Talk if you want to thrive

06 Jan 2021

In a time of great uncertainty, understanding audience attitudes and behaviours make the future a little more predictable, writes Maurane Ramon.

The most important people in the Zoom room

Actor performing as Alice in front of background with the mad hatter and queen of hearts
10 Dec 2020

Lucy Askew explores the possibilities behind a digital theatre platform that puts first things first, and the digital repertory company that will be testing it out.

The path to digital competence

Mentor directing student on code in front of a laptop
08 Dec 2020

If 2020 has given us anything, it’s a recognition that arts organisations need to engage with technology – and that they’re stronger for having it, writes Chris Unitt.

Bows, strings and IP addresses

Photo of the socially distanced orchestra and screens showing a feed of the conductor
08 Dec 2020

Technology has been working miracles delivering live performance online. Jonathan Vaughan asked Julian Hepple about the magic – and the mania – of making music at a distance.

Convince them you’re Covid-safe

People walking around a gallery
08 Dec 2020

Audiences are ready to return but they need reassurance to take the first step. A new digital toolkit will help bridge the gap, says Katy Raines.

How to replicate the concertgoing experience

Laptop confrence call screen in the foregrounf and two musicians in the background
08 Dec 2020

The much-vaunted idea of liveness relies on two different but equally important types of connection. Peter Ord examines the technical challenge of putting on a professional quality show from an artist’s own home.

Five things we’ve learnt from lockdown

Woman taking a photo of an art installing depicting a rainbow
03 Dec 2020

National and international research has examined the pandemic’s impact on fundraising, marketing and audience development strategies, but what do the findings mean for the arts, culture and heritage in 2021? Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy looks to the challenges that now lie ahead. 

Hiring ‘emerging’ disabled artists isn’t radical

Two people reading lines
02 Dec 2020

Do you think your organisation treats Deaf and disabled artists equally? Laura Guthrie says the sector’s outdated structures and traditions make that nearly impossible.

Culture-led funding or funding-led culture?

Silhouette of two people watching a live performance
02 Dec 2020

There is a crucial disconnect between how the sector evaluates the impact of culture and using it to influence policy. It’s time to reset the wheel, say Ben Walmsley and Emma McDowell.

Marrying creativity with community service

Two children eating at a canteen. One has spotted the camera and is giving the photographer side-eye
02 Dec 2020

Covid-19 means cultural institutions must take on their new civic role with as much imagination as possible. Sally Shaw and Firstsite had already embraced the challenge.

More alive than ever before

title confrence call screen with 6 performers working from home and a digital advent calender displayed in the center. A digital clock is counting down from 15.
01 Dec 2020

Despite what you may have heard, theatre isn’t dead. Moving online has made new spaces for creativity and collaboration that won’t close when venues reopen, writes Laura Killeen.

Beyond core audiences: culture’s currency lies in staying current

face masks drying on a washing line
25 Nov 2020

In a constantly changing landscape, the ability to understand and respond to audiences’ changing preferences and behaviours is vital. Anne Torreggiani shares findings from the first wave of The Audience Agency’s COVID-19 Monitor.

Planning in a time of radical uncertainty

Electric sign on a wall with 2 arrows pointing in different directions
25 Nov 2020

In these uncertain times, it’s important to return to our core principles: making the most of the information we have and not being afraid to experiment, explains David Reece.

Stop patronising and pigeonholing young creatives

A group of performers lying on stage distanced from one another
24 Nov 2020

Handing over the reins is a start, but it shouldn’t be an abdication of responsibility. Mentor Suzann McLean and mentee malakai sargeant put each other under the spotlight.

Embracing a sense of slowness

Two volunteers helping paint a shop's fornt doors
24 Nov 2020

Jon Flinn shares what happens when locking down provides the opportunity to reach up and out.

Ruffling the critics' feathers

Protester with a megaphone at a Black Lives Matter march in London
24 Nov 2020

Tajpal Rathore explains why he is creating a home for Black art that is more ambitious, more radical – more itself - free from the White gaze.

Fund us like art depends on it

Man working on his sculpture
18 Nov 2020

Susan Jones says freelance artists carry a unique economic burden that has left them vulnerable to the vicissitudes of Covid-19. An answer lies in a funding model that doesn’t take their livelihoods for granted.

We can’t rebuild if we’re not valued

Two people reading a script
18 Nov 2020

Rishi Sunak said hard hit workforces like the arts may have to retrain to adapt to the new economy. Sara Whybrew counters that the new economy means we must adapt our approach to training.

Getting copyright right

17 Nov 2020

Big brands and advertisers are cottoning on to the marketing potential of street art. What does that mean for the artists? Timothy Watkins unpacks the legal issues.

Access and authenticity need agency

I See You, Urban Projections at Frequency Festival 2019. Photo credit Electric Egg
17 Nov 2020

What the new importance of digital in arts and culture has shown most clearly is that now is the time to reinvent – not reinstate – the sector’s role in society, writes Samantha Lindley.


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