Creative and commercial

Photo of silk screens
28 Aug 2015

The 2008 crash shook Ali Pretty’s outdoor arts company hard. But after a bold decision to split the organisation in two, it’s now doing better than ever. 

Gift Aid: speak now or forever...

Photo of a table of Champagne
24 Aug 2015

Unless arts organisations make their voices heard in the Government's Gift Aid consultation, the sector could shortly be facing a whole new set of challenges, says Philip Spedding.

Arts buildings told to build with a green mind

Woman ground sun theatre
14 Aug 2015

A new guide by Julie’s Bicycle provides advice on integrating environmental sustainability into capital project funding bids.

Swipe, tap and donate

Photo of Give on keyboard
16 Jul 2015

There are probably more millionaires in your audience than you think. Libby Penn reveals how to find high-net-worth individuals already in your database.

The secrets of sponsorship

Iamge of outdoor performance
02 Jul 2015

Is it possible for small, regional arts organisations to secure significant income through sponsorship? Heather Stewart shares the secrets of two festivals that have done just that.

Is our funding system still fit for purpose?

Photo of a motorcycle overtaking a bike
25 Jun 2015

Arts organisations are changing rapidly to keep up with economic developments, but are grant-makers keeping up? Michelle Wright has her doubts.

Setting up shop

Photo of a visitor in the Soane Shop
28 May 2015

Since opening its museum shop two years ago, the Sir John Soane Museum has seen it go from strength to strength, developing a valuable new income stream. Xanthe Arvanitakis explains how.

A story of survival

Photo of Making Music singers
23 Apr 2015

When Making Music learnt that it was no longer a National Portfolio Organisation, it was forced to rethink how it operated. Barbara Eifler describes a difficult six months.

Recognising our true value

Image of audience for poetry event
26 Mar 2015

Convinced that the current trend towards an instrumentalist approach to arts funding underestimates the true value of the arts to society, Graham Henderson urges arts organisations to seek new sources of earned income with greater confidence.

Achieving artistic ambitions

Exterior of The Lowry
26 Feb 2015

Financial independence and an ambitious artistic programme may seem incompatible, but Julia Fawcett has found a solution combining commercial savviness, efficiencies and sound planning.

A production at last

Image of Beached
03 Nov 2014

Securing funding to produce its own play for the first time has been the breakthrough that Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury has wanted for some time, says Mark Everett.

Change as a way of life

Image of dance performance outside offices
29 Oct 2014

Mira Kaushik records the changes that her dance company has made in response to sudden cuts in government funding.

Expert advice on fundraising challenges

Image of workshop
13 Oct 2014

As arts fundraisers continue to put heart and soul into securing their organisations' financial future, we share four fundraising experts' advice on the key challenges they are facing, from communications and digital fundraising to data analysis and entrepreneurship.

Sponsorship revisited

Photo of the Illy Biennale Cafe
29 Sep 2014

Roberta Comunian argues that traditional views on the benefits of arts sponsorship to business have been far too limited, as demonstrated by some recent collaborations in Italy.

Active sponsorship

Image of a mentoring session
02 Jun 2014

Northern Trust’s employees are actively involved in a community partnership with the RPO, says Naomi Venn.

No more feast or famine

Screenshot of the AccessArt website
26 May 2014

The AccessArt website has switched from being project-funded to self-sustaining thanks to its membership income. Paula Briggs tells the story.

Your royalty rights

Image of a guitarist
24 Mar 2014

As a performer, songwriter or producer are you receiving the royalties due to you? Keith Harris reports on the millions PPL collects from the licensing of recorded music in the UK and overseas.

Fairer funding for all

Figure on funding distribution
03 Mar 2014

In light of the current debate about ACE's distribution of funding, Carol Reid explains how the regional allocation formula built into Youth Music's grant-making process is leading to a more equitable balance across its portfolio.

Managing your membership scheme

Image of National Arts Pass card
03 Feb 2014

In Alex Youel’s second article on membership schemes, he shines a light on operational aspects as the scheme grows.

Join the conversation now!

Image of Raspberry Pi workshop at Wysing Arts
27 Jan 2014

Sarah Stannage warns that many arts organisations may be missing out on European and Government funding available through Local Enterprise Partnerships.


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