The art of inclusion

02 Jul 2012

Mindee Hutchinson highlights the importance of social nurturing when running arts activities with young people

Open doors

21 May 2012

Across the UK and US the prison arts community is forming a transatlantic network. Becky Mer examines the ins and outs

Understanding interns

27 Feb 2012

Sean Egan and Paul Jennings demystify the law surrounding internships

Protecting jobs, promoting good practice

12 Dec 2011

Steven Warner and Stephanie Cesana give a trade union’s perspective on the role of volunteers in arts organisations

Hard times

12 Dec 2011

Liz Hill reflects on internships and volunteering

Live and local

25 Jul 2011

Sarah Fell on how Live & Local has facilitated shows in surprising places for nearly 20 years

Feeling good

04 Jul 2011

Lynn Blackadder considers what success feels like for volunteer management programmes

Needs and networks

04 Jul 2011

Rosalie Neath explains how volunteers help the work of the Art Fund

Thinking differently about volunteering

04 Jul 2011

Rebecca White on how to improve volunteer diversity

Volunteers at the heart

04 Jul 2011

Jack Worthington explores what volunteers get in return for offering their time

Any volunteers?

04 Jul 2011

Karen Goddard explains why Eastern Angles Theatre Company is moving volunteers onto the frontline

Tip of the hat

04 Jul 2011

Hat Fair exists almost entirely thanks to the goodwill, skill and hard work of volunteers, says Miranda Johnson

Being attractive to volunteers

04 Jul 2011

Rob Jackson shares his ten top tips for being attractive to volunteers

Diversifying volunteers

04 Jul 2011

The National Trust has been working to broaden its range of volunteers. Sajida Aslam explains

The art of volunteering

04 Jul 2011

Arts organisations need to manage their volunteers carefully to avoid legal risks. Victoria Cook has some advice

Last Word

04 Jul 2011

Robin Simpson Chief Executive of Voluntary Arts.

Respect and reciprocity

04 Jul 2011

Roxanne McLean on the importance of good volunteer management


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