Captions speak louder

Lost Kingdom of South America at British Museum
17 Nov 2021

As part of Captioning Awareness Week, Melanie Sharpe is campaigning to raise awareness of access to the arts for deaf, defeaned and hard of hearing audiences. 

75 years of Arts Council and the amateur arts

10 Nov 2021

As he reflects on Arts Council England’s 75th anniversary, Robin Simpson thinks it’s not unfair to say it has never quite known what to do about the amateur arts.

Can corporate sponsorship be part of the environmental agenda?

10 Nov 2021

As arts organisations struggle with post-Covid recovery, Michelle Wright asks whether sponsorship can grow in this economic climate.

Do artists hold the key for achieving COP26 goals?

Polar Zero
10 Nov 2021

We need to think about how to live in a broken world, and how to begin to mend it. Christopher Smith says the arts and humanities are crucial to this.

From cultural participation to cultural ownership

Entelechy Arts Awayday
10 Nov 2021

Many organisations seek to put community at the heart of their work. But Maddy Mills asks why is it important and what does it actually look like for day-to-day business?

Creating safe and inclusive workspaces in theatre

Mercury Theatre
04 Nov 2021

As a new code of conduct is launched for the theatre industry, Sebastian Cheswright Cater makes the case for the journey the sector needs to go on to make meaningful change. 

We need more content specialists in the arts

04 Nov 2021

The pandemic has forced cultural organisations to develop their digital infrastructure and programming. But, as Zosia Poulter argues, the role of content is still not sufficiently recognised. 

Harnessing the power of young people

art night
04 Nov 2021

All arts organisations speak about the need to engage the next generation in culture. Sarah Kaye and Robert Dingle reflect on what works.

'A contemporary horror story'

Musicians rehearsing
04 Nov 2021

How do artists engage with people living with dementia? Stephen Higgins, Electra Perivolaris and Nina Swann share their different perspectives on a new project.

Rishi isn’t coming to the rescue 

phone screen with twitter logo
26 Oct 2021

This week’s budget shows that there’s no easy path to high wages and low ticket prices in theatre. So what’s next? asks Robin Cantrill-Fenwick.

Data are cultural: what does that mean for understanding well-being?

26 Oct 2021

For thousands of years philosophers have asked: ‘What makes for the good society?’, or ‘the good life?’ Susan Oman revisits these questions, asking how data help us understand - differently. 

Matchmaking creatives with empty spaces

old shop converted into artist's studio
26 Oct 2021

With many retail outlets and offices standing empty across the UK, an ingenious new charity is matching creatives with landlords. Will Jennings has the details.

Great Place Greater Manchester

26 Oct 2021

Julie McCarthy reflects on three years of action research into the role of culture in shaping the lives of the people of Greater Manchester.

Older women dancing

a woman dancing
26 Oct 2021

What is it like to perform as an older woman in an industry obsessed with youth? Sandy Cuthbert shares her experience of returning to the stage with ‘Epilogue’.

Covid-19 and the global cultural and creative sector

Man in a mask sitting in a low, celingless room
21 Oct 2021

Anthony Sargent says we need to identify what we've learned from Covid, then build on those foundations rather than reassemble broken pieces of the past.

Arts and higher education: a successful partnership in action

three people in discussion
21 Oct 2021

Creating and sharing new knowledge - through teaching, learning, impact and public engagement - lies at the heart of relationships between universities and cultural organisations, Professor Katy Shaw and Claire Malcolm write. 

An explosion of creative energy

image of Little Amal
21 Oct 2021

Universities often lack the resources for large scale art programmes, yet the University of Kent has launched an ambitious creative season. David Sefton explores the relationship between academic institutions and the arts.

Changing lives with creativity

image of a hand painting
21 Oct 2021

The arts have a huge role to play in health and wellbeing. Jane Rich shares how creative practitioners can support mental health without being mental health professionals themselves.

When boards go bad: how to take inclusive action

graphic of two characters arguing
13 Oct 2021

Over the past year, Amanda Parker has been privy to several board-level conflicts that she describes as nightmarish. Boards, she advises, need to ensure democratic processes support equitable redress. 

Where are the young people on arts boards?

Violinists playing
13 Oct 2021

Ten years ago, while most 21-year-olds were exploring their freedom, Toks Dada was spending his evenings and weekends reading company management reports, annotating business plans, and scrutinising financial accounts. Here he explains why.


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