Paying for the positive impact

Photo of old woman holding a gun
31 Jan 2013

Although there is increasing interest from health and social care providers in engaging older people in arts activity, a huge challenge is paying for it. Damian Hebron and Karen Taylor summarise a report they have written on this issue.

Playing in old age

31 Jan 2013

Paul Cann believes that the longstanding exclusion of older people from the arts will be changing thanks to a new online initiative which promotes everything from projects to resources to jobs.

The public debate that was never ours

10 Sep 2012

Susan Oman says the measures for assessing national wellbeing will be irrelevant before we even begin measuring

Fur coat and no knickers

02 Jul 2012

Clive Parkinson sees the danger of arts/health practice becoming a “bland cultural sub-species, offering the marginalised a transient feel-good factor”, watered down to fit the paymasters’ needs

If you treasure it, measure it?

21 May 2012

The wellbeing agenda is developing alongside a demand for evidence-based practice. Daniel Callcut explores what this means for arts organisations

There's magic in it

21 May 2012

Theatre has the potential to create profound and lasting wellbeing in young people. Emily Hunka explains how GLYPT is making a difference

Art on prescription

21 May 2012

By collaborating with staff at local doctors’ surgeries, Dulwich Picture Gallery has found a sustainable channel for reaching out to isolated elderly individuals. Madeline Adeane explains

Creative evaluation

21 May 2012

Meg Attwood explains how enlisting the help of evaluation consultants helped arts-based Community Interest Company Light Box gain credibility and stay on the right track

Wellbeing behind bars

21 May 2012

Dr Alan Clarke shares what he has learnt from a career running arts projects in prisons across Europe

13 Hours: lucky for some

21 May 2012

William Wong asks what can the arts do more of and differently to encourage mindfulness?

Practice what you preach?

21 May 2012

Hannah Hull discusses the paradox of being an arts and wellbeing advocate

A burden shared

21 May 2012

Can personal wellbeing improve when we start to focus on others’ wellbeing? Matthew Taylor describes a mental health project that put this to the test

The art of future-building

21 May 2012

Bridget McKenzie makes the case for a more eco-conscious arts sector, working to help restore the biosphere and generate capital from it

Life stories

21 May 2012

Kate Massey-Chase sees storytelling as fundamental to wellbeing because it helps us to understand who we are


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