Battersea Arts Centre cleared for post-fire reconstruction

Photo of fire damaged Battersea Arts Centre
13 May 2016

A £1m fundraising campaign and two years of support from insurers will allow the Centre to begin reconstruction on the Grand Hall after it was damaged by fire last year.

Arts buildings told to build with a green mind

Woman ground sun theatre
14 Aug 2015

A new guide by Julie’s Bicycle provides advice on integrating environmental sustainability into capital project funding bids.

A slow but sure strategy

Image of Warwick Bar fete poster
01 Dec 2014

Sue Ball explains why she believes that ‘slow architecture’ is the most effective way to create a sustainable future for depressed industrial sites.

The art of regeneration

Image of baby sock
12 Nov 2014

Regeneration is about regional partnerships striking the right balance between artistic excellence and community engagement, believes Nick Ewbank.

Design and build

Photo of container staircase at Southbank Centre
12 Nov 2012

Andrew Lock describes two architectural projects at the Southbank Centre that reveal the benefits of participation by users in the development of public spaces.

Becky Hunter interviews Ayla Lepine

13 Dec 2010

Lecturer, curator and writer Ayla Lepine is an expert in Victorian art and architecture. In this first in my series of interviews with emerging women in the arts, we chatted about the challenges of working in the competitive world of art history

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