Culture associated with ‘happiness’, DCMS analysis reveals

Photo of woman at an outdoor concert
12 Nov 2015

Those who attend the arts report significantly higher levels of happiness than those who don’t, but the opposite is true for those who visit libraries.

Prescribing the arts for better health

Photo of Creative Alternatives activity
05 Nov 2015

What are the opportunities for arts organisations interested in delivering ‘on prescription’ schemes? And do they outweigh the challenges? Jessica Harris investigates.

Local investment for local engagement

Photo of woman singing in a choir
20 Oct 2015

Want society to reap the health benefits of arts engagement? Stop directing so much funding to major organisations – these outcomes will only ever be a secondary objective for them, argues Peter Stark.

Reimagining education

Photo of girl in classroom
19 Oct 2015

England has some of the unhappiest schoolchildren in the world. But Paul Collard believes bringing artists into the classroom may help change that. 

In Harmony programme remains popular but research is inconclusive

Girl cello
09 Oct 2015

The second year report on the In Harmony initiative finds positive engagement but a lack of conclusive data about the success of the programme.

Learning for real

28 Sep 2015

Working with partner universities in Barcelona and Warsaw proved to Janet Hetherington that practical training is key to a rich, collaborative learning environment.

Learning for the future

Mobile Phone grass flowers
24 Sep 2015

Caroline O’Neill explains why a project using the arts to improve the lives of looked after children and adults with dementia, across four local authorities in South Wales, was so successful.

Adding years to life – and life to years

Photo of men dancing
17 Sep 2015

When will all commissioners recognise that activities like dancing and singing help maintain older people’s quality of life and independence, asks Jessica Harris.

UK’s live production industry sets sustainability goals

Hands helping
11 Sep 2015

The Sustainability in Production Alliance has outlined ten social, environmental and economic sustainability goals for the UK’s live production sector to achieve within the next ten years.

Policies for the people

Photo of girls playing in orchestra
16 Jul 2015

What would our public services look like if we used wellbeing evidence to inform policy-making? There would surely be more room for arts and culture, says Jessica Harris.

Getting granny into Gormley

Photo of man in front of painting
25 Jun 2015

Is it worth explaining conceptual contemporary art to ‘old age’ pensioners? Anna Goulding’s research suggests it might be.

Education for a changing world

Photo of the Titanic Belfast building
25 Jun 2015

Undervaluing the arts will leave young people playing catch-up in a world where creative innovation will be the most highly valued skill, says Pol MacCaba.

The arts effect

Photo of young people dancing
18 Jun 2015

Do arts projects in schools boost pupils’ health and wellbeing? Ros McLellan finds the current evidence positive, but says more persuasive research is needed.

Commissioning art for hospitals

Photo of sculpture in atrium
11 Jun 2015

Jane Willis gives advice on how to approach public art projects in healthcare settings so that everyone – patients, staff and artists – benefits.

Measuring the impact of dance

Photo of people dancing
26 May 2015

The debate about how to evaluate arts in health projects is being furthered by a new dance programme for people with Parkinson’s disease, says Sara Houston.

Dance solutions for the future

Photo of dancers performing
21 May 2015

Tense and lively discussions at Dance UK’s recent conference will form the basis of a five-year strategy for dance, says Caroline Miller.

Who are the commissioners?

Photo of people in meeting
30 Apr 2015

Linden Rowley explores who the commissioners of public services are, where to find them and how arts and cultural organisations can best talk to them.

Exchequer gains from health benefits of the arts, report suggests

Photo of a woman watching a performance
17 Apr 2015

Economists have attempted to quantify the extent to which increased tax revenues and health care cost savings are being realised from arts attendance and participation.


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