The public art of placemaking

Mary Woolf artist with boundary line sign
07 Apr 2021

Public art can connect us to the places, landscapes and buildings where we live. Lindsey Hebden explains what that means in practice for young people in the Lakes and Dales.

Bursting the bubble: where next for socially distanced seating?

31 Mar 2021

Auditorium formats that worked well between lockdowns aren’t the answer to achieving full houses as restrictions are lifted. Urgent adaptations are needed to maximise capacity – and revenues – says Robin Cantrill-Fenwick.

Beyond Culture Recovery

31 Mar 2021

The distribution of Arts Council England’s Culture Recovery Fund has attracted widespread criticism, not least from those campaigning for greater diversity. Kevin Osborne calls for urgent action.

‘Aftershock’ – orchestras preparing for an uncertain future

31 Mar 2021

The combined effect of Covid and Brexit will make significant dents in the financial viability of the orchestral sector, in spite of Government support so far. Mark Pemberton considers the challenges ahead. 

Learning through drama: social distance without emotional distance

31 Mar 2021

Ava Hunt and Roger Wooster explore whether applied theatre has a future in a post-Covid world.

People need places (and vice versa)

31 Mar 2021

Caitlin Warfield writes that the future of culture and business in urban centres depends on their ability to work together.

Does Festival UK*2022 offer a blueprint for arts commissioning?

Screenshot from Festival UK* 2022 promotional video
24 Mar 2021

Writer-in-residence Francesca Millican-Slater reflects on the Festival's intensive R&D period - an experiment, she believes, in how tendering could be developed.  

Artists and researchers join forces for public art planning

Colourful absract artwork with a bckground of deep blues and grey swirls with bright pink and yellow layer over
24 Mar 2021

Sam Wilkinson and Rosie Murdoch explain how a speed dating approach to partnerships led to artworks and outcomes beyond their expectations.

Why members might leave you - and what you can do about it

Two people looking at a phone in a museum
24 Mar 2021

Museums’ survival depends on their members – and post-pandemic they're voting with their feet. Julia Protesaru proposes a new model for friends and membership schemes.

How to power recovery in the hard-hit North East

Crowd at a gig
24 Mar 2021

Abigail Pogson outlines the vital contribution the arts can – and should – make as the nation edges towards recovery.

Challenging the norms of dance

Someone mid-dance in a leotard kneeling on the floor
24 Mar 2021

Grace Nicol wants to redefine how we make dance to support more risky work. The answer, she thinks, lies in greater pastoral care.

12 months of Covid - where next?

Birmingham Hippodrome
18 Mar 2021

Live events in the arts and cultural sector have been among the very hardest hit by the pandemic, so one year on, how do arts leaders feel about this rollercoaster ride? Robert Sanderson asked some of those in the frontline to look back - and look ahead.

Cutting through the noise

The dining room at Charleston
17 Mar 2021

Many organisations are struggling to attract income during the pandemic. Merrin Kalinowski and Nathaniel Hepburn explore how crowdfunding can help realise your ambitions.

Send them to the moon

Apollo 16 LM on lunar surface (NASA)
17 Mar 2021

With a smartphone and a bit of carboard, museums’ aspirations for immersive experiences can reach astrological heights, writes Kaitlin Fritz.

Acting is an emotional assault

Richard Blackwood in Typical
17 Mar 2021

Wabriya King was told she had to be tough to be an actress. It’s not her who needed to change, she writes.

All I need is a hairbrush microphone

Woman singing into hairbrush
17 Mar 2021

Ruth Pitt reflects on the power of music and the projects that put it at the heart of recovery. 

Invest in making an impact

Illustration of a person standing on top of coins looking at another person
17 Mar 2021

Fran Sanderson says building back better means looking beyond what – and who – we know in funding to demonstrate the irrepressible worth of human creativity.

Can you do more together than alone?

11 Mar 2021

The Audience Agency shares its experience of the pains and gains of collaboration and partnership working.

Expression is what’s really important

09 Mar 2021

When we foster collaboration between the arts and research, we unlock untold benefits for professionals in both sectors, Christopher Smith writes.

Creativity is a lifesaver

Rosetta Life Rehearsals for This Is Here, 2019
08 Mar 2021

Lord Alan Howarth reflects on a journey in arts and healthcare that has a promising future.


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