Spending on public art grows but employment is down

28 Feb 2014

Private sector money aligned to public sector policy has been a catalyst for some growth in the market.

Ixia survey suggests slump in public art sector

Powerless Structures
28 Feb 2013

Employment prospects diminish further as the value of the sector shrinks again.

Exit for the Future

26 Feb 2013

As the arts are mollycoddled by protective funding and propped up by the instinct of stability, will the output of our creative institutions fall further behind the mind of the age? Dan Eastmond makes the case.

Planning vs localism

02 Jul 2012

Theresa Bergne considers the implications of national policy for public art at a local level, and describes the impact being felt in Bristol

Heavy hearts in public arts

16 Jan 2012

Pessimism and job insecurity are rife in the public art sector, suggests survey

Artists face a bleak future

23 May 2011

New report shows that the impact of cuts is falling heavily on artists

In the public eye

27 Sep 2010

Public art is all too often derided and overlooked by a sneering national press, but it’s time we appreciated the breadth of experience on offer says Claire Doherty


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