Marriage guidance for the arts

27 Feb 2012

Rachel Escott looks at the benefits of marketing collaborations for touring productions

No more blind data

27 Feb 2012

Jane Donald and Sam Stone explain how the RSNO is meeting the challenge of understanding its geographically disparate audience base

Breaking bread

27 Feb 2012

Natalie Wilson outlines a new schools touring strategy based on collaboration

Expanding horizons

27 Feb 2012

Hayward Touring takes work by hot contemporary artists into the UK’s cultural ‘cold spots’. Roger Malbert explains what goes on behind the scenes

On the road and on the radar

27 Feb 2012

Arts Council England is making a new funding commitment to touring: Jodi Myers is hoping that this will deliver what the sector really needs

Touring and capital development are prioritised in ACE’s new strategic funds

31 Oct 2011

Arts Council England emphasises collaborative projects and financial sustainability throughout its new funding programmes

Working together

25 Jul 2011

Ralph Lister takes a look at the National Rural Touring Forum and its efforts to improve arts access in rural areas

Getting the show on the road

04 Jul 2011

How does a touring agent in Australia go about planning a four-month tour of 43 venues spanning more than 7.5 million square kilometres? Harpreet Kaur shares her experiences

Beyond the sea…

03 Feb 2011

Norway and England have very different theatre ecologies, but by working in both of them a theatre company can extend its reach and reputation, says Alex Byrne

Self conscious?

22 Nov 2010

Judith Knight considers the ethics and practicalities of international touring in an era of ecological disasters

Greenlight your ideas

13 Sep 2010

The arts sector is quick off the mark to generate eco-friendly reports and recommendations but, asks Debra Reay, why is it stalling on practice?


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