Issue 247: The arts and regeneration , Issue 247: Policing the arts

  • The arts and regeneration, Policing the arts

    16 Jan 2012

    Katy S Austin examines the current barriers around creative therapies and talks to artist Stuart Semple about how his immersion in art healed him more than drugs ever could

    As a nation, statistics paint a bleak picture of our mental health. In a survey carried out in 2007 it was found that 16.2% of adults met the criteria for at least one ‘common mental disorder’ (CMD). The situation is worse for women with a quarter (25.2%) of female 45-54 year olds meeting the criteria for at least one CMD. In more extreme cases, particularly where a patient has undergone a significant trauma, GPs are increasingly turning to medication to help people get back to mental... more

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