A ‘revolutionary’ disability arts movement 

A female wheelchair-using dancer rests on her back, another female dancer balances on her head using the wheelchair for support
11 Jan 2022

Ten years on from London 2012, disability arts programmes continue to impact artists and audiences around the globe. Tim Wheeler reports on the British Council's work in disability arts.

Fragile livelihoods

11 Jan 2022

A collective of dance freelancers has initiated a critical response to the fragile nature of their livelihoods. Anna Alvarez and Alister O’Loughlin say they are aiming for long term change.

Tackling the climate crisis

Climate change workshop
11 Jan 2022

The cultural sector has a role to play in driving the change needed to respond to the climate crisis. But much has been overlooked in the conversation to date, says Lauren Healey.

New year resolutions to transform the sector

05 Jan 2022

It’s that time of year when we reflect on the last 12 months and hatch plans for the next. Laura Twemlow shares details of a new programme for the new year.

More inclusive classical music

violinists play classical music in an orchestra
05 Jan 2022

Poor quality data about classical music is a significant obstacle to understanding its lack of diversity. But Anna Bull thinks ACE’s new research provides some valuable insights.

January challenge

Hands showing how to make the word 'together' in Makaton
05 Jan 2022

Last year, more than 50,000 people took part in a creative challenge. Now the invitation to rise to the January challenge is open again. Michaela Tranfield has the details.

What are the rules for performing artists coming to the UK?

photo of band playing a concert to an audience
07 Dec 2021

One year on, artists are still struggling with the legal complexities around performance in the UK. Gary McIndoe explains the details.

Covid smokescreen conceals true impact of Brexit

protest sign showing Boris Johnson in clown makeup
07 Dec 2021

Brexit has had a huge emotional impact and has affected the funding, mobility, and partnerships of UK cultural organisations. Charlotte Faucher has been investigating.

Australia and the arts during Covid

Lamb, Frankston Arts Centre, February 2021
07 Dec 2021

Most reports of the plight of the arts during the pandemic have focused on economic analysis. Julian Meyrick asks what the arts might teach economics.

Flying the flag

A group of people look over a flag in a courtyard
07 Dec 2021

This week is the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. To mark the occasion, the UK arts sector launched Fly The Flag in 2018. Kate McGrath shares what has been achieved.

Is the future of digital theatre in the balance?

a digital camera records a stage
01 Dec 2021

Over half of publicly subsidised theatres that streamed performances during the pandemic have reverted to in-person performances only. Richard Misek has been investigating why.

Breaking down class barriers

four actors performing on stage
01 Dec 2021

Performing arts students from working class backgrounds face considerable barriers to entering the theatre profession. Andrew Muir has set up a programme to address this.

A new wave of leaders

image of seeds growing into plants
25 Nov 2021

A new Office for Leadership Transition is advocating for more diversified models of cultural leadership. Sandeep Mahal shares the aims of the programme.

Missing voices in culture, health and wellbeing research 

neon sign reading 'and breathe'
25 Nov 2021

In recent years, cultural practitioners have been working in ever more challenging health and social care spaces. Robyn Dowlen looks at how their experiences are represented in the research literature.

A pernicious culture of unpaid work

a girl watches a pottery demonstration
25 Nov 2021

For a sector that’s for and by people, why do we find it so hard to invest in the very thing that makes us? asks Sara Whybrew.

Council and cultural sector collaboration

image of Goldsmith's Battle of Lewisham mural
25 Nov 2021

How do local authorities and arts organisations work together to bid for a year-long festival? Liz Dart and Gavin Barlow share their experience.

Building meaningful participation

an outdoor community arts project
17 Nov 2021

Research suggests that organisations are feeling an increased urgency to deepen connections with the communities they serve, as Anne Torregiani reports.

Co-creating change

Battersea Arts Centre, Co-Creating Change
17 Nov 2021

How do we enable people to create real change through art and culture? David Price believes it's through harnessing the ‘power of us’.

Shaping a city

Art installation in Coventry cathedral
17 Nov 2021

Jon Davis explores how Coventry’s history is a map to its artistic and cultural future. 


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