Touring public spaces

Image of public spaces tour
07 Oct 2013

A new wave of artists’ tours encourages us to look differently at the public spaces (like car parks) we see around us. Bill Aitchison explores these new tours.

A new partner

Image of visitors at MOMA
13 Jun 2013

Global Travel Industry News offers some tips to tourist destinations on how they can work in partnership with arts organisations.

Natural progression

Image of dancer at Craigieburn Gardens
13 Jun 2013

Leah Black explains how Spring Fling, originally a visual arts and craft event, has attracted new visitors by embracing nature and the environment.

A rough guide to cultural tourism

Image of Manchester Museum
13 Jun 2013

Helen Palmer and Susie Stubbs describe how cultural tourism can work – and has worked in Manchester.

A land of adventure and discovery

Image of performance of 'Passion'
13 Jun 2013

David Alston recognises that Wales’ physical attractions pull in most tourists but believes that exciting and innovative cultural work is well worth discovering too.

Arts sector is “scaremongering” says Minister

Ed Vaizey
14 Mar 2013

Vaizey's rejects any notion of 'the arts in crisis' but local authority survey findings tell a different story.

Recovering from shock

Photo of Elemental Force
04 Mar 2013

Times of austerity and pending funding cuts from the public purse are actually opportunities to develop new ways of working, potentially leading to greater long-term sustainability, according to Stephen Munn.

Cultural tourism moves up the agenda

West End
08 Feb 2013

A £3m Lottery fund will aim to stimulate economic benefits from cultural tourism as ACE and VisitEngland join forces. 

Open minds fill pockets, dudes

27 Feb 2012

The arts sector should be more open to ideas from elsewhere, suggests Liz Hill

Mutual benefits

06 Feb 2012

By coordinating partnerships between the cultural and tourism sectors, aka is growing both industries. Alain Airth explains how

Hip-op to hip-hop

06 Feb 2012

Pavilion Dance harnessed a booming summer tourist market to help make a place for itself on an emerging cultural scene. Jo O’Connell tells all

Grab that tourist

06 Feb 2012

New Brewery Arts won the Silver Retail Tourism Prize at the Cotswold Tourism Awards. Ali Russell describes her strategy

With a little help from your friends

06 Feb 2012

Jennifer Cooling explains why buddying up to your local tourism body could encourage a wonderful, mutually-beneficial relationship

Tapping into cultural tourism

06 Feb 2012

Culture can play an important role in motivating people to make a visit. Lorna Easton explains how arts organisations can make the most of the opportunities this presents.

Playing the long game

06 Feb 2012

Jane Packham and Rachael Roe are optimistic about the longer-term tourism potential of the 2012 Olympics

Collective voice and collective will

16 Jan 2012

Richard Nutter explains how a consortium of Liverpool’s major cultural organisations has developed a comprehensive strategic approach that places the arts and culture at the heart of the city’s social agendas


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