Art in the desert

A storyteller with the children of an orphanage
07 Mar 2013

Lisa Ball-Lechgar describes how Abu Dhabi has placed culture as a vital element in its ongoing development and growth.

A numbers perspective

04 Mar 2013

In the second of three edited extracts from 'Fireworks', his book of provocation essays,  Dan Eastmond quantifies a disconnect between the public arts sector and the population.

ACE distributes legacy funding

chamber orchestra
20 Feb 2013

Almost £1m will be shared by three music organisations as ACE responds to the final wishes of an arts benefactor.

Creative learning comes of age

Photo of a U3A study day at the Piccadilly Theatre
04 Feb 2013

Zoë Briggs describes how her Creating Learning department at the Ambassador Theatre Group is successfully targeting the growing retired audience.

Creativity despite dementia

Photo of Arts 4 Dementia team at the Photographers' Gallery
04 Feb 2013

Veronica Franklin Gould of Arts 4 Dementia discusses how partnership projects are benefiting people with dementia by reviving their creative skills and developing new ones.

Playing in old age

31 Jan 2013

Paul Cann believes that the longstanding exclusion of older people from the arts will be changing thanks to a new online initiative which promotes everything from projects to resources to jobs.

New Year Honours for arts professionals

Erica Whyman
02 Jan 2013

Familiar arts names join unsung heros in the New Year’s Honours list.

Turning fortunes around

Photo of dancers rehearsing on stage
20 Nov 2012

Miles Gregory shares 15 tips on how to turn a troubled arts organisation around with the minimum stress for everyone involved.

Theatre on the ground

Photo of Kirkcaldy Operatic Society
12 Nov 2012

What are the issues facing community theatre today? The National Operatic and Dramatic Association can name quite a few of them...

Bienvenue la danse!

Photo of Batsheva Ensemble dancing
12 Nov 2012

Why do we see the world’s finest contemporary dance companies in our theatres across the UK? Because Dance Consortium has made it possible and viable, says Heather Knight.

The value of creativity

Alex Elliot in The Best in the World
15 Oct 2012

How do we put a proper measurable value on creativity and how do we realise that value for the people who have the original ideas? Charlotte Jones seeks some answers.

New audiences for contemporary work

15 Oct 2012

David Edmunds describes how funding will allow Dep Arts to develop new approaches to increase access to contemporary dance and theatre while programming original and inspiring shows.

Caroline Routh

Caroline Routh
12 Oct 2012

Caroline Routh charts her career path through the arts

EXCLUSIVE - Olympian struggle for fair play

31 Aug 2012

A part-time theatrical costume-maker battles for justice for artist victims of alleged “match fixing” in connection with a Cultural Olympiad grant

National icon, international reach

Picture of the Royal Albert Hall
24 Aug 2012

Schools around the world have been invited to tune into a live science lesson taking place at the Royal Albert Hall. Lucy Noble tells the story.

Challenge and Change

Two school childeren interact with an art piece
24 Aug 2012

How can education in galleries thrive in the face of challenging times for culture and education more generally? Jane Sillis is encouraged by the opportunities across the UK.

A sporting relationship

23 Jul 2012

The relationship between the arts and sport has deep roots and will outlive the temporary spotlight cast on it by the Cultural Olympiad. Doug Sandle explains why


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