Up in the air

11 Jun 2012

Simon Wales describes how a creative and cultural space in West Bromwich has transformed its ecosystem with a community of floating lily pads

Open doors

21 May 2012

Across the UK and US the prison arts community is forming a transatlantic network. Becky Mer examines the ins and outs

The art of playfulness

21 May 2012

Play is a fundamental part of artistic projects that aim to improve the lives of disabled people, says Ciara Brennan

Transition town

21 May 2012

Transition initiatives help communities become stronger and happier and they are springing up all over the place. Hilary Jennings and Belinda Sosinowicz describe how Transition Town Tooting is using the arts to improve wellbeing in South East London

Inspired by Ireland

27 Feb 2012

Anna Franks celebrates the art of an ‘invisible’ white minority

Grassroots regeneration

16 Jan 2012

Helga Henry explains how a sensitive approach achieved great results for the Place, Space and Identity project

Local heroes

16 Jan 2012

Sarah Pace explains how a film project is contributing to residents’ perceptions of the new cultural facilities being created through the regeneration of their local environment

Everybody needs good neighbours

16 Jan 2012

Gavin Barlow explains why forming partnerships and sharing expertise is key to community regeneration

Tripping the Light Fantastic

21 Nov 2011

Clare Hearn tells of the logistics of managing an annual event involving naked flames, small children and an un-ticketed audience of 25,000 spectators and participants

Good neighbours

19 Sep 2011

Steve Ball looks forward to Birmingham Repertory Theatre's ambitious plans for working with community libraries over the next two years

Not an add-on

29 Aug 2011

Creative Partnerships is about to end. Naranee Ruthra-Rajan shares some thoughts about what its Change Schools programme has achieved

Uncharted territory

29 Aug 2011

Daniel Jones on the education projects around Plymouth’s first ever British Art Show

Nights out all round

25 Jul 2011

When it comes to drama and music, traditional concert halls and theatres are not the only places where you can get your cultural fix, writes Sian James


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