Being an international in the creative sector

Photo of Concorde
12 Feb 2018

Julie Bécaud, now a researcher at the Scottish Maritime Museum, explains her first steps into the arts in the UK.

Event marketing firm announces acquisitions

06 Jun 2022

Live entertainment marketing platform Activity Stream has acquired mobile ticketing specialists crowdEngage and event and venue management firm Yesplan.

Activity Stream said the move will strengthen its offerings to the live entertainment and experience sector, creating the first company to offer solutions across the life-cycle of an event, from event planning, marketing, communications, sales management and customer engagement through to event delivery.

The new company now has a client base of more than 450 organisations around the world in 20 countries.

Einar Saevarsson, founder and Chief Executive of Activity Stream, said: “Our mission when we founded Activity Stream was to accelerate the digital transformation of the live entertainment industry by offering intelligent tools that any experience brand could master, afford and greatly benefit from.” 

“Our clients want to build stronger, deeper and longer term relationships with each and every one of their visitors. We allow any experience brand to easily join up their many data sets and customer touch points, to produce meaningful, personalised and relevant communications, that drives revenue and loyalty.”

“The addition of Yesplan and crowdEngage places Activity Stream solutions at the very heart of some of the world’s greatest events and experiences.”

What is market research?

26 May 2022

There are many misconceptions about market research and who is or isn’t qualified to undertake it. Robin Cantrill-Fenwick unravels its mysteries.

Comparing apples to oranges

image of a light bulb
17 May 2022

Arts organisations increasingly use data to inform their decision making. But, argue David Johnson and Sarah Thelwall, if it’s not relevant, it risks being distracting, or even misleading.

UNBOXED 2022 working on 'a recipe for failure'

17 Mar 2022

A scathing report from MPs says the festival is "an irresponsible use of public money" set to prove its sceptics right. How fair is the criticism?

Performance school demands diverse audiences for corporate gigs

15 Feb 2022

The academy's Co-Director says he will no longer put young Black performers in spaces where they don't see themselves represented.

A flexible marketing model

actors perform in a production of Wuthering Heights
09 Feb 2022

The nature of arts marketing has shifted over recent years with knock-on effects on relationships with producers. Howard Buckley assesses the opportunities of this new way of working. 

Convince them you’re Covid-safe

People walking around a gallery
08 Dec 2020

Audiences are ready to return but they need reassurance to take the first step. A new digital toolkit will help bridge the gap, says Katy Raines.

Colston Hall reborn as Bristol Beacon

23 Sep 2020

Bristol Music Trust says the new title reflects a more inclusive narrative where music - not history - "is at the heart of what we do".

Time to let go of protective control

Newcastle Gateshead Cultural Venues skyline
23 Jun 2020

Given where we now find ourselves, we have few choices but to pool resources and develop new economic and business structures within which the arts will be able to thrive in the future. Anne Bonnar and Hilary Keenlyside propose some fundamental building blocks.

Refund scandal could tarnish the reputation of the theatre industry

people standing casullay outside the Savoy Theatre in London
15 May 2020

Ticket buyers fighting to claim refunds from ATG Tickets have found the company is not automatically refunding transaction fees, claiming this is in line with the industry’s Code of Practice.

Funding ethics: what to do when crisis hits

A photo of placards at a climate protest
06 Feb 2020

In the ethical spotlight? Get on the front foot by appealing to values, says Kate Fielding. You need to explain what you’re doing and why.

Discounting: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

A photo of cowboys against a red sunset
23 Jan 2020

Offering discounts? If you don’t have a reason for cutting prices and are inconsistent with your offers, don’t expect your customers to play nicely, says David Reece.

Why great customer service isn't enough

A photo of a man and a woman laughing in an auditorium
16 Jan 2020

It’s time we all started thinking of ourselves as experience makers. Lasting memories and positive emotions can be created at every point of contact with audiences, writes Lucy Costelloe.

Is podcasting the way forward?

Microphones and headphones on a desk
09 Jan 2020

It’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd. Matt Locke shares his top tips on how to make more of your digital content.

Job Ladder: 'I’ve always followed what felt right'

Photo of Jake Orr
05 Dec 2019

From freelance marketing to running his own production company, Jake Orr has always been willing to take a leap into the unknown.

Artists face financial squeeze as 'perfect storm' of market trends favours the elite

Photo of art auction
18 Nov 2019

Artists will increasingly need multiple income streams and brand collaborations to fund their creative practice in an Instagram-fuelled marketplace, a new report says.

When gut instinct can lose you audiences

Ticketsolve speaker addressing the Dublin Forum
07 Nov 2019

Intuition can take you only so far. You’ll be more successful at retaining audiences and reviving lapsed attenders if you use data rather than instinct to develop customer loyalty, says Sarah McAleavy.

Asking nicely

Photos of a transparent donations box and a multi-coloured contactless donations box
31 Oct 2019

As part of a fundraising strategy donation boxes consistently fail to fulfil their potential, but does it have to be this way? Bernard Ross explains what’s going wrong – and the research exploring how to put it right.

How to influence inclusivity 

31 Oct 2019

By defining what inclusivity means for you and empowering all staff to make suggestions or raise concerns, you can identify where your work and your organisation are falling short, says Amy Firth.


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