If you are looking for talented new people to join your team, ArtsProfessional can connect you to a wide and diverse range of well-qualified candidates. People who read ArtsProfessional tend to be:

  • committed to best practice
  • hungry for professional development
  • determined to work with creative people
  • and see their work as a career path, not just a job

Your advertising options

We’ve come up with a wide range of price options to suit every budget and help ensure that the right people with the right skills know about your vacancy.

Premium listing: great for senior/middle management or hard-to-recruit roles, extensive distribution and prominence next to editorial reaching AP readers as well as active job-seekers (from £450)

Standard listing: effective specialist recruitment suitable for roles at all levels in cultural organisations (from £350)

Basic listing: budget great value option for attracting job-hunters looking for openings in the cultural sector (from £250)

Junior jobs package: an entry level price for entry-level roles and paid internships, where budgets are tightest (£95 – conditions apply)

Special rates and discounts

Chairs and trustees: discounts for these unpaid roles where quality candidates are vital (from £200) 

Project roles: discounts for organisations needing freelancers or consultants for a short-term injection of temporary specialist expertise (from £125 – conditions apply) 

Multiple bookings: the more you book, the more you save

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