A research service from Arts Professional – taking the pulse of the arts sector on policy issues affecting artists, arts organisations and those who work in them.

Having your voice heard on arts policy can be difficult in a sector where major funders and policy-makers are one and the same. Those who would like to challenge the status quo can be reluctant to speak up, and for the health of the sector as a whole, we think that needs to change.

Articles, blogs and Twitter all create a valuable outlet for new ideas and enable their authors to share their frustrations too, but they require the commentators to step out of the shadows, and not everyone is in a position to do that.

AP Pulse aims to give arts professionals a voice on the issues that matter to them and their organisations – without having to reveal their identity. It is a survey-based opportunity to have a say on key policy issues that affect the arts sector. It will enable arts professionals to put forward their views anonymously, and for those views to be drawn together to form the basis of articles written specifically for ArtsProfessional readers.

Each AP Pulse investigation includes a simple tick-box questionnaire on a specific policy-related issue, but the survey will also provide space for you to make more detailed responses – either short comments or longer reflections. Analysis and interpretation of the figures and the qualitative responses will highlight the key issues that emerge.

Normally we publish the findings and comments in full un-edited* form. We will share these as widely as possible to stimulate debate and ensure that the undercurrents that so often lie beneath the surface in the sector are given the chance to be aired in public.

AP Pulse was created in response to those of you who took the trouble to respond to an AP readership questionnaire, when over half of you told us that you would value more investigative journalism. We hope that this initiative will deliver some of your hopes for the future of Arts Professional.

*Subject to moderation of comments