Cultural democracy is key to audience engagement 

Warwick Gates and Whitnash
01 Mar 2022

Creating trust, promoting equity and putting cultural democracy at the heart of the vision for Coventry 2021 has been key to its success, says Kate Danielson.

Taking art to rural Europe

Magnitudini by Michela Paolini
01 Mar 2022

A unique organisation that works in the rural communities of Somerset has expanded its horizons to Europe. Ralph Lister shares the story.

Avoiding the pitfalls of partnership

hands connecting
22 Feb 2022

Sometimes it seems like successful artist/academic partnerships all come down to agreement over who’s paying for the tea and biscuits, writes Glenda Cooper.  

Theatre of sanctuary

Curious Monkey's Arriving Group performing at Refugee Week 2021
22 Feb 2022

For Amy Golding, creating a new play starts with an encounter that sparks inspiration, followed by working with a community invited to share the journey.

Mission should inform everything

image outside building of Farnham Maltings
16 Feb 2022

Being purpose driven and mission driven through the pandemic set Farnham Maltings up for success long into the future, just when they needed it most, as Paul Fadden reports.

Telling our stories

a man and woman eat takeaway food sat next to a dog staring at the food
16 Feb 2022

There are many reasons why arts organisations seek to diversify their staff and creatives, but there’s only one result: exciting, meaningful cultural outputs, says Inc Arts UK.

Building on the positives

Grand Union’s The Growing project documentary
09 Feb 2022

Audiences have had almost 24 months of remote engagement with culture. It’s now time to share evidence, learning, success and failure for the post-pandemic landscape, argues Fiona Morris.

A flexible marketing model

actors perform in a production of Wuthering Heights
09 Feb 2022

The nature of arts marketing has shifted over recent years with knock-on effects on relationships with producers. Howard Buckley assesses the opportunities of this new way of working. 

LEEDS 2023: levelling up in action

panoramic overhead view of Leeds city centre
09 Feb 2022

Since Britain’s exit from Europe, we have no longer been able to compete for European Capital of Culture. But, as Kully Thiarai writes, Leeds decided to do it anyway. 

Culture in crisis

visitors to a museum during the pandemic wearing facemasks
02 Feb 2022

Ben Walmsley reports on the key findings from a 15-month research project into the effects of the pandemic on the cultural sector.

Outdoor arts into the mainstream

02 Feb 2022

The main challenge for arts in outdoor spaces is that policymakers and funders tend to focus on art in buildings. But in a new report, Simon Chatterton says its time has finally come.

Mediating the ‘colonial gaze’

Image of the debating colonial photographs installation
25 Jan 2022

In times when the coloniality of many institutions is being called out, Paul Basu negotiates the ethics of displaying images and artworks gathered on a colonial expedition. 

Ways of working with universities revealed

performers dance in front of a lit up building
25 Jan 2022

One of the largest surveys ever undertaken between the arts and academia produced some new perspectives on how collaborations can be forged. Evelyn Wilson and Emily Hopkins share their insights.

World voices sing up

Richard Frostick delivers singing workshops for children in India.
25 Jan 2022

There’s widespread acknowledgement of the positive impact of singing on health and wellbeing. Celi Barberia outlines how a groundbreaking project is sharing these benefits with children from across the world.

Working dynamically

Z-Arts' contribution to 'Here and Now'.
25 Jan 2022

ACE’s Let’s Create strategy prioritises ‘dynamism’ as a funding principle. But what does it mean? Annabel Turpin and Gavin Barlow share how their organisation’s dynamism helped them respond to the pandemic. 

There are no creative ‘cold spots’

Members of an orchestra play the steel drums at a church
19 Jan 2022

Co-creation is often about professionals ‘inviting people in’. But, as Barbara Eifler argues, communities do not need to be organised - they are already doing it for themselves.

The metaverse is here to stay

Eclipse as part of Serpentine's Future Art Ecosystems Art x Metaverse by Zion Konig
19 Jan 2022

For good or bad, we need to learn to live with the metaverse. But what is it, and why is it important for the cultural sector to be involved? Kay Watson shares her insights.

Understanding audiences

black and white image of a crowd
19 Jan 2022

Regardless of debates about what audience development means, the main aim should be for more people to experience the arts, says Ash Mann

Building back better for parents and carers

a pregnant woman dancing in traditional clothing
19 Jan 2022

The pandemic has been particularly challenging for parents and carers trying to juggle their responsibilities with their working lives. Rethinking working practices could be beneficial for everyone, says Cassie Raine.

Black British theatre

Students at BADA
11 Jan 2022

In the wake of the killing of George Floyd, many drama schools committed to reform their curricula. Oladipo Agboluaje shares a ground-breaking programme that has emerged as a result.


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