Free is a magic number?

21 Nov 2011

Tim Baker argues that giving something away can seriously undermine its value in the eyes of potential customers

No more excuses

31 Oct 2011

The rationale for making environmental sustainability a strategic priority, and the resources to help do it, are all available now. It’s time to take action, says Sholeh Johnson

Dancing in the Aisles

19 Sep 2011

What should the usher do when the audience wants to get up and dance? Ian Lambert considers the dilemma.

Music to their ears

13 Jun 2011

Catching them young and teaching them to listen is the way to get kids interested in music, believes Richard Gill

A universal language

23 May 2011

Katherine Darton talks to Bill Brookman about his work using the arts in conflict zones.

What next for Scottish arts?

03 May 2011

Anne Bonnar looks at what each of the main parties is promising for Scotland’s arts after the election


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