Arts to be further integrated into medical training

Photo of a stethoscope
26 Sep 2014

Healthcare workers will receive arts-based training in an attempt to reduce human error in medical interventions and improve patient safety and wellbeing.

Wellbeing analysis makes stronger case for the arts

Photo of participants in an arts event in York
12 Sep 2014

A focus on wellbeing would lead funders to place a greater emphasis on participatory arts, says Parliamentary report.

Mental health problems rife among professional musicians

Photo of a violinist
29 Aug 2014

A new report coincides with a Channel 4 documentary, shining a spotlight on the challenges faced by musicians.

Compare and contrast

Image of x-ray teddy
29 Jul 2014

Having worked in children’s arts and health in a London hospital, Victoria Jones, now in Melbourne in Australia, compares the respective creative programmes.

Health and social benefits spill over from the arts, says report

Photo of Turner Contemporary
18 Jul 2014

Arts organisations call for better evaluation tools as research reveals that the cultural sector is under-selling its role in promoting wellbeing and stronger communities.

Happiness or art?

Image of red staging
30 Jun 2014

The Cultural Value Project examines the value of the arts and culture rather than just its outcomes – and its negative effects. Patrycja Kaszynska introduces the project.

Cultural commissioning potential is unfulfilled, says report

Photo of a girl drumming
06 Jun 2014

The arts sector and the public are both missing out due to a communication gap between cultural organisations and local government and health commissioners. 

Arts engagement equivalent to £1k pay rise

Girls dancing
24 Apr 2014

New evidence of the social benefits of engagement in culture boosts the economic case for the arts.

Healthy evidence

Image of dancers in hospital
16 Apr 2014

A breakthrough in the way that arts in health programmes are developed and researched is set to transport arts activity into the health research mainstream. Tim Joss explains the power of the new AESOP 1 framework.

Prescribing the arts

Image of Arts on Prescription artwork
10 Apr 2014

The findings of a visual arts project for people with mental health problems make the case for further investment in the arts, health and wellbeing sector, says Gavin Clayton.

The music, dance and wellbeing mix

Imageof Epidemic
10 Apr 2014

Many participants in the Old Vic’s community projects now lead healthier and more active lifestyles, according to Alexander Ferris and his team.

The patient as artist

Image of End of Days
10 Apr 2014

Andy Wild gives an artist's perspective on how his work has had a positive impact on his life since he was diagnosed with cancer.

Dancing to escape

Image of performers in One Step Forward
10 Apr 2014

Dance workshops, courses and events in Somerset have allowed over 400 people with mental health issues to ‘escape their troubled minds’. Viv Gordon discusses their impact.

A shift to sharing values

Image of chimp installation
10 Apr 2014

A shared set of values to assess quality and outcomes needs to replace providing evidence of clinical effectiveness for arts interventions, believes Jane Willis.

ACE impact report in the firing line

A Photo of elderly people taking part in a music workshop
04 Apr 2014

A withering letter signed by senior academics raises serious concerns about the recent ACE review of the impact of the arts and the lack of scholarship and consultation with researchers in the field. 

Arts and health: commissioning bodies need to be on-side

A virtuous circle demonstrating a 'health pull'
03 Apr 2014

Demonstrating the effectiveness of arts interventions in dementia treatment will be key to unlocking funding, says new report.

Gaining credibility

Image of girl doing rope trick
29 Oct 2013

Yvonne Farquharson believes that academic research and evaluation are essential to demonstrate the clinical impact and cost-effectiveness of arts in health interventions.

Lottery Wars take a new turn

National Lottery sign
04 Oct 2013

A new threat to arts funding is emerging as the Health Lottery partners with the betting industry in its battle to take a bigger slice of the market.

Festivals for the future

Image of brass concert at Weymouth Bridge
30 Sep 2013

Gillian Taylor looks at how festivals can involve communities in making site-responsive works that create a sense of pride in lost and forgotten places.

Job Ladder

Trystan Hawkins
25 Sep 2013

Trystan Hawkins reveals his career path from Charity Officer and Administrator to Art Director.


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