ACE impact report in the firing line

A Photo of elderly people taking part in a music workshop
04 Apr 2014

A withering letter signed by senior academics raises serious concerns about the recent ACE review of the impact of the arts and the lack of scholarship and consultation with researchers in the field. 

Arts and health: commissioning bodies need to be on-side

A virtuous circle demonstrating a 'health pull'
03 Apr 2014

Demonstrating the effectiveness of arts interventions in dementia treatment will be key to unlocking funding, says new report.

Gaining credibility

Image of girl doing rope trick
29 Oct 2013

Yvonne Farquharson believes that academic research and evaluation are essential to demonstrate the clinical impact and cost-effectiveness of arts in health interventions.

Lottery Wars take a new turn

National Lottery sign
04 Oct 2013

A new threat to arts funding is emerging as the Health Lottery partners with the betting industry in its battle to take a bigger slice of the market.

Festivals for the future

Image of brass concert at Weymouth Bridge
30 Sep 2013

Gillian Taylor looks at how festivals can involve communities in making site-responsive works that create a sense of pride in lost and forgotten places.

Job Ladder

Trystan Hawkins
25 Sep 2013

Trystan Hawkins reveals his career path from Charity Officer and Administrator to Art Director.

Choral communities

Image of singers
23 Sep 2013

Group singing brings many benefits to people living in areas of disadvantage, according to a new report by Evan Dawson and Kathryn Deane.

New research reveals links between culture, health and happiness

Crowd watching street theatre
20 Aug 2013

A survey in Scotland has found that people who engage in culture are more likely to report good health and life satisfaction than those who do not.

New recognition for the role of arts in public health

Harpist on ward
19 Jul 2013

Better evaluation and wider sharing of research findings is seen as a priority for developing the most effective and efficient arts in heath interventions.

Arts included in wellbeing measures

happy audience
07 Jun 2013

A review of the criteria for tracking the nation’s wellbeing sees arts participation included for the first time.

Job Ladder

A photo of Judith Kilvington
06 Jun 2013

The new Executive Director of Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, Judith Kilvington, guides us through her career to date.

A funding fog

Image of poetry workshop
11 Apr 2013

Kate Massey-Chase discusses the impact of personal budgets on participants at CoolTan Arts.

The art of healing

Artist on wards
07 Mar 2013

Hospitals do not have to be about sterile rooms, uncertainty and isolation as Mark Norbury has proved at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

A numbers perspective

04 Mar 2013

In the second of three edited extracts from 'Fireworks', his book of provocation essays,  Dan Eastmond quantifies a disconnect between the public arts sector and the population.

Older men moving

Older men dancing
04 Feb 2013

Fergus Early is excited about the funding Green Candle Dance Company has secured for a dance and exercise project for groups of older men.

Creativity despite dementia

Photo of Arts 4 Dementia team at the Photographers' Gallery
04 Feb 2013

Veronica Franklin Gould of Arts 4 Dementia discusses how partnership projects are benefiting people with dementia by reviving their creative skills and developing new ones.

BollyWalking to better health

Photo of rehearsing hand movements at a dementia workshop
04 Feb 2013

‘Ageing artfully’ has introduced vulnerable older people to BollyWalking. Christina Christou and John Pinder of Akademi explain all.


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