Engaging young wealthy donors: heartstrings before purse strings

02 Jun 2021

Recent research provides insights to building lifetime relationships with the funders of the future. Lisa Rose outlines the main findings.

Auction to split proceeds equally between artists

20 Sep 2021

Educational arts charity Art UK has opened an auction fundraiser which will split proceeds equally between all participating artists.

Buy Art To Help Art UK features a live auction at London's Cromwell Place on September 29 and an online auction, now open for bids until September 30.

The auctions include work from over 140 artists priced from £50 to £50,000, but proceeds will be split equally between the artists.

Art UK Director Andy Ellis says the charity's share of sales will go towards increasing access to its national art collection, expanding its learning resources and telling the stories of underrepresented artists.

“Please support us if you can by buying a great piece of art or telling your friends about what’s on offer."

Giving circles and the arts

a border of hands reaching into the centre
14 Sep 2021

Philanthropy is sometimes described as a ‘privilege’ of the wealthiest. But, as Michelle Wright argues, research suggests that giving circles can provide a meaningful and empowering experience at all levels.

Reflections on fundraising in the time of Covid-19

image of the Roundhouse Theatre
20 Jul 2021

The last 18 months have seen arts fundraisers face numerous challenges in trying to bring in income when the sector has been in such flux, says Michelle Wright.

How does political work get funded?

Projection of "Are you numb yet?" onto a building
29 Jun 2021

Who decides what political work is worth funding? And has the moment passed by the time the funding comes through? Kathryn Bilyard and Alistair Spalding share their new rapid response art fund. 

Ten arts organisations receive a quarter of trust and foundation funding

28 Apr 2021

Private funders are increasingly interested in supporting new business models and the cultural workforce, growing their aid in response to Covid-19.

Prince Philip: a steadfast supporter of the arts

14 Apr 2021

Arts leaders and organisations have paid tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh as a committed patron of both the orthodox and the unconventional.

The long road to fundraising apprenticeships

13 Apr 2021

Employers in arts, culture and heritage face hard choices about what to invest in and how to effectively plan for the long term, writes Michelle Wright.

Cutting through the noise

The dining room at Charleston
17 Mar 2021

Many organisations are struggling to attract income during the pandemic. Merrin Kalinowski and Nathaniel Hepburn explore how crowdfunding can help realise your ambitions.

Invest in making an impact

Illustration of a person standing on top of coins looking at another person
17 Mar 2021

Fran Sanderson says building back better means looking beyond what – and who – we know in funding to demonstrate the irrepressible worth of human creativity.

Fighting online fatigue

Man sitting at a laptop
03 Mar 2021

Funders and audiences are losing their appetite for virtual events, writes Michelle Wright. What comes next for arts fundraising? 

Five things we’ve learnt from lockdown

Woman taking a photo of an art installing depicting a rainbow
03 Dec 2020

National and international research has examined the pandemic’s impact on fundraising, marketing and audience development strategies, but what do the findings mean for the arts, culture and heritage in 2021? Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy looks to the challenges that now lie ahead. 

The impact of Covid-19 on fundraising: should we tear up the rule book?

Woman in gallery looking at painting
29 Oct 2020

Right now past data is a poor predictor of the future, but understanding the scale and nature of change while responding to issues and initiatives of importance to funders will be vital to future success, say Michelle Wright and Sarah Thelwall.

The World’s Largest Arts Fundraising Experiment

15 Oct 2020

‘Following the science’ has revealed some surprising findings in a programme aimed at finding out what really influences individual donors. Bernard Ross shares the outcomes.

Preventing accidents – the problems of attracting fundraising talent

23 Sep 2020

Recruiting on the basis of passion for the arts doesn’t make sense in vital income-generating roles, says Michelle Wright. Sector leaders need a talented pool of fundraisers with recognised knowledge and skills.

International fundraising: is it right for you?

Exterior of the New York Metropolitan Opera house
16 Sep 2020

Could fundraising overseas be a profitable enterprise for you, with an achievable return on investment? Nancy Bickson explains what you need to think about before taking the plunge.

Covid will affect future lottery funding, experts warn

27 Aug 2020

The National Lottery faces major challenges as more charities clamour for support.

Reluctance to ‘make the ask’ holds back fundraising success, report finds

07 Aug 2020

Without financial support, small organisations will make little progress in diversifying their income streams as they lack the resources to develop fundraising strategies.

'Super active' customers key to keeping up donations, survey suggests

06 Aug 2020

Some UK arts organisations have used the Covid crisis to "dramatically increase" income from donations, but the overall picture remains grim.

Lottery money to be spread further and thinner

23 Jul 2020

After a four-month closure, Arts Council England has reopened its project grants programme to more people and organisations than ever before.


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