Classical and jazz artists are 'doing badly' from streaming royalties

Man with headphones and microphone recording on a laptop
03 Dec 2020

Fear of being excluded holds artists back from challenging the major platforms.

More alive than ever before

title confrence call screen with 6 performers working from home and a digital advent calender displayed in the center. A digital clock is counting down from 15.
01 Dec 2020

Despite what you may have heard, theatre isn’t dead. Moving online has made new spaces for creativity and collaboration that won’t close when venues reopen, writes Laura Killeen.

Access and authenticity need agency

I See You, Urban Projections at Frequency Festival 2019. Photo credit Electric Egg
17 Nov 2020

What the new importance of digital in arts and culture has shown most clearly is that now is the time to reinvent – not reinstate – the sector’s role in society, writes Samantha Lindley.

A new home for cancelled festivals

A storyteller, sat outside on a dusty floor, sharing to a group of listers surrounding them
17 Nov 2020

Lucie Andersen-Wood explains how this year’s festivals have combined oral tradition with broadcasting – and given performers a new home.

EXCLUSIVE: Due diligence checks on emergency grants were automated

05 Nov 2020

New software that assesses thousands of applications at once gave Arts Council England funding applicants a red, amber or green rating based on their risk of fraud or financial failure.

Theatres and AI: the brave new world ahead

Graphic of people on their phones in the theatre
05 Nov 2020

While theatres are in lockdown it’s difficult to look ahead. But Andrew Howard sees technological change as driving a new and better customer experience in the future, and that change is almost upon us. 

How VR could save theatre

A woman leaning to her left, configuring light rigging.
05 Nov 2020

Even during the pandemic, virtual reality can offer a bridge into theatre for digitally curious audiences. Laura Mallows explains how Theatre-in-VR can reach those whose go-to artforms might normally be cinema, gaming or visual art.

Sector looks to digital for post-pandemic bounce

21 Oct 2020

Cultural organisations and funders are investing in digital to keep artistic activity alive - whether social distancing rules persist or not.

DCMS Committee to investigate streaming

A man singing into a microphone in a studio
15 Oct 2020

A new DCMS Committee Inquiry is set to "shine a torch into the murky corners of the streaming payment model".

Zoom: shows promise but could do better

15 Oct 2020

What would the digital performing arts look like if the arts had their own software platform, responsive to artistic needs? Ron Evans explores the possibilities.

Families could boost sector's recovery, survey suggests

08 Oct 2020

Families are willing to pay as-usual prices for digital and outdoor arts events, but organisations' offerings must meet their specific needs, researchers say.

New spaces, new places, new audiences

wilderness festival
30 Sep 2020

Taking indoor activity into outdoor spaces offers one possible solution to the challenge of social distancing. Kate Rolfe explores how it’s being done.

Audiences will pay for 'live digital' events, survey suggests

22 Sep 2020

70% of audiences say they are willing to pay for digital events as full capacity shows remain on ice. But the shift towards user-pays models "will be a challenge," experts warn.

What can – and should - you charge digital audiences?

Woman debating online purchase with credit card
15 Sep 2020

Even if people are willing to pay for digital performances, are they willing to pay enough? Robin Cantrill Fenwick examines the data emerging from the pandemic’s rush to digitise, and where the income opportunities lie.

Covid-19 spawns 'digital only' audiences

02 Sep 2020

Survey data that suggests a third of digital arts audiences only engage online raises new possibilities for the post-Covid cultural sector.

Learning through lockdown

Naomi Atherton recording her video at sunrise
13 Jul 2020

The pandemic didn’t stop Music in the Round running the Sheffield Chamber Music Festival online – and learning from the experience. Jo Towler shares the outcomes, and the lessons for the future.

Do we still need record labels?

an RCA record playing on a deck
07 Jul 2020

The costs of making and distributing music have both come down, but streaming income is very low. John Funge examines the financial challenges facing artists trying to promote their own music.

Building online relationships with supporters

Bird's eye view of unoccupied red theatre seating
30 Jun 2020

In the current climate it’s time to adapt digital fundraising strategies and look at how your data can help boost online donations, says Lucy Costelloe.

Facing the future in the digital sphere

30 Jun 2020

Despite the blow the lockdown has dealt to its plans, dreams, ambitions and finances, Tomorrow’s Warriors are managing to think positively about the future. Janine Irons explains how.

The pivot to digital: catching up and moving forward

image of a woman on a MacBook Air screen with an explosion behind her
10 Jun 2020

As live-to-digital capture, broadcast and live-streaming are embraced more widely in the rush to build up work online, emerging technologies and creative approaches are also bringing new experiences in very different ways. Marcus Romer explains.


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