The 2018 ArtsPay survey has been designed to give employees, freelance workers, artists and business owner-managers the chance to contribute to an ongoing research programme through which the realities of pay in the arts and cultural sector can be better understood.

The survey has now closed, and we are working on the data analysis. The findings will shed light on key questions that won’t be answered elsewhere.

  • For you as an individual, they will reveal whether you’re being paid in line with sector norms, and what you might earn in a more senior role.
  • They will help organisations set realistic pay levels that will attract potential workers, and understand what they might need to do to retain experienced workers.
  • For policy-makers, they will provide a benchmark against pay levels in other sectors, and shine a light on pay discrimination.
  • And for freelances, they will help you assess the level of fees being charged in the sector, and whether you are making the most from your pitches for work

We’ll be reporting back soon... watch this space!


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