Outside the box

Photo of an interactive gallery installation
31 Jul 2014

Digital may be the first word to spring to mind when you think of Watershed, but it doesn’t come close to describing all that they do. Clare Reddington reflects on art-form silos and the pressure to reduce your work to a tick in a box on a funding form.

A brave digital world

Image of mobile phone
30 Jul 2014

Ali Hossaini believes that arts venues need to prepare for ‘digital placemaking’ by extending their use of in-house WiFi.

Creating a Non Tech City

Image of Tech City
19 Jun 2014

With Tech City dwindling in the rearview mirror, Toks Majek-Akisanya sets his SatNav for a 'Non Tech City' where the action is centred around the creative industries.

Competing for talent

Graphic of people - one singled out
28 May 2014

With fundraising in the UK currently suffering from an image problem, how can we find the next generation of top arts fundraisers? Michelle Wright makes some suggestions.

London ripe to become “cultural entrepreneurship” hub

23 May 2014

City of London report explains why policy makers and funders should be making the most of the opportunities presented by London’s creative and technology sectors.

Partners in production

Image of post-its from collaboration session
28 Apr 2014

The Leeds Creative Labs programme has funded collaborations between university academics and creative technologists. Sue Hayton reports.

Working in threes

Image of CATH workshop
24 Mar 2014

Richard Clay reports on a cross-sector, digital technology project, bringing together academics, cultural organisations and small or medium-sized companies.

Back to the future

crowd at a performance
26 Feb 2014

When it comes to audience data, Michael Nabarro says technology should be helping return us to our roots and emphasise what makes our sector special.

Advertising with AdWords

Screenshot of a AdWords advert
19 Feb 2014

A year since receiving a Google Ad Grant, Liz Walker and Frances Richens reflect on the highs and lows of Watford Palace Theatre’s campaigns.

Created in code

Image of participants at PixelPyros
10 Feb 2014

Seb Lee-Delisle describes how he used computer programming to create an interactive fireworks display.

A performance on the run

Image of I'd Hide You performance
10 Feb 2014

Ben Taylor describes an arts event where performers ran through city centre streets, commanded by the general public while they watched online.

Live streaming explored

Image of filming ballet dancers
10 Feb 2014

Live streaming offers exciting opportunities for both small and large arts organisations in many different ways, believes Andre Portasio.

Through the digital glass

An image of Google Glass V2
10 Feb 2014

What do the emerging digital technologies mean for live events? Hannah Rudman is excited by a pair of glasses.

Developing digital public space

Image of FACT a Connecting Cities project
10 Feb 2014

The growing demand for a digital public space, displaying work outside galleries through a variety of visual media, excites Mike Stubbs.

Digital fitness for all

Image of Stellar Quines
10 Feb 2014

AmbITion Scotland’s Make:IT:Happen fund aims to help Scotland’s cultural sector become digitally fitter. Ashley Smith-Hammond discusses its approach and some early results.

Playing with new tools

Image of Circus Starr performance
10 Feb 2014

The Digital R&D Fund for the Arts has resulted in several playful yet valuable collaborations between the arts and technology providers and researchers. Jon Kingsbury describes four projects.

DCMS pulled strings to support the National Funding Scheme

31 Jan 2014

The digital fundraising pilot scheme was granted almost £100k from Arts Council England’s ‘hidden’ strategic fund and is now being rolled out nationally.

Contest for cross sector digital innovations

16 Jan 2014

Nine digital start-up businesses and SMEs are being given the chance to win a share of £225k and to work with cultural organisations as well as big-name commercial brands.


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