EXCLUSIVE - Olympian struggle for fair play

31 Aug 2012

A part-time theatrical costume-maker battles for justice for artist victims of alleged “match fixing” in connection with a Cultural Olympiad grant

National icon, international reach

Picture of the Royal Albert Hall
24 Aug 2012

Schools around the world have been invited to tune into a live science lesson taking place at the Royal Albert Hall. Lucy Noble tells the story.

Challenge and Change

Two school childeren interact with an art piece
24 Aug 2012

How can education in galleries thrive in the face of challenging times for culture and education more generally? Jane Sillis is encouraged by the opportunities across the UK.

A sporting relationship

23 Jul 2012

The relationship between the arts and sport has deep roots and will outlive the temporary spotlight cast on it by the Cultural Olympiad. Doug Sandle explains why

Defining values

02 Jul 2012

Julia Rowntree, with Russell Willis Taylor and Anna Ledgard, reveal how a focus on practical and effective ways to create real value can sit at the heart of successful fundraising

Watch the grass grow

30 Apr 2012

Kenn Taylor argues public institutions could learn a thing or two from artist-led models

In harmony

30 Apr 2012

The Royal Northern College of Music and Opera North have a long history of working together. Liz Rowley explains how the formalisation of this relationship has led to exciting new opportunities

Bridging the gap

19 Mar 2012

Mark Powell finds it exhilarating to see the generations working side by side at Salisbury Playhouse

AgeQuake / ArtsQuake

19 Mar 2012

Our average age is increasing. Sherry de Wynter calls the arts and cultural sector into action and reveals the intergenerational projects already bettering lives in Manchester

Victory for the arts as new planning framework recognises culture

19 Mar 2012

References to cultural wellbeing are welcomed, but some are concerned that the NPPF has not done enough to protect the arts and culture

Inspired by Ireland

27 Feb 2012

Anna Franks celebrates the art of an ‘invisible’ white minority

On the road and on the radar

27 Feb 2012

Arts Council England is making a new funding commitment to touring: Jodi Myers is hoping that this will deliver what the sector really needs

Catering for all audiences

27 Feb 2012

Rob Fredrickson explains the challenges the Royal Shakespeare Company faced in bringing its food and beverage operation in house – and the benefits to the Company as a result

Henley proposes wide menu for change

27 Feb 2012

ACE will lead public bodies in the renewal of England’s strategy for cultural education

Inspiring hospitality

06 Feb 2012

Jo Rodger shares the secrets of a successful corporate hospitality programme at Yorkshire Sculpture Park


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