefit the arts in Northern Ireland?

Production shot from Agreement by Owen McCafferty
20 Feb 2024

With the return of devolved government to Northern Ireland, Roisín McDonough, Chief Executive of Arts Council Northern Ireland, reflects on what it might mean for the arts and cultural sector. 

In defence of trigger warnings

Sign saying: Trigger Warning - Explicit Content
12 Feb 2024

The colossal efforts to advance and champion diversity and accessibility in the sector are undermined by negative press criticising the use trigger warnings before shows. But, as Fiona Moon argues, they should be viewed no differently from accessible seats or toilets. 

The shifting world of arts comms

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08 Feb 2024

For the past two years, Mobius Industries has run a survey to take the temperature of arts PR. As Emma Berge reports, the results reveal widespread concern about the shrinkage of arts coverage. 

We are all philanthropists

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01 Feb 2024

The Secretary of State for Culture, Lucy Frazer, has called for an attitude shift towards philanthropy to boost arts funding. But that view, writes Caroline McCormick, fails to recognise the huge contribution of the 99%.

Reporting requirements: NPO leaders share their frustrations

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25 Jan 2024

Nearly a year into the latest investment round, many National Portfolio Organisations are finding the new reporting requirements unduly burdensome - at best - and, in some instances, unfit for purpose. A group of NPO Chief Executive Officers explain their struggles.

Arts Council England: What is to be done?

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09 Apr 2024

Andrew Pinnock, a former Arts Council officer, thinks it’s time for an honest review of our national development agency for creativity and culture, based on truthful foundations.

A brighter future for entrepreneurs and opportunity-seekers

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08 Apr 2024

Now more than ever it’s important to focus on the things that really matter, to free ourselves of distractions and to identify earned income opportunities, says Robin Cantrill-Fenwick.

The Watermill: Life outside the National Portfolio

Watermill theatre
18 Mar 2024

A year after losing ACE funding, Berkshire's Watermill Theatre has had some sweet successes. Executive Director and Joint Chief Executive Claire Murray charts the downs and ups of a rollercoaster year. 

Radical intervention required

Panel discussion at Creative UK summit
13 Mar 2024

The cultural sector welcomed last week’s Spring Budget but, as Lara Carmona writes, not being able to leverage public investment at the scale needed is like having your best player benched indefinitely.

Call for Chancellor to support theatre sector

Palladium stage
29 Feb 2024

Ahead of next week's Spring Budget, Claire Walker, Co-Chief Executive of Society of London Theatre & UK Theatre, is calling on the Chancellor for renewed investment to sustain the UK's world-leading theatre sector.

'In Wales we need to be creative like never before'

Graeme Farrow in front of Wales Millennium Centre
28 Feb 2024

Recent Welsh government budget cuts have created new fears across the creative sector about the impact on our communities, writes Graeme Farrow.

Programming, price, people and the pendulum of power

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20 Feb 2024

If price has lost its power, what does that mean for arts organisations who continue to face financial challenges with increased costs and reduced demand, asks David Reece.  

Local authorities need the cultural sector's support

13 Feb 2024

With many councils across the country on the verge of bankruptcy, cultural services are under threat. Councillor Liz Green, Chair of LGA’s Culture, Tourism and Sport board, says we need to do things differently.

We need a global standard to protect artists’ rights

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06 Feb 2024

The results of a recent survey on AI and artists’ work reveal serious anxieties. Artist Adelaide Damoah calls on government to act to safeguard artists’ rights.

ACE: Sharing concerns won't harm NPO funding chances

Image or ACE webpage with headline Resources and reporting
31 Jan 2024

In last week’s edition of Arts Professional, a group of Chief Executives of National Portfolio Organisations expressed their frustrations to Arts Council England about increasingly onerous reporting requirements. Here is ACE's response. 

Talent needs a place to flourish

James Seabright, Sofi Berenger and Justine Simons in the auditorium of the new King's Head theatre
24 Jan 2024

The King’s Head Theatre in London opened its doors this week for a gala night in celebration of its new theatre building. Justine Simons, Deputy Mayor for Culture, was there.

2024 set to be a groundbreaking year

Digital image of planet earth
23 Jan 2024

The speed of innovation in the digital world can be hard to keep pace with and, as Katie Moffat writes, this is going to be a rollercoaster year – so hold on to your hats.

Local authority funding cuts causing profound damage

Nottingham Playhouse
18 Jan 2024

For the fifth time since assuming the leadership of Nottingham Playhouse, Stephanie Sirr is galvanising objections to a major funding cut.

Does ACE’s latest intervention go far enough?

Sean Bates and Joseph Taylor in The Great Gatsby
17 Jan 2024

More can be done to help struggling arts organisations, says Arts Professional's Neil Puffett.


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