What next for Scottish arts?

03 May 2011

Anne Bonnar looks at what each of the main parties is promising for Scotland’s arts after the election

ACE funding announcement

21 Mar 2011

Audience development loses out as ACE prioritises organisations directly producing art

Are you invisible?

28 Feb 2011

There’s no point having a website if no-one knows it’s there. Heather Maitland shares some tips on getting noticed on the web

Two’s company

28 Feb 2011

Claire Antrobus asks whether two heads are better than one, or whether joint leadership models are double trouble

Once in a lifetime

13 Dec 2010

Helen Thomas suggests that the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad offers a huge opportunity for voluntary arts practitioners

Stories for all

13 Dec 2010

Marge Ainsley advocates putting young people at the heart of the curatorial process

Honours systems used to pay tribute to philanthropists

13 Dec 2010

Three arts philanthropists have been recognised in the New Year honours list


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