Spotlight falls on Arts Council England in DCMS review

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16 Aug 2016

Feedback on the work of the Arts Council is being gathered to contribute to a wide-ranging review of its role and effectiveness.

Parliamentary inquiry seeks arts in health examples

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15 Jul 2016

A cross-party group is gathering evidence of the arts improving people’s health and wellbeing for a new study.

Industry bodies pledge to support UK arts through Brexit

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24 Jun 2016

Concerns have been raised about international artistic exchange and the export of cultural products, following the UK’s vote to leave the EU. 

Arts should “do more” to protect from botnet ticket tout attacks

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27 May 2016

An independent report has found significant problems in the ticket resale market, which both primary and secondary sellers must address.

Creative industry leaders to vote remain

Photo of a huge ballot box
20 May 2016

The popular press has dismissed anti-Brexit arts figures as ‘luvvies’ after a survey revealed the vast majority of workers in the creative sector will vote for Britain to remain in the EU.

Inquiry aims to grow the civic role of the arts

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20 May 2016

Arts organisations are being invited to get involved in an inquiry, launched by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, into how arts organisations contribute to their communities.

Cultural policy favours a minority elite, academics tell Committee

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06 May 2016

The words ‘great’ and ‘art’ should be taken out of Arts Council England’s strategic framework, a Select Committee has been told.

First Culture White Paper in fifty years prioritises access

Photo of a demonstration of the Vaddah Chakar - the Sikh martial arts weapon
23 Mar 2016

The Government has revealed plans to improve access to culture for the disadvantaged, to help arts organisations develop new income streams and to encourage local authorities to put culture at the heart of their plans.

Education reforms could open school doors to more musicians

Photo of class playing lots of instruments
18 Mar 2016

A lack of formal teaching qualifications will no longer be an entry barrier to musicians wanting to teach in state schools under proposals in the latest education White Paper.  

EBacc protestors push for Parliamentary debate

Students perform Les Miserables
04 Mar 2016

If a petition to include the arts in the new English Baccalaureate can attract 100,000 signatures then the issue could be debated in the House of Commons.

Building the talent pipeline

Photo of Nicky Morgan and Nick Gibb at CIF event
16 Feb 2016

Creative subjects are essential to relieving the skills shortage in the UK job market, but they are being sidelined. Louise Jury explains how the Creative Industries Federation is making the case for arts education. 

Fundamental change needed to re-balance arts funding, report warns

Photo of man playing guitar on the street
05 Feb 2016

Lottery funding decisions should be made at sub-national level argues a new report making the case for a radical re-think of arts funding distribution in England.

Great white hope

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04 Feb 2016

The separation of Treasury and Lottery funding for the arts could pave the way for a more equitable future, and the forthcoming White Paper is the perfect opportunity to make this change, argue the authors of the 2014 ROCC report.

Nothing to fear from leaving

Double exposure photo - man playing guitar with 'Exit' sign
28 Jan 2016

The UK’s arts and cultural sector has borne the burden of EU law for long enough – we have nothing to fear from leaving the EU, says Harriet Bridgeman.

Boost for arts in health as MPs commit to cause

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22 Jan 2016

A two-year inquiry will result in the publication of policy proposals, with the hope of seeing the arts become more valued as contributors to health.

Final White Paper discussion begins

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13 Jan 2016

The online public discussion set to inform the White Paper on culture has reached its fourth and final stage, focusing on the reach of UK culture internationally.

Arts to play a role in ‘cohesive community’ agenda

Photo of a street performance
26 Nov 2015

A ten-year strategy for the arts in Northern Ireland is being considered under a new consultation launched by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure.

Ethical fundraising

Photo of a call centre
26 Nov 2015

Poor fundraising tactics have brought shame on the sector, says Michelle Wright. Change is needed, but is a new regulator really the way to go?

Fears of arts cuts dispelled in Spending Review

Photo of an aerial outdoor performance
25 Nov 2015

Arts funding will be protected from cuts as Chancellor George Osborne declares culture one of the “best investments we can make”.

White Paper discussion turns to engagement

Ballet dancers smile
18 Nov 2015

The third public online discussion to shape the upcoming White Paper on culture has been launched, but engagement in previous discussions has been limited.


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