Report calls for changes to cultural commissioning

Photo of people singing in a choir
28 Apr 2016

Pilot projects in Kent and Gloucestershire have revealed procurement approaches are leaving arts and cultural organisations at a disadvantage, according to NEF. 

Still invited to the party

Photo of a ceramics workshop
14 Apr 2016

How can you attend a festival if you can’t leave your house? Michael Eades describes a project bringing the festival experience to people with dementia.

Art and the whole person

Photo of drawings on a wall
17 Mar 2016

Addiction isn’t easy to treat, but could a whole person approach that uses the arts help? Emma Drew makes the case. 

The power of performance

Photo of three women dancing
10 Mar 2016

Dance offers older people many physical and social benefits, but performing to an audience makes the greatest impact on wellbeing, believes Jemma Bicknell.

Life-saving courses

Photo of people painting
10 Mar 2016

Jane Rich reveals how Cambridge Community Arts creates unexpected joy through its creative courses that leave mental health at the door.

The reins back in my hands

Photo of three singers
10 Mar 2016

Struck down with depression, international singer and songwriter Rhoda Dakar reveals how volunteering on a music project helped her to take back control.

Making a difference

Photo of message on bridge
10 Mar 2016

In Birmingham, craft projects are not only helping young people learn new skills but giving their self-confidence and resilience a boost. Deirdre Buckley explains how.

A joyful union?

Photo of begging poster
10 Mar 2016

The arts and health may have been officially coupled with the launch of a new evaluation framework, but will they ever be comfortable bedfellows? Frances Williams has her doubts.

Developing a narrative for people, communities and place

Photo of choir rehearsal
03 Mar 2016

How can arts organisations present their offer more effectively to public service commissioners? Five pilot consortia have been working to do just that and Jessica Harris reports on what they’ve learned. 

The arts in green spaces

Photo of bird box
02 Feb 2016

Spending time in the great outdoors is proven to boost wellbeing, but how can the arts encourage people to do it? Nicky Goulder describes one project that is doing just that. 

Boost for arts in health as MPs commit to cause

Photo of cupcakes made out of paper
22 Jan 2016

A two-year inquiry will result in the publication of policy proposals, with the hope of seeing the arts become more valued as contributors to health.

A magical approach to healthcare

Photo of child doing trick with cups
17 Dec 2015

Could paintbrushes, violins and even magic wands soon be crucial tools for medical professionals? Yvonne Farquharson hopes so.

Research leads to evaluation framework for arts and health

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23 Nov 2015

Advice and resources to help arts and health professionals conduct more robust and credible evaluations of their work are being made more widely available through a new website.

Culture associated with ‘happiness’, DCMS analysis reveals

Photo of woman at an outdoor concert
12 Nov 2015

Those who attend the arts report significantly higher levels of happiness than those who don’t, but the opposite is true for those who visit libraries.

Prescribing the arts for better health

Photo of Creative Alternatives activity
05 Nov 2015

What are the opportunities for arts organisations interested in delivering ‘on prescription’ schemes? And do they outweigh the challenges? Jessica Harris investigates.

Local investment for local engagement

Photo of woman singing in a choir
20 Oct 2015

Want society to reap the health benefits of arts engagement? Stop directing so much funding to major organisations – these outcomes will only ever be a secondary objective for them, argues Peter Stark.

Reimagining education

Photo of girl in classroom
19 Oct 2015

England has some of the unhappiest schoolchildren in the world. But Paul Collard believes bringing artists into the classroom may help change that. 

In Harmony programme remains popular but research is inconclusive

Girl cello
09 Oct 2015

The second year report on the In Harmony initiative finds positive engagement but a lack of conclusive data about the success of the programme.


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